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Cains Reptilian Bloodline

SOME QUICK TIPS FOR TRACKING CAINS REPTILIAN BLOODLINE TODAYSaturday, March 7, 2009 What do we know about the true origins of Cain’s bloodline? In the past we did not know much about his bloodline because it was SHROUDED IN MYSTERY. The Bible is not a good source for this information because it does not explain Cain’s geographical origins or the location for the illusive “Garden of Eden,” that is spoken of in Genesis Chapter 2, nor does it tell us about the migration pattern of Cains “Serpent Bloodline” accept to associate Cain with the Canaanites and the rather feeble attempt to attach his “Serpent Bloodline” with the lost “Tribe of Dan.”Before we go any further we have to under stand the significance of bloodlines, which the Bible does not go into nor does religion teach. We have to understand that evil demonic entities we WRONGLY REFER TO AS ALIENS TODAY were the gods worshipped by the Old Testament peoples. We have to understand that these gods abducted, raped and cloned human hybrids using human DNA. In doing so they have contaminated all human DNA and have replaced much of our BIG STRAND DNA with their contaminated DNA. Even Genesis Chapter 6 speaks about this.Keep in mind that Cains bloodline is not pure by any means. As a matter of fact his bloodline is a combination of human DNA, Neanderthal DNA and the hybrid bloodline factors from two very different bloodlines of evil entities we refer to today as the “Nordic Aryan Alien “Fallen Watchers” and the reptilian bloodline factor from Yahweh Ildabaoth the Demiurge who Jesus (Yashua) referred to as a lion-faced reptilian entity in the Nag Hammadi Scrolls. The Old Testament and ancient Jewish texts tell us that Cain’s mother was raped by Yahweh Ildabaoth the Demiurge.Today we have resources available to us which can help us track the “Serpent Bloodline of Cain” and the “Tribe of Dan.” Let’s see what some of these other sources tell us about the various migration patterns of Cain’s descendents and the Adams and Eves spoken of in Genesis Chapter 2.LETS START WITH THE ADAMS AND EVES FIRSTScience divides the Adams into the group who became the Indians that occupy the America’s and the Eves to those races on earth who became the black people and are associated with Africa. If we read the Koran what we find is that a people group known as Adam, were flown out of Agharta from the Steppes Mountainous regions which some say were the Himalayas. They traveled all over the world in flying machines, which appear to be what we call UFO’s today. They were eventually flown back to Jiddah Saudi Arabia where met up with the Eves and then started their tribal migrations into Israel. In the map below you will find Jiddah Saudi Arabia on the coast of the Red Sea. Jiddah Saudi Arabia is along the center point of the Red Sea across from the word Sudan. This is essentially what the Koran account states.The Koran tells us that Adam (the Turkish word for Mankind), after being cast out of Eden (in the Siberian Steppes) flew to Ceylon or Serindip,” landing on what is now Adam’s Peak. The name Serindip derived from the Sanskrit Ceren-dvipa. Eventually this people group known as Adam went to Ceylon on some kind of flying ship. From there, he traveled around the world. Finally, he returned to Central Asia, reuniting his group with Eves people group who had stayed behind in Jiddah, Arabia.” MAP – CENTRAL ASIA the Steppes in Central Asia the people group called Adams, migrated into Israel where they settled. In Egypt they may have been called the Apiru peoples according to Egyptian records. The Apiru people were migrant sheepherders who had no country; they worked along side of the Scandinavian blue-eyed blonde people group during drought periods in Israel. The Egyptian slaves were often called the Hebrews and were a mixed racial group of races. The blue-eyed blonds would come down to Egypt from Northern Israel where they lived below the Mt. Carmel and were called the Shoshu people in Egyptian records.When the Shosu and Apiru people begin to inbreed their descendents became the Hebrew people known also as the Israelites.ADAMS ASSOCIATION WITH ATLANTISAs we go further back in time we also find that those living on the small continent of Atlantis are also considered to be the Indian Populations who became the Native Americans and were associated with the ancient Phoenician people and the “Sea People,” who transported the “Serpent Bloodline” of Cain aka “The Tribe of Dan” into Spain, France and the British Isles by way of the Mediterranean Sea. As a matter of fact the Canaani (Phoenicians) are said to have seeded the Canannites.It would appear that when we combine all ancient legends that the Adams or Indian populations migrated into the America’s, the Middle East and Africa at the end of the last BIG FREEZE when floods sunk Atlantis. We learn from the Mormons that one of the Hebrew tribes also migrated back into the America’s where they re-settled. WHAT DOES THE MORMON CHURCH SAY ABOUT THE MIGRATION OF ONE OF THE HEBEREW TRIBES INTO THE AMERICA’?The Mormons have the most extensive database on earth regarding human ancestry. Recently DNA also gives us some very interesting information to help us track back to the bloodline of Cain, and the Hebrew Israelites. Let’s see what the DNA results say regarding the ancestors of the Indian populations in the America’s.The Book of Mormon teaches that these Israelites are the principal ancestors of modern-day Native Americans. New discoveries in DNA research currently allow scientists to test this historical claim. Thousands of Native Americans from more than 150 tribes have been