Saturday, August 8, 2009


Saturday, August 8, 2009
Almost every time you hear a Christian promote the Roman Bible they
refer to it as the INSPIRED WORD OF GOD. That’s interesting because the
Roman Bible, which we all own, is not the original bible. What is even
more surprising when you DO YOUR HOMEWORK, is that the Jewish and
Roman Orthodox Catholic and Christian Church promote the worship of
evil gods as well as Satanism and paganism. The Judah Jews and Hebrew
Israelites worshiped evil entities as gods, they DID NOT WORSHIP THE
GOD JESUS (YASHUA) SPOKE OF, yet the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament)
was added to the Roman Bible. Hummmmm! These so called gods, who
inspired the Old Testament or Hebrew Bible, are not the real source for
life on earth. The Hebrew Bible or Old Testament is filled with references
to these evil gods and the worship of them. It isn’t until the New
Testament (second half of the Roman Bible) that the real God and creator
of life on earth was introduced. Our real GOD has no name but is
referred to as Our Heavenly Father who is introduced to the readers by
Jesus (Yashua), who came into the world to expose these evil Judah
Jewish and Hebrew Israelite gods and to teach people NOT TO WORSHIP
This picture above is a prophetic description of the Jewish and Roman Orthodox
Catholic and Christian Church in Prophecy. It is a bloodline of people who Jesus
(Yashua) also described as a symbol of corruption. She is called the SCARLET WOMAN
and she rides the BEAST MOVEMENT on earth, which is organized and run by another
satanic hybrid bloodline on earth, which I mention later in this article.
The Roman Bible is actually a document created by different groups of
people with HIDDEN AGENDAS. These people compiled together a
document of letters and stories, which came to be known as the Official
Roman Canon (Bible) in 417A.D. This conglomeration of letters and
stories actually represented the beliefs of many different groups who
worshipped evil entities as gods who were primarily the Hebrew Israelites
and the Judah Jews. The Roman Empire and their armies did not worship
these evil Judah Jewish and Hebrew Israelite gods in the Roman Empire,
they primarily worshipped the god known as Mithra. Mithra symbolism
and Isis worship was transplanted into the Bible and the Jewish and
Roman Orthodox Catholic and Christian Religion under new names so
that people would not realize they were practicing Satanism and
Paganism. These are some of the reasons why the Bible is so
contradictory and why these gods appeared to be so evil in nature.
The first place we need to go is into the Old Testament (Hebrew Bible),
which is the first section of the Roman Bible where we find most of the
worship of these evil gods. You won’t actually find the names for these
gods their because the names for the Jewish and Hebrew gods were taken
out of the Old Testament (Hebrew Bible) leaving only their titles, such as
Lord, LORD, Lord God, LORD God, LORD GOD etc. so that we would not
know which of the evil gods the Jewish and Hebrew people were actually
worshipping in these stories. We are introduced to the main evil god who
is known through out the Old Testament (Hebrew Bible) by his knick
name, which was Jehovah YHWH. The Deuteronomy revisionists decided
to imply that these evil gods were only one god by using only these titles
instead of their names. The reason these scribes, priests, revisionists
etc., left the nick name Jehovah YHWH in the Bible is so that the readers
would think that all these titles referred to this evil jealous god.
These devious authors decided to go with this evil god Yahweh Ildabaoth
the Demiurge (Jehovah YHWH) because HE was the most powerful god in
Israel. Those devious authors, writers and revisionists who engaged in
these activities were guilty of committing what is referred to as the Pious
Fraud and they include the Deuteronomy Revisionists. Yet as obvious and
devious as this deception was, MANKIND IS IGNORANT OF IT TODAY.
