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2012 end time deceptions and dangers

2012 END TIME DECEPTIONS AND DANGERS CAKE OF IDEASIt doesn’t matter which group you talk to that are warning us about the 2012 End Time Theory, none of them are looking into the BIGGER PICTURE and none of them realize they are all part of the same FRUIT CAKE blended together and baked in a pan of misinformation, disinformation and lies.You will notice the largest pieces of this fruit cake all receive their covert data from evil entities and in most cases the data is flawed, the events don’t happen and the dates they predict COME AND GO while we are still shopping for groceries, paying bills, listening to the evening news and going to work the next morning.I am not a rocket scientist, Christian, New Age groupie, nor do I work for the government, however all of my research tells me that even Jesus (Yashua) told his followers that these groups who take their information from these evil entities who the ancient people referred to as gods and agents (angels) of the gods, did not know what they were talking about and NOT TO TRUST THEIR DATA.REGARDLESS OF WHAT THE FRUIT CAKE PIECES TELL US, THEY DO NOT HAVE ALL OF THE FACTS, THIS KNOWLEDGE IS STILL HIDDEN KNOWLEDGE THAT IS LOST TO MANKIND.The New Age, those promoting the “Alien Agendas,” our religious systems and global governments have been engaged in promoting MISINFORMATION, DISINFORMATION AND LIES. They have done it in the past and they are still doing it today. While they are promoting their misguided facts, they are all slowly and methodically guiding us into the END TIME DELUSION OF MANKIND while the SLEEPING SHEEPLE KEEP HITTING THE SNOOZE ALARM.There is a conspiracy to keep the Sleeping Sheeple from discovering the “Hidden Knowledge” that has been kept from mankind. Knowing this knowledge today would be very useful indeed but that information is STILL LOCKED BEHIND CLOSED DOORS. Even though mankind has knocked and knocked on these doors, they have not opened this knowledge up to us yet. What we have instead is a conspiracy of lies that is BEING PRESENTED AS THE HIDDEN AGENDAS.When I chastise these large pieces of the Fruit Cake, I am not saying that human and global cataclysms will not occur soon, science, geology, archeology, astronomy etc., clearly tell us that we are heading for some real problems and that these problems are coming in from outside our solar system. I am merely saying that we have to be careful of the SPIN DOCTORS and how they spin their tails of woe. We also have to be very aware that the DARK SIDE will rear it’s ugly head at the same time and be prepared for who they are and what their game plan is.LET’S CUT UP SOME OF THE FRUIT CAKE AND TALK ABOUT THE PIECES.The NEW AGE SEER’S are listening to guides who are misleading them. It doesn’t matter how interesting and captivating their comments are. They are presenting their listeners, abductees, followers and End Time promoters with A CON JOB, BIG TIME. The most devious of their plots is to convince mankind that they created us and that they are benevolent.Some of these New Age groupies are EXPERIENCERS. Recently these evil entities have been playing the EUPHORIA GAME. These evil entities are now pretending to be the GOOD GUYS. They use some kind of a force field (unknown technology) to tap into our human mental and physical electrical system. Once they’ve homed in on their victims they are able to press the FEEL GOOD BUTTON giving the experiencer fantastic feelings of euphoria. A man by the name of Peter Moon talks of spending time with the Nordic Aryan Alien “Fallen Watchers” as a marvelous experience. BUYER BEWARE OF THE CON JOB.The JEWISH AND ROMAN ORTHODOX CATHOLIC AND CHRISTIAN CHURCH’S known in prophecy as the “Scarlet Women” are also in the business of leading us right into the hands of these evil entities human beings at one time referred to as the “GODS OF EDEN” AND “ANGELS.” These Orthodox and Christian Religions are promoting these evil Jewish and Hebrew gods as the REAL DEAL, when it is obvious to a child that the actions and activities of these evil gods are malevolent. The Judah Jews worshipped the evil Yahweh Ildabaoth the Demiurge, who Jesus (Yashua) described as a lion-faced reptilian entity in the Nag Hammadi Scrolls. The Hebrew Israelites worshipped the Nordic Aryan Alien “Fallen