tested to determine their ancestry. What they found through DNA finger printing tells the same story. The genetic evidence shows that our Native American ancestors came from the Middle East. On Sept. 21 1823 Joseph Smith, founder of the Mormon religion and the “Book of Mormon” writes that an angel appeared to him by the name of Moroni. This angel told Joseph Smith that the ancient Israelites were the ancient ancestors of the American Indians. In the 1sst Book of Nephi: we find a Hebrew family or tribe fleeing to the America’s, around 589 B.C., who were called the Nephite’s. According to the Mormon hierarchy, they apparently fled from Jerusalem and went south through Saudi Arabia and from there traveled by boat to a narrow strip in Central America. All prehistoric and ancient legends speak of a great flood, which brought survivors to many parts of the world. The Noah story in the Old Testament is another one of these commonly told legends. Lehi was the father and Sariah was the mother of the Hebrew tribe that fled Jerusalem. Lehi had four sons whose names were Laman, Lemuel, Sam, and Nephi. The fleeing tribe was named after Nephi after the oldest son. The younger sons took or married with them the daughters of Ishmael who were the descendents of Abraham and Hagar who were Arabs.Nephi 1:8 They America’s were thought to be an uninhabited land. After they landed in Central America the Lehi and Nephi tribes argued and split up. 2 Nephi 5: 21 states that the Nephite’s were described as a very light or fair sophisticated people group who were “delightsome” in nature that became the ruling class in the America’s. Their tribes spread through out the America’s. Lehman was the older brother of Nephi and their tribes appear to be the Indian races. The Lehimenites were cursed with a skin of blackness because of their cursing, chanting and ritualistic practices and became a savage group of idle worshippers. The Nephi tribe may be associated with the Naptali tribe, which was one of the 12 tribes of Israel.The Book of Mormons states that Jesus Christ visited the America’s around 33 A.D. which is the same time frame in which Jesus (Yashua) is said to have been crucified, rose again and ascended into a cloud. Jesus (Yashua) is said to have descended from a cloud to the Nephi tribe. He brought 200 years of peace between the Nephite’s and the Lehimenites before war broke out again. The Lehimenites completely destroyed the Nephite’s in 326 A.D. The Nephite’s general was a fair hair fair skin man by the name of Mormon. It was Mormons son Moroni who was the only Nephite to survive this final fatal attack. Joseph Smith claims that it was Moroni who appeared to him as an angel.The Book of Mormon is specifically written to the Lehimenites who are a hybrid race of Arabs and fair skinned Hebrews.MARK OF CAIN ON HEAD AND FORHEADWhat do we know about the “Mark of Cain? We know two important bits of information regarding Cain. We know he was a red head and probably had green eyes. We also know that he had a mark on his face that has its origins in the forehead somewhere. That would appear to be the nose that starts at the forehead and slopes down following a crooked route. Both the Judah Jews, who’s creator god was Yahweh Ildabaoth the Demiurge, that Jesus (Yashua) described as a Lion faced reptilian entity in the Nag Hammadi Scrolls and the Native American Indians have crooked noses. This does not appear to be a coincidence. You will also notice that CROOKED NOSES are found in the British Isles as well more specifically in Scotland and Ireland. Red hair was not a generic gene trait found in human beings originally. Science tells us that the red hair gene came from the Neanderthal. We know that Neanderthal and prehistoric humans did not breed with each other. Then how did humans wind up with the red hair gene? Once we DO OUR HOMEWORK we discover that these evil entities we WRONGLY REFER TO AS ALIENS TODAY came into our three dimensional world to rape human beings and contaminate our DNA by tampering with our genetic code. They inter-bred their contaminated DNA into the genetic code of our original Scandinavian ancestors. They also bred our DNA with monkeys, reptilians and bird DNA. All one has to do is study history and look at images on the great pyramids to see the various hybrids which were created by this inbreeding including the giants which have been found on all 7 continents.WHAT DOES HISTORY RECORD ABOUT THOSE CARRYING THE RED HAIR AND THE MARK OF CAIN?The word Adam is supposedly the Hebrew word for 'red' or 'ruddy.' King David apparently had red hair. Some people even believe the 'mark of Cain' to actually be red hair. spite of its rarity red hair is a physical trait that appears in many places around the world. It is most prevalent in Scotland where approximately 13% of the population have red hair, followed by Ireland with 10%. This population also has long crooked noses, which may not be a coincidence. Although red hair is most often associated with Britain and Europe, it also appears sporadically throughout Africa, Asia and the Middle East.BELIEFS REGARDING THOSE WHO HAVE RED HAIRThroughout history there have been many strange beliefs and ideas about red hair. In ancient Egypt red haired animals and people were associated with the god Set. The Egyptians also had many red haired pharaohs. The Egyptians regarded the color red as unlucky and according to Claudie de Lys many red haired maidens were burnt to death in an attempt to wipe out the tint or bloodline. There are also stories of the Egyptians burying redheads alive! The ancient Greeks also had myths about red hair, including the belief that redheads would turn into vampires