Sunday, March 1, 2009

Warning to Bloggers



    This blog will not post any offensive blogs of any kind nor will this blog respond to bloggers who engage in this kind of behavior. This blog is a place to go to honestly discuss what is happening today and is not a venue to promote the DARK SIDE or to be used by those who do. If you are a respectful blogger who has sincere questions or comments please feel free to enter your comments. Thank You.

  2. First off Id like to state that God make Junk :D
    also the mark of the beast is just that beastiality. I suggest people check out Stanford EDU 's web site in regards to blood types you will see clearly what the mark of the beast truly is. What we has been taught as general mainstream knowledge is upside down. The proofs in the pudding... Stanford EDU this was known since 1960 and before... Open your eyes to truth.. Bloodtypes posative and negative Stanford edu website