Watchers,” who “Flit and Flew” in the air in “Chariots of Fire” and “Whirling Wheels.” Some of these Unidentified Flying Objects made loud noises and created smoke and clouds in the sky. These gods demanded bloody animal sacrifices to APPEAS THE GODS, while Abraham and a whole hose of other subjects in the Old Testament worshipped them.The Jewish and Roman Orthodox Catholic and Christian Religions are promoting the “ALIEN AGENDA” version of reality. What these religions teach has been leading mankind right into the hands of these evil demonic entities that are falsely claiming to be ALIENS, angels, gods etc.While our GOVERNMENTS are in the DENY! DENY! DENY mode!Now I am not saying that the websites these groups operate online are a waste of time because THEY ARE NOT, they are filled with VERY useful information that is very interesting and informative, but other aspects of what they write about and present is VERY FLAWED and CONTRIVED DATA. I will guide you to some of the sites and videos that I think you might be interested below, but Buyer Beware of the Dark Side that also visits the opinions of some of these site owners.Keep in mind that we have very informative websites that do tell us the truth and I will give you a couple of those below as well.LETS SEE WHAT GOVERNMENT INFORMANTS ARE SAYING AND DOING REGARDING THE “ALIEN AGENDAS” AND 2012Philip Schneider who was a Geologist and Engineer for our government actually shot and killed two gray aliens. These entities are evil regardless of what the New Agers claim, yet people who deal with them as government employees have various opinions as to their nature. Here is a video where Philip Schneider talks about a the “Alien Agenda.” Philip Schneider is one person who worked for the military who believed that a couple of these programmed entities might be benevolent. HE’S DEAD NOW.Philip Schneider encounter with gray aliensfile:///Users/nazarene/Desktop/MUST%20SEE%20VIDEO'S/PHIL%20SCHNEIDER%20KILLED%20ALIENS%20The%20man%20that%20killed%202%20alien%20greys.webarchive In the last Bilderberg meeting in Virginia in 2008 the Bilderbergs “ELITISTS”, under the pretense of National Security, stated that they were going to chip implant all Blonde blue-eyed westerners with the Rh Negative bloodline factor claiming that they may be terrorists. Here is the video from “Coast to Coast AM” with L.M. Marzulli regarding this announcement: our government warning us about this digital technology? NO NOT A WORD as a matter of fact George W. Bush went in front of the camera’s to promote the “Veri Chip” or “Digital Angel” technology in the form of a card, to track these people when he was in office instead. He claims it is for employment purposes: Hummmm Here is his announcement for this card on YouTube. This digital technology in the form of a card will eventually evolve into the Veri Chip Digital Angel that will be inserted into the fore arm and hand in the future: Icke is my all time favorite author and speaker because he is one person who has REALLY DONE HIS HOMEWORK. He speaks about the Global Elite Big Brother, who they are, how they operate and the tails they spin in detail. David IckeHis Website: Big Brother Video: HOW IS THIS DECEPTION HAPPENING IN BROAD DAYLITE? MAN SCRATCHING HIS HEAD (SLEEPING SHEEPLE MALE) have read extensively into all of their theories and find that they are all being guided by the PUPPET MASTERS - MAKERS who are the real rulers of our world from BEHIND CLOSED DOORS. They operate mankind and the systems that we rely on as if we were PUPPETS. THEY ARE PULLING ALL OF OUR STRINGS. demonic PUPPER MASTERS – MAKERS are deceiving all of the groups above and have for thousands of years. They are not aliens, ascended masters, gods or benevolent. They have an M.O. and track record for destroying worlds and have been behind the destruction of each of our earth generations in the past. They have been abducting mankind and cloning human DNA with E.T., primate, bird, and reptilian DNA all through out these past earth generations and have essentially stripped humanity of 97% of its BIG DNA code while replacing it with JUNK DNA. What they have done to the human race is a crime beyond belief and because they engaged in cloning our prehistoric, historic and current earth generations, they are the MISSING LINK that has been destroying the human body all along. What they have done to