following their death. The Greek philosopher Aristotle described redheads as wild and emotionally un-housebroken. The red headed people seemed to inbreed, so that the bloodlines remained pure. One of these tribes was described, by the famed historian Herodotus, as a tribe of red haired people with blue/grey eyes known as the Budini.The Roman writer Tacitus mentioned the 'red hair and large limbs' of the ancient British tribes. English history tells as about the British warrior-queen Boudicca, who is described as being 'tall and terrifying in appearance' and as having a 'great mass of red hair.' The bloodline of Cain practiced Satanism and witchcraft. Notice the similarity between the name Boudicca and Wicca. In the Old Testament the word Adam is supposedly the Hebrew word for 'red' or 'ruddy', as I mentioned above, King David also apparently had red hair. Enoch is said to have been red and hairy. AND THE LIST GOES ON.There are also many myths about red hair in European history. In the Middle Ages, for example, red was seen as the color of SATAN or Devil, The Satanist engage in bloody Satanic rituals and claim that children with red hair were inseminated during the menstruation period, some of these babies were born dead others were born blue due to the lack of oxygen during their births. There have also been many kings and leaders throughout European history that have had red hair such as the infamous King Arthur. Winston Churchill was a red head as was Queen Elizabeth I. Princes Diana’s youngest son is a red head. The Merovingian’s of ancient Gaul also had red hair, and this was thought to imbue them with magical powers.In Eastern Europe, red hair and green eyes were said to be the sign of people who were associated with witches, werewolves or vampires. There are also tales of red haired children being killed at birth due to similar thinking.RED HAIR IN ART“Red hair has also had an up and down relationship with art throughout the ages. Both Botticelli and Titian are noted for painting red haired women, as are the pre-raphaelite painters of the 19th Century. However red hair has often been used in art to symbolise evil and aggression. For example English author Charles Dickens would often portray the less trustworthy characters in his novels as being pale and freckly. Dickens also once famously complained about a pre-raphaelite piece of artwork, by the painter John Everett Millais, which depicted the child Jesus with red hair. He described the child in the painting as a 'wry-necked, blubbering, redheaded boy, in a bed-gown.'This association of red hair and untrustworthiness or ugliness somehow prevails to this day. In fact the Nazis discussed whether or not two red haired persons should be allowed to wed for fear of degenerate offspring. Even in today's era red haired people are often portrayed in less than flattering ways in movies and on TV shows. However this attitude towards redheads has never stopped them from making an important contribution to the human endeavour.”IS CAIN’S BLOODLINE DIFFERENT FROM THOSE WHO CALLED THEMSELVES THE JUDAH JEWIS WHO CLAIM TO BE THE BLOODLINE DESCENDENTS OF JEHOVAH YAHWEH ILDABAOTH THE DEMIURGE?Yes it is. The “Serpent Bloodline of Cain” bred into the Hebrew bloodline many times. Example: Esau was a descendent of Cain and his bloodline bred with the Fallen Angel bloodline in Syria and became the Khazars, the Ashkenazim Jews etc. in time and migrated into Europe using different very routes from the Scandinavian or Aryan Hebrew tribes that migrated over the Caucasus Mountain Range.The people who worshipped the Jewish religion in Judah followed Yahweh Ildabaoth the Demiurge who Jesus (Yashua) described as a lion faced reptilian entity in the Nag Hammadi Scrolls. The Torah and Kabala Jews, priests, and hierarchy secretly worshipped the “Fallen Watchers” who we call the NORDIC ARYAN ALIEN “FALLEN WATCHERS” today and they practice Jewish Mysticism etc. aka the “Dark Arts.”What is critical knowledge before you go on line to research these TWO VERY SEPARATE AND DIFFERENT BLOODLINES is this. First you need to realize is that those promoting the Serpent Bloodlines, the New Age, Zachariah Sitchens groupies and those who are promoting the “Alien Agendas” are blending these two bloodlines together. They do not want you to know there are two separate bloodlines. WHO ARE THE DESCENDENTS OF THE NORDIC ARYAN ALIEN “FALLEN WATCHERS AND THE CAINNITES?”The Illuminati claim to be descendents of Fallen Angels, who taught them the “Ancient Wisdom”, also known as the Kabala, which they have been preserving throughout the centuries. In Genesis Chapter 6 these human looking entities, who at one time belonged to the ranks of the “Watcher Aeons” “FELL FROM GRACE” to entered our three dimensional world and begin to abduct, rape and clone human DNA with their contaminated DNA as well as with primates, reptiles and birds. They were known as the “Fallen Watchers.”Some of the babies born to woman gave birth to babies that became giants and they were called the “Nephilim” or “Sons of the gods.” THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT: The apocryphal Jewish texts explain that the “Fallen Angels” were Satan and his legions, who were cast out of Heaven, and took wives from the female descendants of CAIN. They produced a race known as the Anakim IN THE MIDDLE EAST.According to the Illuminati, it is they who first introduced humanity to the occult arts, including astrology, magic and alchemy. This period in history is believed by occultists to accord be associated with the lost continent of Atlantis. The race produced by the intermixing of the Fallen Angels and humans is thought to be the Aryans today and