Thursday, July 30, 2009

Wisdom Notes

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A quick note:

All groups which report on the soon to occur escalation of global cataclysms also report that mankind does survive and life continues on Earth after the cataclysms end. What is going to be happening to life on our planet has happened before. The OLD AND DUSTY ANCIENTS have warned us about what is coming so that we can FASTEN OUR SEAT BELTS AND PREPARE OURSELVES for the very devastating ride ahead.

I also use the Bible and the Nag Hammadi Scrolls as a source in part because I think that what little information that we have as to what was taught by Jesus (Yashua) and his followers on these subject, is very important. However I am not a Christian. I find the Christian view points very flawed and DO NOT support them unless I have DONE MY HOMEWORK on a subject or issue and the subject matters they promote can backed up by science, archeology, geology, astronomy, history- prehistory, technology, legends passed down, etc.

What Jesus (Yashua) taught on the subject is that yes in deed life continues here on earth after the period known as the “END TIMES” is over, and that the MEEK SHALL INHERIT THE EARTH. That the evil forces and controllers bringing in the New World Order that have been behind the horrors all life forms suffer here on earth will finally be destroyed. That these POWERS THAT BE, will be destroyed during this earth shattering global chaotic struggle for survival and that in the end, life will continue on IN PEACE AND HARMONY, the way life was originally MEANT to be. That all life forms will soon be living in peace and harmony. Remember the works “The Lion will lay down with the lamb” and DO YOUR HOMEWORK.

My advise to you is to hang tight and prepare yourself. Listen to the still small voice in you and do not trust the media or the Shadow Governments, UP AND COMING, presentation of the “Evil Lying Signs and Wonders” humanity will be presented with, in the heavens, on and inside the earth. Remember that Jesus (Yashua) and his followers warned us about them and called these evil entities and their human controllers, the evil “POWERS AND PRINCIPALITIES”. Stay way from the teachings of the New Age and their illusive LIGHT BEINGS WHO JESUS (YASHUA) DESCRIBED AS SATANIC FORCES WHO ONLY PRETEND TO BE THE GOOD GUYS. Also keep your distance from the Jewish and Roman Orthodox Catholic and Christian Church PROGRAMMERS AND THINK FOR YOURSELF. We live in a free will environment and as such we need to THINK CLEARLY AT ALL TIMES and DO YOU HOMEWORK.


Stay away form the Digital Angel-Veri Chip implants under your skin. Those who followed Jesus (Yashua) describe these computer chips as (the Mark of the Beast). They are being promoted today as a technical miracle advancement to track your loved ones. Keep in mind who these controllers really are that are running the tracking system from BEHIND CLOSED DOORS. Stay away from all forms of injections including flu shots that are not necessary for medical procedures unless they have a tried and true history, and DO YOUR HOMEWORK.

Evil controls our world right now but it’s on the way out. THE GOOD GUYS ARE COMING TO TOWN AND THEY ARE NOT THE ILLUSIVE LIGHT BEINGS.


A.G.L. Buyer Beware

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  1. My Bible school friend sends me her work in pdf format. Apparently google does not have this format conversions. I'm doing the best I can.