our DNA strand and the human body has directly caused mankind to get sick, age and die.These evil demonic entities are now play the “GOOD COP BAD COP” games and people are now reporting them as our creators instead of our destroyers.All ancient cultures have warned us about 2012 and that these evil entities are behind most of the destruction that has happened TO MANKIND during similar periods in human history and prehistory. According to those promoting the “Alien Agendas” and the New Age” groupies, demonic reinforcements appear to be coming in from the other solar system and we have been warned over and over about the dangers this will bring into to our world. BUT NO ON WANTS TO BIT INTO THAT PIECE OF THE FRUIT CAKE SO WE DON’T. SO WE DON’T GO THEIR AND FEW OF THESE GROUPS TALK ABOUT SURVIVAL EITHER. DOES SCIENCE WEIGH IN ON THE SUBJECTOnce again IT DFPENDS ON WHICH ONES YOU ASK. The scientific community is a sort of MIXED BAG OF NUTS when it comes to their opinion. The “POWERS AT BE” have for a long time been teaching us false information by using scientists that promote their evil agendas. With out knowing it we are being taught for an example that mankind evolved from a primate called Lucy from some where in the Middle East of Africa. This particular group of scientists do not seem to want to mention the INTELLIGENT DESIGNERS who bred human DNA with monkey DNA, it’s one of those BEST KEPT SECRETS HIDDEN BEHIND CLOSED DOORS. We know who they are and THEY ARE DEMONIC! Here are examples of what they look like in drawings, art and with the aid of Hollywood. is a picture of an enormous winged Draco giant found in Saudi Arabia: These evil Nordic Aryan Alien “Fallen Watchers” created human hybrids and hybrid giants that have been dug up all over the world.So we have to USE OUR HEADS when it comes to which scientific opinion we want to subscribe to and there are many. We can’t blame all scientists for the misinformation they DIG UP, for and example those archeologists who dig up bones of giant human hybrids are told to stick them back in the ground and rebury them, burn them to take them to the basement of a museum somewhere and KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT OR YOU DIG WILL NO LONGER BE FUNDED. Here is a YouTube video you can listen to: Giants: Mystery and the Myth 1-6 scientists that look up into the heavens can not all be sending and receiving data that goes out into the deep dark space and never comes back with signs of life or impending disasters. We have the huge infrared telescope in the South Pole region taking pictures of the Dark Star entering our solar system but as always they keep us IN THE DARK claiming they are KEEPING IT UNDER THEIR HAT FOR NATIONAL SECURITY REASONS. For more information go to Marsall Masters website at: YOWUSA.COM Or:,Or you can catch his video’s on YouTube at: time the earth enters the Dark Rift, is visited by the Dark Star’s orbit around the sun and is hit by other worldly objects, suffers from massive earth quakes and volcanic eruptions etc., our earth has grown apart from what once was one landmass into the 7 continents that we have today. Do you think scientist have been telling us that in the past NO. Once again it depends on which scientist or group of scientists you research. You have to dig in the MIXED NUT BAG to find the right one. Here are two great resource for this information which can be found at this website:Neal AdamsEarth is Growing Website link: Rift about our ancient and prehistoric history regarding mankind’s human origins? Is man only a few thousand years old? That’s what the Christian Mixed Nut community is teachings, or is mankind millions of years old. We have been lied to about human history as well so if you want learn about our real prehistoric ancestors you have to dig into the Mixed Bag of Nut until you find Michael Cremo. He has written more than one book on our prehistoric origins. The name of one his books is “Forbidden Archeology.” George Noory on “Coast to Coast AM” interviewed him and the tapes can be found on YouTube at:Michael Cremo also keep waiting for scientists to come foreword and confirm that these evil entities exist that we wrongly call aliens today, yet few people doing that research are standing on stage when the curtain opens up. Linda Moulton Howe is one you can find on stage and in the Mixed Bag of Nuts.Linda