in the past were known as the Scythians, Vikings etc. When you track the human race back to Hyperborea, where all humanity came from originally, the legends tell us that these evil entities bred with woman in Hyperborea. Not all of those living Hyperborea bred with these evil entities but those who did and those who practiced the “Dark Arts” of the gods were eventually tossed out of Hyperborea. Those living in Hyperborea were Scandinavians originally. The inbreeding created the human race known to science as the ADAMS that were taken to Atlantis and then after the BIG FREEZE when the floods came, the survivors landed in the America’s, Africa, the Canary Islands, the Azores and the Middle East.When the Nordic Aryan Alien “Fallen Watchers” entered our three dimensional world it caused great corruption on earth, it was so bad that Yahweh Ildabaoth the Demiurge decided to destroy the giants and their human hybrids with a flood. to the Old Testament, when Noah’s son Ham committed a sin. Ham moved southwest into Africa and parts of the near Middle East, and was the forefather of the nations there. From Ham’s son, Mizraim, came the EGYPTIANS, from Phut, the LYBIANS, and from Kush, came the Kushites, who established ETHIOPIA. Cush was also the father of Nimrod, the legendary FOUNDER OF THE ANCIENT CITY OF BABYLON, WHO WAS RESPONSIBLE FOR INSTIGATING THE BUILDING OF THE TOWER OF BABEL.Abraham, the founder of the Jewish nation, left his own nation of star-worshippers, in Harran, to found a new religion. Abraham’s grandson Jacob, later Israel, had twelve sons, from whom were descended the Twelve Tribes of Israel. Unfortunately, through the influence of the Kabala, taught by the Nordic Aryan Alien ”Fallen Watchers,” the “Twelve Lost Tribes,” acquired mystical symbolism, which would later become the prominent features of European heraldry. As a result, these twelve tribes were divided into four camps of three, in accordance with the four seasons of the Zodiac. They were divided according to the Four Elements. Reuben, is compared to running waterSimeon and Gad - Aquarius. Judah - the lion Issachar and Zebulon - LeoBenjamin, Manasseh and Ephraim, whom Jacob compares to the ox - Taurus. Naphtali, Asher and DAN, WHO’S DEVICE IS THE SCORPION, SYNONYMOUS ASTROLOGICALLY AND THE EAGLE, became Scorpio. It is not a coincidence that the Naphtali tribe is associated with Dan because it was an Aryan tribe, possibly even Scandinavian originally. The “Tribe of Dan” migrated into Spain, France, the British Isles and then America whre the Eagle is the American logo.These tribes lived in Egypt during the life and times of Moses. After four hundred years in Egypt, the increasing number of Israelites in the country began to concern Pharaoh, who oppressed them. Moses was then sent by Yahweh Ildabaoth the Demiurge (evil reptilian god of the Judah Jews) to revive the original monotheistic religion of Abraham. Moses led the Israelites to the land promised land in Israel, with the aid of this evil god. According to the Old Testament, Yahweh Ildabaoth the Demiurge claimed to be the god of Abraham who he called his “Chosen People.” The “Chosen People were part of the group who followed Moses to the “Promise Land” and were his hybrids. His “Chosen People” were to be above all other people groups who followed Moses.After confronting Pharaoh, Moses successfully acquired permission to lead his people and the Israelites out of the land of Egypt. However, a short time after the Israelites and gods “Chosen People” left Egypt and cross the inlet portion of the Red Sea, know to them as the “Sea of Reeds,” and while Moses was away on Mount Sinai receiving the Ten Commandments, these Hebrew Israelite tribes who followed the Nordic Aryan Alien “Fallen Watchers,” begin to blasphemed the evil Yahweh Ildabaoth the Demiurge by constructing a statue of a Golden Calf from the melted Jewelry of the Hebrew Israelite Tribes. Moses ordered the Seventy Elders to slay the Hebrew Israelite idolaters, and the various Israelite tribes continued on their journey to the Promised Land, where they were ordered to conquer the inhabitants in Palestine, who were the Canaanites. The Canaanites were the descendants of Ham’s fourth son, Canaan. This bloodline is known as the “Serpent Bloodline of Cain” because they were the HYBRID DESCENDENTS and survivors of the Anakim. In Deuteronomy 9:1-2, we read: “Hear, O Israel! You are crossing over the Jordan today to go in to dispossess nations greater and mightier than you, great cities fortified to heaven, a people great and tall, the sons of the Anakim whom you know and of whom you have heard it said, “Who can stand before the sons of Anak?”The Hebrew Israelite tribes who followed Yahweh Ildabaoth the Demiurge were know as the Jews because the followed the Jewish religion. These tribes eventually succeed in taking hold of the land of Palestine, but would soon falter again and start worshipping the Nordic Aryan Alien “Fallen Watchers.” According to the Bible, the Hebrew Israelite tribes are told repeatedly not to intermarry with the Canaanites, nor to worship their idols. Despite these warnings, not only do the early Hebrew Israelites and Jews intermarry extensively with the hybrid bloodline of Cain, but adopt their pagan ways, by worshipping Baal and Astarte, the Canaanite versions of Nimrod and Semiramis.Basically, the ancient Hebrew Israelites beliefs were dualistic. They believed there to be two powers in Heaven, the “good gods” known as the Nordic Aryan Alien “Fallen Watchers,” and evil ones, known as the “Reptilians, that were the created sons of Yahweh Ildabaoth the Demiurge, who were way more powerful than the Nordic Aryan Alien “Fallen