Once the Roman Canon (Bible) was compiled 50 copies were sent to the
different newly formed so called Jewish and Roman Orthodox Catholic
and Christian Church’s of the Roman World where they were referred to
as the INSPIRED WORD OF GOD (the gods). Ordinary people were not
allowed to read this satanic pagan Canon for that and many other
reasons, as a matter of fact reading the Canon was a crime and copying it
was a crime people were murdered for doing, such as the early men who
printed the Jewish and Roman Orthodox Catholic and Christian Canon
(Roman Bible) in mass for the general population to read. DO YOUR
HOMEWORK. It is not a coincidence that these men who printed up the
Jewish and Roman Orthodox Catholic and Christian Bible (Roman Bible)
Over time this deception worked. As time passed, people simply DID
NOT KNOW they were worshipping evil entities instead of the real GOD
AND CREATOR because the identity of these separate gods were assumed
to be Jehovah YHWH only. To make matters worse Yahweh Ildabaoth the
Demiurge (Jehovah YHWH) was also assumed to be the God Jesus
(Yashua) came to introduce the world to and the CON GAME WORKED.
The REAL GOD Jesus (Yashua) CAME TO TOWN to tell the world about
was neatly blended in with the evil gods of the Old Testament, who were
worshipped by the Judah Jews and Hebrew Israelites and the resulting
paganism and Satanism became a feature in all Jewish and Roman
Orthodox Catholic and Christian Church’s.
However it was not always that way. A man by the name of Marcion is
actually the person who compiled the first and ORIGINAL BIBLE. As a
matter of fact the New Testament was coined after his Bible. In Marcions
Bible you DID NOT find the Jewish and Hebrew Bible (Old Testament) nor
did you find any references to the worship of their gods. Marcion even
made sure that no Jewish authors promoting Jewish and Hebrew worship
were included in his Original Bible.
Roman Mithra worship, Satanism and paganism were features, which
were also NOT ALLOWED in Marcion Bible. Marcion used most of the
writings in his Bible that can actually be attributed to the apostle Paul
and only parts of Luke etc. for the same reasons. Marcion is said to have
actually had the original copies of the Apostle Paul’s letters, which we
don’t have today. The originals have been destroyed or were deviously
kept from the eyes of every day people by the POWERS THAT BE.
Hummmmm - under the circumstances that is not surprising. Marcion
used writings of people who actually knew Jesus (Yashua) who had first
hand knowledge of what Jesus (Yashua) taught.
We have to remember that most of the 66 (satanic number) books found
in the Roman Bible have unidentified authors meaning that we don’t
know who they were. Not only that but once copied into the Roman Bible
(Canon) the originals disappeared or were destroyed also. All we have is
a copy of a copy of one of Paul’s writings today.
Back in those days if you wanted to be a writer you would attend a school
that specialized in the writings of people like the Apostle Paul. Once you
finished school and started to write, you would sign Paul’s name to your
writings as a sales gimmick. Signing Paul’s name to a letter was simply a
method of telling the reader that you were a follower of Paul or wrote in
the same manner as Paul wrote. Not all the books attributed to Paul were
actually penned by Paul. The debate about which letters are actually
Paul’s letters is still happening today.
The first thing all of us need to do, in an attempt to strip our Bibles of
these Judah Jewish and Hebrew Israelite gods as well as the satanic and
pagan beliefs it promotes, is to rip out the Old Testament from our Bibles
and all books in the new testament written by Jewish or Hebrew authors
who practiced the Jewish and Hebrew religions and promoted Jewish and
Hebrew laws and beliefs. These authors include Matthew, parts of Luke
and the list goes on.
(A short Story)
Marcion was a man who had a huge following who existed long before
those who compiled the Jewish and Roman Orthodox Catholic and
Christian Bible known as the Roman Bible (Canon) 407A.D. The LATER
Roman Church fathers who were attempting to form the OFFICIAL Jewish
and Roman Orthodox Catholic and Christian religions spoke against
Marcion and attacked him as a person and are still doing it today as a
way of discrediting him. When you go on line to read about Marcion what
you find are link after link that take you to articles that people write who
are still trying to discredit Marcion today and most of the authors of
these articles are Jewish or Roman Orthodox Catholic and Christian
authors who are still trying to prevent the truth about the Bible Canon
from surfacing today. Some of these authors are Sleeping Sheeple who
are themselves being deceived by Jewish and Christian dogma and
beliefs. It is hard to find solid trustworthy data on Marcion for that
Marcion was declared a heretic by the LATER organizers of the Jewish
and Roman Catholic and Christian Church because he refused to create a
a religion and Bible glorifying Satanism, paganism and the gods the
Jewish and Hebrew people worshipped, such as Yahweh (Jehovah)
Ildabaoth the Demiurge who Jesus (Yashua) described as a Lion-faced
reptilian (snake) in the Nag Hammadi Scrolls. Marcion stated that the
teachings and beliefs of the Judah Jews and Hebrew Israelites went
against or ran contrary to what Jesus (Yashua) taught.