Molton HoweEARTHFILES Website at:” Coast to Coast AM” Video on YouTube can be found at: the Dark Star, or some other major event happens on earth, marshal law will be declared. If the economy collapses and civil war should occur against our government those bodies of those who will be killed by the “Shadow Government” will apparently be placed in black coffins. If this is about to happen is our government telling us about it. NO NOT A WORD, however you can find video’s regarding FEMA detention camps and black coffins on video’s like: our own military government ever fired on UFO’s or been fired on by UFO’s. APPARENTLY YES. Here is a video regarding Admiral Byrd’s trip into the Antarctic area where he met the Nordic Aryan Alien “Fallen Watchers and their leader who he called the “Master.” Here is a YouTube video regarding the trip and what happened to the military escort known as “Operation High jump” as they were leaving the Antarctic region.Admiral ByrdOperation High Jump in the Antarctic you can see you have to be careful when you put your hand in that Mixed Bag of Nuts because there are some bad ones in their. Never trust that the Mixed Bag of Nuts. DO YOUR HOMEWORK.LETS TALK ABOUT THE DARK STARThere are many very interesting articles on line regarding 2012. Now that we understand that the earth shows signs of past global cataclysms which is obvious under the “EARTH IS GROWING” theory and that that these evil entities we wrongly refer to as aliens are here and even working in covert projects along side our “SHADOW GOVERNMENT AND MILITARY” we can see that some of what the Fruit Cakes are saying is accurate. THEY’RE HERE BUYER BEWARE! Now that we have a little better understanding of how old mankind really is and that our earth has gone through many global cataclysms in the past that have all but destroyed the earth and mankind in the past, we can see that the rather recent Adam and Eve Story in the Old Testament in Genesis Chapter 2 DOES NOT REPRESENT THE CREATION OF ORIGINAL MAN. We can also see that these evil entities who represented themselves as gods and agents of gods (angels) in ancient records and in Old Testament references such as Genesis Chapter 6, have not only been around for thousands even millions of years but their intent has always been to victimize, and murder human beings. It is also obvious that they have destroyed our human genome in the process of creating their human hybrids, giant populations and hybrid royal bloodlines.We know that these evil entities have played a part in these global cataclysms on earth and on other planets in our solar systems and that their real intent is to destroy mankind and our planet, Now that we understand that, let’s look at the nature of this DARK STAR coming in from the outer solar system and find out what our global government plans are for human survival when the “PLANET OF CROSSING” orbits through our Solar System this time. WHAT IS THE DARK STAR?Let’s go to Dr. Jaysen Q. Rands website first, which you can find at: Rand is one of the best sources on the subject because he blends the Fruit Cake data with science and clearly shows us that SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT IN RIVER CITY (EARTH). Dr. Rand clearly shows us that earth is ONCE AGAIN DESPLAYING THE SIGNS OF DOOM AND GLOOM and that earth has a history of catastrophes that should be warning us that this DOOM AND GLOOM is cyclical.Here is part of Dr. Jaysen Q. Rand’s forecast page. For the rest of the forecast go to: — The Return of Planet-X Forecast as our 2009/2012 cosmic timetable approaches —Dear readers, thank you sincerely for your special interest/trust and energy devoted to reading our ‘science-fact’ book and entertainment project: The Return Of Planet-XWe believe this tome will set the stage for our country's ‘cosmic destiny’ and that of planet Earth as The Book Of Revelation'sWormwood (a large brown dwarf companion star to our Sun) —["And the name of the star was Wormwood”...Revelation Chap. 8, Verse. 