Watchers”. Because this evil reptilian god and gods were believed to journey into the underworld, reigning over the souls of the dead, they to were identified with evil, To protect themselves against the evil reptilian entities, the Hebrew Israelite tribes practiced BLACK MAGIC to summon the Nordic Aryan Alien “Fallen Watcher” spirits against these reptilian entities. They were taught by the Nordic Aryan Alien “Fallen Watchers,” that it was necessary to perform heinous sacrifices. Most common was the sacrifice of children. These rites were performed in drunkenness with the use of loud music, to drown out the screams of the suffering child, and were followed by sexual orgies. These were the basis of the rites later known as the “Mysteries.” Many ancient cultures practiced the same bloody sacrifices such as the Mayans, those who worshipped the god Moloch etc. WHAT ELSE DOES HISTORY TELL US ABOUT THESE EVIL ENTITIES?The Israelites recorded that the former inhabitants of Canaan were "Serpents", "Rephaim", "Nephilim" and "Anakim". They refer to the human looking Nordic Aryan Alien “Fallen Watchers” as the entities who created the "Giants", and the "Sons of Anak". Here are some of the names associated with this evil Nordic Aryan Alien “Fallen Watchers” (Belial, Bael, Ba'al, Belel, Beel, etc.) It is very possible that it was the Nordic Aryan Alien “Fallen Watchers,” who Admiral Byrd apparently met on his journey inside the earth in the Antartic region. They are described as very tall and "Nordic" in appearance, that have shape shifted into the form "Elves" of European lore. The dead hybrid giants are said to roam the world as ghosts pretending to be the lost souls of people who have died.The Nordic Aryan Alien “Fallen Watchers” are not the only evil group to occupy the inside of our earth, the Israelites also refer to the Inner Earth Draco’s as winged reptilians and spoke of and the cannabilistic tribes created by them that existed in Canaan. There were also genetically spliced hybrid creatures in Canaan. It was the Canaaani (Phoenicians), who seeded the Canaanite tribes, some say they were descendents of the Atlantean Sons of Belial, those who also worshipped a predatory Astral deity. The Canaani are said to have seeded the Mohawk nation (Kanien'kehaka) and other Native American peoples, as well as the Iberians, Celts, and Armenians, etc. All of these people at one time worshipped the chief Canaani god who was a terrible sun god who lived inside the earth.) The reptilian gods appear to have included reptilian flying gods who some refer to as the “Mothman” today. They were dragon like creatures with wings.The lion-faces reptilian god of the Judah Jews, Yahweh Ildabaoth the Demiurge would not allow these ancient peoples to create exact immages of his reptilian sons so they drew and created them symbolically. Example: The Greek Goddess Athene was depicted as bearing serpents and standing atop a lion. This is related to the Reptilianized-Lion archetype. Throughout the world, in various unconnected societies, there was a belief that Reptilian entities lives beneath the Earth and that from time to time these reptilian entities would come up to the surface of out planet to interact with human. Rodney Cliff and his soon to be explorers believe this Jewish god lives inside the earth in the inner sun which is described as an illuminated sun disk. This is obviously where the references to the Sun God comes from.The Reptilians were often described as having a caste hierarchy, in which the highest caste was winged. The Chinese, Cambodians, Indians, and others, also refer to a hierarchy of Dragons, as do the European draconic folklores. They describe the highest Dragons as being winged, and the lowest as having no wings. This correlates with information from current abductees, contactees and former government employees who have disclosed information regarding alien interaction with Earth-governments. IN CONCLUSIONThe bloodlines of the Nordic Aryan Alien “Fallen Watchers” and the “Serpent Bloodline” of Yahweh Ildabaoth the Demiurge were separate bloodline groups. These gods known as the “gods of Eden” were separate dieties which have been blended together for a long time. The Deutoronomy Revisionists did a very sloppy job blending the two god groups and in doing this became guilty of what is referred to as the “Pious Fraud.” To cut corners the Deutoronomy Revisionists took the names of these gods out of the Old Testament and left their titles in instead, such as Lord, LORD, Lord GOD, LORD God. GOD, God etc. It is obvious that the “Serpent Bloodline” of Cain carried both Reptilian and “Fallen Angel” DNA. Remember that it was the “Serpent Bloodline of Cain” that was abducted, raped and experimented on by the Nordic Aryan Alien “Fallen Watchers.”Today this bloodline can be found primarily in Iraland, Scotland, the British Isles and all over the world. Their bloodline is a contaminated RH Negative line that represents approximately 5 -7 % of the total human population today. They have been known by many names such as the Celts, Scythians, Atlantians, Lumerians, Nordics, Aryans, Vickings etc., and have their own resource called the “Kolbrin Bible” their followers are promoting today.All of our human DNA has been incoded with E.T. Junk DNA. It is very possible that these evil entities shortened our BIG STRAND down to 3 % and replaced 97% of our BIG STRAND with their contaminated E.T. Junk DNA. It is their DNA which causes us to age, get sick and die. It is their E.T. Junk DNA which causes deformities in human beings and THE LIST GOES ON.Buyer Beware!To Contact me: All though my blog is manned by a friend, you can reach me via my blog page:


  1. Dear author,

    I disagree with the comment that King David in the Bible had red hair. He was ruddy of complexion, meaning that he was lighter in complexion than his brothers. The Bible did not mention the colour of King David's hair. He is not of the Cain bloodline, obviously.

    Many thanks. I would welcome a comment on this.


    1. The person who wrote this article didn't really read the Bible very closely... And I am an initiate. So... LOL I've fucked the Illuminati, have red hair, was used for espionage. Let me spell it out for you...

      Enoch and Lamech are found in BOTH Can and Seth's bloodlines. Seth is listed as "Man"... Cain is not given a Title.

      The "Sons of God" went to the "Daughters of man."

      Gen 1 tells us the original creator was Elohim. Gen 2 explains that "Lord God" came along and cursed Adam, Eve, and the serpent... Because Moses wrote this story and often told the Israelites that he, himself WAS yahweh... And the nile breaks off into four head waters, we can only assume that what took place, here, was the journey out of Egypt. Moses was cut off from the birth right and was a Levite. So, this is the exhile of the Levitical preisthood- according to my order's teachings, Moses was Ahkenaten.

      So... the "elohim" are totally different that "yahweh." Sons of God means Benei-ha elohim. That is, "members belonging to the category of elohim." Jesus hated these guys and tells us they killed Abel and Zachariah. They were the Pharisees. These are the "Mighty men" that came from the mating of the sons of elohim and the daughters of man... These are the same Mighty Men revelation tells us the birds will come down and feast upon the flesh thereof.

      So... Can and Seth both have Enoch and Lamech in their blood lines. That is because the "sons of elohim" were cain's line. "Lord God" is Yahweh Elohim.. he came out of his line.

      Okay, now... Lamech was the father of Noah. So when it says "Noah was perfect in his generations" its referring to royal blood. The flood waters, the "waters" on which the harlot sits, the water and blood that Jesus came by, turning water to wine... these things all have a meaning...

      bear with me...

      The rh factor comes from primates and was introduced AFTER rh negative blood existed. Rh negative is the oldest blood type and a universal doner. So... OOPS! Science kind of let that one slip. Basically, "orcs" were created. Whether this was done for science, battle, slavery, or to survive in our atmosphere, I honestly couldn't tell you...

      Isaiah 14 tells us that Lucifer was the king of Babylon. So his widow (the "whore" of babylon) was told to "lift up her skirt and wade through the stream"... here we are seeing this water image again. This has to do with mixing the blood. jesus came from water and blood. He founded the masons...

      Anyone who bought or sold the "whore" had to have the mark of the beast. In hebrew 600 is mem, 60 is samekh, 6 is vav. Read backward this spells "a hook upheld the waters, peoples, nations languages." If you need biblical validation, it says wisdom is required to descifer the meaning of the mark of the beast. Well... It says "here is WISDOM... the WATERS on which the harlot sits are PEOPLE's NATIONS LANGUAGES" and so on... this is the meaning of Mem which is 600...

    2. Now, 1 Kings 11 explains that Solomon was thrown from power for worshiping Ashtoreth. In a book called The Golden Bough, persecutions of redheads throughout history is explained as are the customs of what went on at the Temples of Astoreth. They forced virgin commoners to prostitute for 7 days before they were alowed to marry. Solomon was the Longshanks from Braveheart of his day... This caused the rh antigens to mix.

      what resulted was disease. So anyone who had the mark on their right hand (in Egypt this meant the king) and bought or sold this "whore" would break out win blisters or whatever it says...

      Aspirin stops cancer. Ironically... it also keeps rh positive babies alive inside the rh negative mother's womb. Otherwise her body would destroy the fetus.

      When God became angry with Solomon (who's father's palace was built by Hiram, btw... Abiff, perhaps? King of Tyre) he said the scepter would pass from Judah and be given to his servant and only one tribe would remain...

      SO! :D LOL...