About one hundred years after the death and resurrection of Jesus, a
young man from the once-prosperous Black Sea port of Sinope discovered
Paul's letter to the churches in Galatia and was captivated by the apostle's
Gospel of Grace. Marcion had been raised as a Jewish and Roman
Orthodox Catholic Christian. His father was a leader of the local church.
He was required as a child to read the Gospels of Jesus (Yashua) and the
Jewish Scriptures that SUPPOSEDLY foretold the coming of the Jesus
(Yashua). All his life Marcion had been told that Jesus was the real
Messiah, but as he reflected on what Paul wrote to the Galatians.
Christians, he became increasingly troubled. Paul had warned adamantly
against those people and powerful “Elite” leaders who preached the Law
which was practiced by the (Judah Jews and Hebrew Israelites) because
they sought to rob TRUE Christians of their freedom and bring them back
into the bondage of the evil satanic and pagan beliefs practices by the
Judah Jewish and Hebrew Israelite “Elite.” Marcion referred to the
teaching of the Jewish and Hebrew “Elite” and their gospels as different
gospels from what Jesus (Yashua) and his followers used and cursed
them. These preachers of the Law called themselves Jews because they
worshipped the Jewish religion and the evil Jewish and Hebrew gods.
These “Elite” operated their religions out of Judea primarily, while Jesus
(Yashua) “THE NAZARENE” came from a Nazarene Village in northern
Israel, in GALILEE, where he lived and preached a DIFFERENT RELIGION
Followers of Jesus (Yashua) were frightened by these Jewish and Hebrew
“Elite” leaders and hid the shadows. They would tend to follow and
quote them out of fear and because they didn’t know any better and that
included Barnabas and Peter.
It became increasingly clear to Marcion that only Paul understood the
gospels of Jesus (Yashua). Paul was unique in that he had received a
direct revelation from the risen Jesus. It became evident that ONLY Paul
could be trusted; the other apostles were always frightened and tainted
by their Jewish heritage and the Jewish and Hebrew teachings they grew
up with and these beliefs are evident when you read the letters in the
New Testament that were attributed to them.
These followers would take what Jesus (Yashua) taught and try to blend it
in with the old Jewish and Hebrew teachings. Jesus (Yashua) warned
them by saying:
"No one tears a piece from a new garment and puts it on an old garment.
If he does, he will tear the new, and the piece from the new will not match
the old. And no one puts new wine into old wineskins. If he does, the new
wine will burst the skins and it will be spilled, and the skins will be
Marcion understood that the new wine was a reference to Jesus
(Yashua’s) new gospel teachings, where the old wine and wineskins were
a reference to the religion of the Jews and Hebrew Israelites and their
Torah, laws and teachings. What Jesus (Yashua) taught was not a
continuation of the story begun with Abraham; IT WAS AN ENTIRELY
NEW STORY. By relying on Jewish Scriptures, the newly forming group,
calling themselves Christians, were contaminating the teachings of Jesus
(Yashua), making the newly evolving Christian gospels a "different
gospel" from the gospel Jesus (Yashua) taught. To be truly free, Jesus
(Yashua’s) Church and the newly forming Christian Religion had to sever
any connection with Judaism.
Marcion tried to explain the difference between the prophesied coming of
the Jewish and Hebrew Messiah with the identity and coming of Jesus
(Yashua) to his father and other early Christians, but met only rejection.
The Messiah promised in the Hebrew Scriptures bore little resemblance to
Jesus (Yashua). For that matter, to Marcion, the God of the Hebrew
Scriptures seemed something quite different than the loving God who
offered salvation through grace, which was taught by Jesus (Yashua). But
the more Marcion questioned and challenged the accepted beliefs of the
ruling “Elite”, the more impatient his father became.
Once others began to learn of Marcions ideas and accept them, Marcions
father ordered him to be silent. He reportedly told Marcion:
"You are creating divisions with your silly speculations. I am an overseer
of this church, and I cannot have my own son teaching such nonsense.