11] —returns again. Found in the Epilogue -- "Prelude To Our 2012 Planet-X Countdown," we are pleased to present an excerpt listing of homespun prophecies/visions/readings of the near future as they appear to us beginning with Phase One then continuing through Phases Two and Three.These prophecies/visions/readings of the future are not meant to scare or alarm you -- but rather to inform and illustrate the dire situation we now find ourselves facing—as mother Earth is about to experience what many scientists, writers, theologians, politicians and everyday folk believe will be the anticipated ‘End-Times’ global scenario surrounding Planet-X's arrival in 2009/2012.We invite your commentary/E-mail responses to our “Planet-X website" offering. Remember, as noted writer/psychic/commentator/entertainer "Criswell" once stated: "Everyone is fascinated by the future, because that is where we’ll spend the rest of our lives."Presently, planet Earth is a real hotbed/battleground of political/religious/financial/environmental issues threatening to tear apart the fragile structure of our present-day 21 st century civilization. So let’s begin with the future as we see it developing on planet Earth’s 2009/2012 event horizon. Hopefully, we’ll view the future together with a more positive/no nonsense/let’s-face-it attitude.Earth’s calendar date in summer/fall 2007 will find our fragile blue world in dire crisis. Consider the facts of overpopulation/global warming/a badly depleted ozone layer/rain forest devastation/ uncontrollable wildfires/hurricanes/typhoons/tornadoes bringing global flooding/tsunamis and droughts/Arctic-Antarctic meltdowns/mass extinctions of multiple plant and wildlife species/ widespread famines/deadly disease outbreaks of animal and human origins/ever-increasing world­wide earthquake and volcanic activity—all of which are collectively taking a heavy toll on human, plant and animal life—not to mention billions upon billions of dollars in global property damage, lost wages/the economy and major consumer disruptions to the everyday needs of its citizens. Mother Nature takes no prisoners—gives no quarter—and she remains uncontrollable.Are all the stories about UFOs and ETs associated with the return of ‘X’ true? And could the modern-day mythos surrounding the subject of UFOs, ET’s, crashed flying saucers, human contactees/abductees, cattle mutilations, the wheat crop circle phenomenon, the Grays, U.S. astronaut encounters with UFOs on the moon, and those constant nagging rumors that many of the world’s major governments are deliberately hiding, or at best covering up the truth about today’s UFO/ET phenomenology—giving rise to further speculation that quite possibly the Biblical Nefilim (those ETs often associated with the subject of X’s return)—may already be back on Earth a wee bit early perhaps—but back here nevertheless—and with a bold new ‘game plan’ for helping us out (via the Rapture scenario) when Revelation’s Wormwood returns again? YES!! We truly believe so!! And we also believe that as 2009 and 2012 soon approaches—we will begin seeing an ever-increasing number of verifiable/documented UFO sightings occur-ing/developing on a massive global scale. Expect the phenomenon to intensify/explode!Once the approaching brown dwarf becomes visible in the sky the general public is going to panic! In this climate of panic, if the government allows ‘law and order’ to break down, spilling anarchy into the streets, unruly crowds will severely damage the vital economic infrastructure by which the U.S. and most other western/Asian economies are so dependent. If this uncontrolled rioting and mayhem spills out of local neighborhoods and into the business districts of society (burning, looting and ultimately destroying the businesses that drive this, and other global economies), we’re going to have a very difficult time recovering from the upcoming disaster. So let’s not forget what happened in New Orleans and along the Gulf Coast—where ‘things’ are still not the same approaching two years later. —Recovery is always a slow/painful/costly process.Planet-X is admittedly a volatile/argumentative/controversial/and in many cases—a politically, socially and religiously charged subject. By keeping an open mind, heart and spirit—your vested interest level will provide rewards both surprising and plentiful to seekers of the truth. However, once forewarned with the knowledge and information about Planet-X as contained in this book—your imagination should take over creating your own prophecy regarding your own near future.Added to the implied threat that we believe Planet-X poses to our world (presently and continu-ing through 2009/2012) — we must nevertheless also factor in the ever-present danger global