      We go back to the book of Genesis when Jacob is blessing the 12 tribes. He says of Judah, "He ties his donkey to the vine and the colt of his donkey to the choice vine." This is the double cross... the drinking of the blood... LOL The "donkey" is the line of Ishmael who would be a wild donkey of a man... and THEN... of Dan it is said "Dan will become a lion's cub."

      So, when Jesus says in Revelation 22:16 that he is the root and offspring of David AND the bright and morning star, his is pointing out his Babylonian mother who was forced to prostitute...

      the fight for freedom caused 2000 years of war, banking, capitalism to overthrow the monarch as Jesus describes in Luke 19 and...

      Please note that another symbol of Dan was the Eagle. Rome had an eagle and started the holy roman crusades, killing jews muslims and original christians and the proceeded to force catholicism on everyone... then nazi germany had an eagle and we all know what they did... and now America has an Eagle...

      Hitler felt that Socialism was a major enemy. This is because Capitalism was the only snow ball's chance in hell the commoners had of creating an uprising. They had to enslave royalty and the whole world to the mighty dollar.

      Mark Antony and Cleopatra lived in the days of Jesus... "Morning Star" is a greek term for Venus and Cleopatra was Greek.

      The seven letters to the seven chuches all seemed to offer military power to those who gave up their culture...

      As for the 7 heads adn 10 horns who would hate the prostitute and burn her with fire and all that... (that is the widely accepted practice of pedophilia and rape as a religious custom that Solomon loved so dearly)... These were the 300 wives and 700 concubines of Solomon.

      They sure fucked him over, eh?! :D Hahahahahaha

      So... then poor little Lilith... her name means "the air"... "Behold he is coming with the air."

      The masons have a star and moon on their Shriner hats.

    3. This isn't even the half of the story... Jesus really is Lord, he's been kicking ass for 200 years... he is three gods in one... he is blood, water, and spirit... he is the truth the life and the way...

      The "anti christ" will not come in the flesh. It says in the bible that Jesus came in the flesh and any other Jesus is the anti christ...

      Obama's alright with me.

      now... As fro red hair, reptilians and all of that...

      I have been bothered by entities I can not explain. Abused, initiated, etc, etc...

      Before we attack redheads.. Please read this quote from redhead Arizona Wilder who was victimized by reptilians...

      "What it is actually all about is keeping the blue-eyed blonde, or light red-haired people, the bloodlines, pure. Because it is more powerful. And what is in that blood for these reptilians is more powerful, and they need that. And when you start mixing it with people who were indigenous to this earth, then it is not as powerful. It has nothing to do with a person’s skin color or nationality, it has to do with keeping the bloodline pure for their use."

      My last "episode" involved being told by a black man that we had to have a baby for the next step of evolution and that it would become an alien who's dna would go into the sun and be dispersed into all life" or some crap. He later denied this but then sent messages on facebook about how I would become a grey alien and he would become a butterfly. He also pretended to know things he didn't. he kept calling himself a "gate" and when he stole my lap top, smashed my guitar, and punched me in the throat, he yelled at me in Sumerian. I only know this language because I wanted to recognize it since I read the higher up programmers speak it... I thought I was crazy but I found a book he left behind full of Sumerian words and it was called "The Necronomicon" and talked about walking these seven gates... It upset me because I had just had a curse removed by a psychic and the book referenced some things I'd been dreaming about and even had a symbol which somehow ended up tattooed on me as a "tramp stamp" and when one of my "johns" saw it he said, "oh Shriner." Back then I didn't know about any of this shit. That particular "John" (sorry, I normally call them clients but since I quite I'm in a bad mood about them LOL) ... he was a member of the temple of set, the order of the trapezoid, was a laser technician for project looking glass, and wanted to take me to AMORC meetings after I was initiated without knowing he was a member of that, too...

      AMORC has acknowledged "Crowleyan" infiltration and has even posted articals about these lateral initations, taps on the shoulder and what not... I think there's been a huge effort to infiltrate and destroy the REAL illuminati who seeks democracy, freedom from tyranny, and the right to live without having to fuck a king and throw your baby in a cow oven before you get married...

      I'm tired of these conspiracies and this bullshit. I know it is only being done to preserve the truth. An illuminati member told me "once you know the symbols you can teach yourself." That's all this is is reinventing the story. They've put it into everything from songs and movies, I think, Afraid someone might do away with their scriptures and hide the truth... The vatican and the church has done a real good job of that already. But I have faith that what is right for all is what is made manifest.

      Sorry this was long but people really need to start figuring it out.

      You all have access to the Bible... I suggest you flip your pastor the bird and start READING IT.