Either cease and repent or leave Sinope."
Well THAT DIDN’T WORK. Driven by his deep convictions and a passion
for Our Heavenly Father and His Son Jesus (Yashua), Marcion reluctantly
packed his bags and assembled a small entourage for a journey into the
discovery of the real religion which Orthodoxy would one day over
shadow and CHANGE FOREVER. He regretted leaving his home and the
thriving shipping business that had earned him a small fortune at the age
of forty, but these worldly concerns were of little consequence to him
when the future of Our Heavenly Fathers church was at stake.
The biggest problem he faced was where to go. He wanted to meet with
church leaders who would be open enough to listen to him and to
appreciate the validity of his beliefs. He considered Antioch, which was
thought of as the great missionary church that had first sponsored Paul's
missions to the Gentile world. He thought about Ephesus, where Paul had
spent his longest uninterrupted period of teaching. Then their was
Corinth, which was the church Paul seemed the most passionate over but
decided not to go there either. Marcion also considered a more free
society in Athens where all ideas were heard and considered, where free
speech availed. However ultimately Marcion chose Rome, which was the
capital of the empire. Rome was also Paul's final resting place. Marcion
wanted his teachings to gain broad acceptance and Rome, which was the
festering pot of ideas and the people lived who worshipped several
different gods. In Rome the Judah Jewish and Hebrew religions was
barely tolerated and education was valued more than religion. Marcion
believed that he would gain an audience and following there. Rome was
the center of the wheel with spokes that spread out all over the world.
From Rome Marcion could bring about the needed changes that were
necessary in the newly forming Christian religion.
He arrived in Rome in the third year of Emperor Antoninus 140A.D. to
discover that the primary leader of the Roman church, who was Hyginus,
had recently died. His death created a leadership void in the newly
forming Christian movement that Marcion wanted to fill. Marcion saw a
Divine hand in his death and thought that he might ascend into the
Roman Episcopal leadership there. As a leader he could engineer and
eradicate the Jewish influence in this newly forming Christian movement.
To demonstrate his commitment to the Roman church, he donated a
sizeable portion of his fortune to this movement, which was two hundred
thousand sesterces, an amount equal to the daily wage of fifty thousand
unskilled laborers. Marcion was optimistic and confident that he had
what was necessary to DO THE JOB AND DO IT WLL. He knew there
would be opposition from the Jewish element in the newly forming
Christian Church movement, as a matter of fact he was so sure of his
mission that he boasted his opinion to at least one Roman religions
leader saying that he would:
"divide your Church and cause within her division, which will last
During his four years in Rome, Marcion became increasingly frustrated by
the lack of a stable organized religious structure. The newly forming
Christian movement was made up of various splinter groups that were
spread out all over the Roman Empire. Each group had it’s own
individual leader. It was impossible to identify a citywide leader of the
church. Unlike Sinope, where the entire church was one organization,
there were dozens of Christian groups meeting in homes and apartments
across the huge city. He met several times with Pius, an overseer of the
largest congregation, but Pius rejected him. For a time, he befriended a
man named Hermas, who shared his concern over the lack of a coherent
church structure but disagreed as to the why it was happening. Hermas
viewed the moral corruption in the church as the primary threat to the
church. The Judah Jews and Hebrew Israelites were promoting their
messiah (Christos), which was obviously a different entity than Jesus
(Yashua) (Chrestos). The Jews did not consider Jesus (Yashua) (Chrestos)
to be their messiah.
Hermas made this statement:
"The church must be like a white tower composed of stones of such
purity that the tower itself becomes as a single stone,"
But regardless of the stones, the tower will fall if the foundation is
faulty." The foundation of the church is Christos Himself, how can there
be any fault in Him?"
Marcion disagreed and said:
"It is not Christos - the Jewish Messiah - who is the foundation, but
Chrestos, the Holy One of God.”
The church is infected with the virus which their was no cure for and that
virus was the Hebrew Scriptures that was being blended into the newly
forming Christian movement. Marcion stated:
“The religion of Chrestos is new wine, and it can't be held in the old
Hermas was a promoter of Jewish and Hebrew Scriptures and because of
the he stated:
"I don't know what you're talking about, Marcion. I think perhaps you are
a broken stone lying on the ground." He rose and walked away, shaking
his head and mumbling.