terrorism (regardless of its origin) poses upon our 21 st century world society. And therein lies the neverending question: Where/when do we begin to examine the problem of good vs evil? Armageddon: Is the place where the final battle between good and evil will be fought (probably a reference to the battlefield of Megiddo)—an ancient city in N. Israel, on the plain of Esdraelon most often identified with the Biblical Armageddon prophecy in—Rev. 16:16: And he (the Lord) gathered them together into a place called in the Hebrew tongue Armageddon. This place called Megiddo is perhaps the world’s most contested piece of territory and Bible prophecy tells us that once again it will become the focal point for a spiritual battle fought beyond our comprehension.Didn’t that come full-circle and doesn’t that passage qualify for the End-Times best reading list?This author believes we’ve already entered the time period identified by modern-day Christians as the End-Times heralding the return of Jesus Christ to his faithful Church on planet Earth—Rome and Salt Lake included. Although the word “Rapture” never appears in the Bible—many Christians profess the belief that Christ himself will return with his legions of Angels to first remove his flock from this world (via the “Rapture” scenario for safekeeping), then proceed to destroy the forces of hell in the final battle between good and evil— Armageddon. So, here’s my personal prophecy and forecast for Earth’s near future and beyond heading towards 2009/2012:Continue at: Dr. Jaysen Q. Rand also has survival a tips and suggestions for those who plan on surviving the crossing as does Marshall Masters at:For more information go to Marsall Masters website at: YOWUSA.COM Or:,Or you can catch his video’s on YouTube at: There are many conspiracy theories, concerning how governments of the world, are attempting to hide the fact that we are approaching the apocalypse. The governments do not want us to know that some of the worse predictions indicate 90% of the global populations could be destroyed primarily because they live on coastlines and over fault lines that will be inundated during the crisis.Apparently some believe that the Dark Star should be visible to parts of the world on March 19th 2009. According to conspiracy theorists our governments want to make sure that this harbinger of impending doom is obscured from our view. Some say the chemtrails that have been clouding our skies, which have negatively affected our breathing, our health, our animal and plant life, are also designed to block our view of the incoming Dark Star as well.Some say that our Shadow Government is going to be using this global disaster to form the New World Order and Marshall Law, which is a new form of Nazism and Communism. While we say no that can’t happen we have to look at the BLACK COFFINS that FEMA is placing all over the country, millions of them that are big enough to hold three bodies can be seen on FEMA land. There appear to be 500.000 alone in Georgia. SHUUUUU, WE ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO TALK ABOUT THEM. So don’t say anything just go to YouTube videos like this one and LOOK: we have the FEMA Concentration Camps in America, which are located on railroad tracks. These camps have new gas furnaces, are surrounded with barbed wire designed to keep people in. The camps are marked with zones like the RED ZONE, GREEN ZONE and BLUE ZONE. Helicopter access and black helicopters are seen monitoring the sites. More federal funding is being allocated to continue the renovations of these facilities: CONCLUSIONDoes or global government plan on making sure some people do survive to live in the New World order. Rumors have it that ONLY A CHOSEN FEW will be taken to safety and that under ground facilities have been built through out the world to house them. These people are chosen, by the government “ELITE”, for many reasons. Buyer Beware.Part of the HIDDEN KNOWLEDGE includes the fact that past earth generations have survived these global cataclysms and that ONE of the forces that have been behind it that have destroyed these evil entities, some their human hybrids and giants and in the process they sealed off these portals to the other dimensions were the WATCHER AEONS AKA ELOHIM. That force appears to have been a GOOD FORCE and I DO NOT MEAN the Elohim people are talking about