    4. Hello sor my name is Tom and i would like to correspond to you through my email adrress i have a couple questions. my email is

      May Jesus keep you


    5. I’d really like to know more of what you know I’ve always felt like I’m living in a fake world shrouded in bullshit so if you could give me more info or even help me get initiated I would greatly appreciate it my email is

  2. im ahmed nassar , my testemony on this information is that i believe it , and it was there since forever , since i feel the bloodline in me and im joining the mormon church and im egyptian born in cairo. come out come out its the time

  3. This is a lot to take in at one glance... I have to say this though: You haven't had much sleep...But I do believe this.. Scientifically, it makes since.I will read it more and hopefully ,one day soon, i will be able to understand it more.. And, if all of what I have read is true, then we are missing tons and tons of the human history and those who wrote the K.J. Version of the bible really screwed us and was going through some very great lengths to protect their interest and control the people with fear. Very sad..

  4. Interesting, but I have studied myself. I don't agree with all, But I do find this interesting. The RH-Negetive factor is an interesting subject as I have RH-Negetive blood. Rh, the rhesus factor which is related to the monkey would be RH-Positive. 85% or more people on the earth are related with this factor. The RH-Negetive is one of the anomalies of science, which they cannot find any trace out of 5000 blood types on the earth. We do not have a relation to the Earth with our blood. Our blood is Universal and can save people. The strange thing is that most blood types can accept our blood, but we cannot accept any other blood type other than our own or we will die. SO our blood is the Blue blood and the Rh-positive factor is of Monkeys. So we are the missing link. We are not of this earth. ;D

  5. Hello, I just read your thoughts about Ildabaoth. I find this very interesting, as I research about the gods and these ancient Aliens if you will, Ildabaoth is the son of El’Eb(the father god), or Yaldabaoth (Samael) Satan. Or what have you. Have you ever equated Ildabaoth to Enlil? One of the ancient Pantheon of the Elohim or the Annunaki? He is said to have a relationship with the Igigi, who would be called the elim,( lower tier of gods of the Elohim)or the Watchers. The term or name Igigi, literally means, “Those who watch and see.” Anunnaki means, “Those from heaven to earth came.” I find in the ancient texts that When it speaks of the creation it is talking about the Gods that created mankind. What I find interesting in this, is that I have come to know that these beings, even tho they created mankind are not the Creator of all, but have a creator of all. I have studied for years and still to this day have a deep passion for learning the truth. What I have found, Some call them Evil, which I would say with their actions yes it is Evil;(Not all of them are), But they have a rivalry with their own bloodlines. Their own Kin they are fighting against for Power and control. Now with the fact that you have mentioned YHWH as being Evil,( which I can’t understand why some people actually think that he is merciful with all of the Murders he has actually committed), I was wondering, If you take into consideration the rivalries and have studied about the Annunaki to which the ancient Sumerians depicted? I know that from my studies that YHWH is not only one god. And I find it fascinating that someone actually agrees! lol… YHWH is 3 gods. Enlil, Enki, and Marduk. The only time of YHWH coming to existence is through Moses. Before then as you have said they are called, “lord, Lord god, LORD GOD, LORD GOD ALMIGHTY,”etc… which I know and have known stood for different gods. I have had a really hard time with Christians, because they are ignorant of the fact that these beings are real. I haven’t come to the conclusion about Jesus yet, Because according to the Bible he is the Son of YHWH. I have learned that Jesus was actually a celestial birth. Which it does make since in the fact of the Solar Messiahs. I may be being premature on the existence thus far, But on my path to enlightenment of the true Creator of all, I’m sure he will let me know. I would appreciate your input and thank you for your enlightenment on this subject. Eagerly awaiting your reply.

    Thank you,

    1. Jesus says hes the son of IAM, not Jehovah.. hovah says he will bring Eli, and IAm says he will bring John and Jesus
      in the KJV.

  6. So one of my questions was not who the reptilians where cause I already knew that, just not as in to depth of that article link. My question is in the idea that we are consciousness and one, are the reptilians just a representative for an evil identity in our consciousness or is it an alien consciousness that has invaded ours? In other words, are the reptilians part of our own consciousness to help us acquire knowledge and enlightenment by teaching us good and evil? Or is it something corrupted in our system like a virus in computer software?

  7. what about asians? i have read/watched a lot of material regarding europe, north and south america, even africa now, but not anything about china, korea, russia, southeast asia, india, etc

  8. 20 ¶And of Gad he said, Blessed be he that enlargeth Gad: he dwelleth as a lion, and teareth the arm with the crown of the head.

    21 And he provided the first part for himself, because there, in a portion of the lawgiver, was he seated; and he came with the heads of the people, he executed the justice of the Lord, and his judgments with Israel.

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. Some truth and some inaccuracies. There is no junk DNA - it's OUR DNA which they disconnected/deactivated and the key to ascending above all this is OUR reactivating/reconnecting it. All we have to do is raise our vibration and that of the earth and they won't be able to exist here anymore because their vibration will be too low. Love is the key to everything...not hate.

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  12. the bible is hebrew witchcraft

    1. It is , yahweh need to feed of sacrifices and suffering threatening the iluminatti to follow hes orders or he will eat them alife with the rest of us.

  13. We all came from the same blood line. After the flood we are all from noah. there factions are the religious brainwashed by yahweh and the awakens.

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