Marcion also believed that woman should have their rightful role in the
newly forming Christian movement, as did Jesus (Yashua) where male
dominance was the rule of law practiced by all Jewish and Hebrew
religious leaders since the creation of the Jewish and Hebrew religions.
One of the most significant associations Marcion had in Rome was with
Cerdon, a teacher from Syria who had, like Marcion, traveled to Rome to
promote his views. Roman Christians viewed Cerdon, as interesting and
as a curious personality. Cerdon taught about two creating gods - ONE
GOOD, ONE BAD. The bad one was described by Jesus (Yashua) in the
Nag Hammadi Scrolls as a lion-faced reptilian entity know as Yahweh
Ildabaoth the Demiurge (Jehovah YHWH) who was worshipped by the
Judah Jews as god. To Cerdon, the evil nature of the Demiurge was selfevident
to anyone who took the time to look around at the world and see
the horrors he had created. Cerdon had an elaborate cosmology (list of
who came first) of deities. In Cerdon's elaborate cosmology, the Demiurge
was only an emanation of the perfect Good God, but like the product of a
sloppy copyist, he was full of flaws, which were self-evident. Cerdon
claimed that salvation came through the knowledge of who this evil god
imposter was. Cerdon claimed that simply knowing who this evil god was
freed the soul from the control of the Demiurge.
Pictured in the drawing above you see Marcion (left) with John (right).
Marcion is said to be bringing Scriptures to John from the Pontic
Like Cerdon, Marcion also believed that the inconsistent and evil nature
of Yahweh Ildabaoth the Demiurge (Jehovah) was obvious.
For an example; in the Hebrew Scriptures, the Jewish god Yahweh
Ildabaoth the Demiurge (Jehovah YHWH) had to ask Adam where he was
(Genesis 3:9), where Jesus, with his God given abilitities, could perceive
human thoughts utilizing some form of mental telepathic which in abled
him to know the answers he wanted he didn’t have to ask. (Luke 5:22).
Yahweh Ildabaoth the Demiurge (Jehovah YHWH) taught his people the
concept of "an eye for an eye" in (Exodus 21:24), where Jesus taught his
followers that the abusing of, or killing and eating of any humans,
animals, birds, reptiles etc., on earth was against the original laws of Our
Heavenly Father and his intent was to create a community on earth that
was based on brotherly love not war where mankind needs to practice
more of the "turn the other cheek" idea on a daily basis (Luke 6:29).
Yahweh Ildabaoth the Demiurge (Jehovah YHWH) demanded isolation
from woman who were menstruating (Leviticus 15:19,25), menstruating
woman were considered to be unclean by the Judah Jewish and Hebrew
Israel “Elite,” while Jesus healed a menstruating woman in (Luke 8:43-44).
Yahweh Ildabaoth the Demiurge (Jehovah YHWH) promoted divorce
(Deuteronomy 24:1), where Jesus condemned it (Matthew 19:8).
Yahweh Ildabaoth the Demiurge (Jehovah YHWH) created both good and
evil (Isaiah 45:7), but according to Jesus (Yashua) Our Heavenly Father
had "no darkness at all" that his original creation on earth was good (1
John 1:5).
Yahweh Ildabaoth the Demiurge (Jehovah YHWH) was a jealous entity
(Exodus 20:5), but Our Heavenly Father promoted love and "knew no
jealousy" (1 Corinthians 13:4).
Yahweh Ildabaoth the Demiurge (Jehovah YHWH) is an evil, threatening
and unforgiving entity (Exodus 20:5), where Jesus (Yashua) instructed his
followers to forgive "seventy times seven" (Matthew 18:22-23) which is
the way we are to treat people who sin against us. Paul taught that
“Loves bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things and endures
all things.” Jesus (Yashua) taught his followers that their was power in
love and unseen power which was a form of protection against the DARK
SIDE. Yahweh Ildabaoth the Demiurge (Jehovah YHWH) was obviously
not the Father God Jesus (Yashua) came into the world to introduce.