today who are in all actuality the evil Nordic Aryan Alien “Fallen Watcher Elohim, ” that are playing the “GOOD COP CARD.”All though I am not a Christian per say I do subscribe to the teachings of Jesus (Yashua). According to prophecy and to comments made by Jesus (Yashua) he also has a list of chosen people who will survive this coming Apocalypse who are known as the “ELECT” and their names appear to be written the “Lambs Book of Life.” Which is an illusive mythical book that is meant to represent the names of the people who are referred to as the “ELECT OF GOD.” These people are referred to, by Jesus (Yashua), as the “Meek who will inherit the earth.” That’s the list I believe I am on.These two groups are not the same groups. Those taken by the government into underground bases are “NOT THE MEEK THAT SHALL IN HERIT THE EARTH.” It actually appears that these underground facilities will be destroyed in the process and that those who hide in them will not survive. Prophecy states that as Jesus (Yashua) and his incoming warriors entire our three dimensional world that those who live in and operate the underground bunkers in the mountains etc., will be hiding FROM Jesus (Yashua) and his incoming force. The surface dwellers, known as the “ELECT,” will survive as long as you prepare and stay away from the New World Order and Marshall Law Forces. So DO YOUR HOMEWORK AND PLAN FOR YOUR OWN SURVIVAL. We do not know if a RAPTURE will occur for sure or exactly what and who will be taken if one does. The “Rapture” event the Born Again Christians refer to is an invention of a devious group who are promoting doctrines that were inspired by these evil entities we wrongly refer to as aliens today as a matter of fact most of the gods and religious beliefs and traditions created the Jewish and Roman Orthodox Catholic and Christian founders come from these evil gods.WE CANNOT TRUST THE BIBLE OR THOSE WHO PROMOTE IT. According to the wording around this event in the Bible, we know that some of the “ELECT” will remain on earth until after this battle between the forces of FORCES OF GOOD and the FORCES OF EVIL take place. This battle appears to be between these evil entities we wrongly refer to as ALIENS today and the forces of GOOD who will be entering our world lead by Jesus (Yashua) himself, this battle is known as the BATTLE OF ARMAGEDDON. It will be a real battle according to those who wrote about it and the world will be watching it some how. If this is true the Jesus (Yashua) who was meekly referred to as a carpenters son in the New Testament was more that a mere mortal, much more.THIS IS PART OF THE HIDDEN KNOWLEDGE THE GLOBAL ELITE DOES NOT WANT US TO KNOW ABOUT. Apparently this is a long-standing battle that has been going on for millions of years. Because of these evil entities and the global cataclysms that have occurred, life on the surface of other planets was destroyed. These evil entities that destroyed life on other planets are now ON EARTH AND IN CONTROL FROM BEHIND CLOSED DOORS.Jesus (Yashua) told his followers that we would be visited by evil entities that pretend to be Jesus (Yashua) today who Jesus referred to as FALSE CHRISTS. They are popping up in alien abduction accounts. The Nordic Aryan Alien “Fallen Watchers” are also appearing as ascended masters who and are claiming to be here to help us evolve or survive the cataclysms. BUYER BEWARE. THIS IS ALL PART OF WHAT JESUS (YASHUA) REFERS TO AS THE END TIME DELUSION OF MANKIND.We will also apparently be shown a FAKE RAPTURE EVENT in which some people will be abducted to make it appear as if they have been raptured. Jesus (Yashua) said that the DEAD IN CHRIST will go first which seems to indicate that those who are abducted will be the DEAD IN CHRIST, who are people who do not really follow Jesus (Yashua). They may only pretend to be followers. These people will include the ELITE and well-known figures who people assume are followers of Jesus (Yashua). BUYER BEWARE.We have always though of religion as the FORCE OF GOOD when IT IS NOT. The Jewish and Roman Orthodox Catholic and Christian religions actually worship evil entities under the guise of LORD, LORD God, GOD, Lord GOD etc. The Old Testament (Hebrew Bible) is an account of the Judah Jewish god Yahweh Ildabaoth the Demiurge who Jesus (Yashua) described as an evil lion-faced reptilian entity in the Nag Hammadi Scrolls. The Hebrew Israelites worshipped god El and the Elohim who “Flit and Flew” in “Chariots of Fire” and “Whirling Wheels.” These UFO’s created cloud cover they hid in and in some cases were loud and smoky. A UFO abducted Elijah and Ezekiel had a UFO encounter where he described these UFO’s. He was in the same kind of a dream state that abductees talk about today. Buyer Beware.We have to really take a look at what religions have presented us with and notice that these GODS OF EDEN were behind these religions. The Jewish and Roman Orthodox Catholic and Christian religion is the FALSE RELIGION Jesus (Yashua) spoke of and is referred to as the “Scarlet Women” in prophecy. If you really read Bible Prophecy you will notice that the “Scarlet Women” is riding the “Beast” which is the New World Order being created by the global ELITE known by many names but most often called the Illuminati or the Bilderbergs. They have many different groups with different names that work along side them such as the “Skull and Bones” the Bush’s were tapped into. The Masons are another covert organization that is ruled by human hybrids at the very top. Buyer Beware.Most people who are warning us about the Beast Movement clearly tell us not to TAKE THE MARK, which is the “Very Chip Digital Angel.” Once inserted in our body this devise will act as a tracking device, and radio receiver and if the right signal is sent to it, your heart will stop. The teams are being organized. WHICH TEAM ARE YOU ON? Buyer Beware.FOR YOUR INFORMATIONThese articles will help you move on from the Satanic, pagan misinformation, disinformation and lies, which the Jewish and Roman Orthodox Catholic and Christian Church’s promote. The articles will help you see that the CHURCH has lied to all of us and that it is time we DIG FOR THE TRUTH AND EXPOSE THESE LIES and their associations with the “Serpent and Reptilian Bloodline Agenda.” Once we discard these old Satanic and pagan beliefs WE CAN MOVE ON TO DESICOVER WHAT THE REAL JESUS (YASHUA) might have taught and who he may have been.I do not consider myself to be a Christian. When you read my articles you will understand why. That being said however, I not only believe Jesus (Yashua) existed but I am attempting to search for and promote who I think he really was and what it appears that he may have actually taught.You can learn from these articles, continue to believe and quote Orthodox misinformation, disinformation and programmed mind games or you can try to figure out what the truth really is, which is what I am doing and hopefully helping you do.If you are a respectful person with sincere questions or comments please feel free to contact me regarding my research and let me know if I can send you a specific article regarding a subject matter you are interested in.I will not respond to any offensive E-mails of any kind nor will I engage in conversation with those who are attacking and disrespectful. Further more I will also not respond to people who continuously promote the mind games and scripture quoting chatter we find so often in the Born Again and Christian communities.Thank You,Buyer Beware


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    Congratulations! You are now fulfilling the Bible which says "Come now, and let us repeat together."
    Be sure to repeat what Walvoord, Lindsey, LaHaye, Ice etc. repeat what their own teachers repeat what their own teachers repeat etc. etc. etc.!
    Repeat that Christ's return is imminent because we're told to "watch" (Matt. 24, 25) for it. So is the "day of God" (II Pet. 3:12) - which you admit is at least 1000 years ahead - also imminent because we're told to be "looking for" it?
    Also repeat the pretrib myths about the "Jewish wedding stages" and "Jewish feasts" (where's your "church/Israel dichotomy" now?) even though Christ and Paul knew nothing about a "pretrib stage" and neither did any official theological creed or organized church before 1830!
    You should read "Pretrib Rapture Dishonesty" on the "Powered by Christ Ministries" site to find out why you shouldn't repeat everything your pretrib teachers repeat.
    Do I have to repeat this?

  3. wow, i thought it said "let us reason together, not repeat together. please give a reference to show it is repeat, and not reason, if you can.
    also, paul was the 13th apostle supposedly, but a false one.