Marcion accepted that the Hebrew Scriptures as the literal truth of
Yahweh Ildabaoth the Demiurge only and understood that it was this evil
god that the Judah Jews and Hebrew Israelites worshipped, however their
truths were very different truth from what Jesus (Yashua) taught. He also
saw some good in Yahweh Ildabaoth the Demiurge, so he didn't view as
entirely "evil." What he saw in Yahweh Ildabaoth the Demiurge (Jehovah
YHWH) was inconsistent justice that was contradictory to what Jesus
(Yashua) taught.
Marcion spent a great deal of time pouring over his personal copies of
Christian writers, in his day, in order to compile the Original Bible and in
the process became a recluse at times. His Pontic companions worried
that he was deathly ill, since he barely slept or ate when he was
researching, but he emerged from one of these periods with a completed
book he called the Antithesis in which he painstakingly catalogued the
OBVIOUS differences between Yahweh Ildabaoth the Demiurge (Jehovah
YHWH) and Our Heavenly Father. He concluded that Yahweh Ildabaoth
the Demiurge (Jehovah YHWH) was nothing more than the Jew's tribal
god, while the God spoken of by Jesus (Yashua) was really unknown to
mankind when Jesus (Yashua) CAME TO TOWN. Marcion was not the only
one who described Yahweh Ildabaoth the Demiurge (Jehovah YHWH) as a
tribal god specifically associated with the Judah Jews.
To Marcion Yahweh Ildabaoth the Demiurge (Jehovah YHWH) was a slavemaster,
enacting very unfair laws and then punishing any Judah Jew who
failed to comply with them.
According to the writings of the followers of Jesus (Yashua) he did not
die on the cross to save people from sin, which was not the fault of
mankind anyway, but to keep mankind from the bondage of Yahweh
Ildabaoth the Demiurge and the evil gods the Hebrew Israelites also
worshipped in Northern Israel, which I am not covering in this article.
How his death accomplished that we don’t know. However, these evil
gods did seem to leave the surface of our three dimensional world to
remain primarily underground and in other dimensions, where at one
time they trafficked openly on the surface of our planet.
In the summer of 144A.D., Marcion addressed a group of Roman elders
and teachers he had invited to visit with him under the pretense that he
was going to be discussing the wineskin passage found Luke 5:36-38. It
didn't take his guests long to recognize that their host had no interest in
dialogue over the wineskins but instead his actual intent was to introduce
the idea of two gods to his guests and then engage in dialogue. His
guests were not happy and responded in a variety of ways, most of which
were negative. They claimed that what was Marcion was attempting to
teach was the same thing Cerdon taught which was Blasphemy. They
said things like:
"What you are teaching is nothing new.
“That's what Cerdon teaches,"
What you are teaching is “Blasphemy!"
"The apostles clearly teach that Jesus is the son of the Creator"
"Small wonder your father ex-communicated you,"
“What you preach is dangerous."
"The Romans begrudgingly respect the Jews because of the antiquity of
their religion, and we enjoy a modicum of protection by claiming descent
from them. If you remove the association, we'll become something
Romans abhor - novel.”
“It'll be open season on the church.”
“Nero's persecutions will look like a child's game by comparison" to what
Christians will go through.”
Marcion could understand the persecution the newly evolving Christian
Church would go through, but he didn't care. To Marcion “Truth was
Truth,” regardless of the consequences. Marcion was bitterly
disappointed that the Roman church failed to fulfill his expectation of a
friendly reception. He had hoped to gain the Roman Episcopal leadership
position where he could send missionaries across the Mediterranean
world to spread the true gospel, but he now realized he would have to do
it himself. Marcion then went to Pius, who was the closest thing he could
find to a leader of the church, and announced his intentions to leave.
According to the records we have Pius told Marcion:
"That may be for the best," Pius said with a shrug. "Under the
circumstances, I think I should return your donation to the church. If
you'll send your representative tomorrow, I will have it ready for you."
Marcion left Rome two days later by boarding one of his own ships at the
port of Ostia. The previous donation he had given in support of his cause
now looked like a bribe but he now needed that money to support his
evangelistic plans.
Marcion realize that one reason the Judah Jews and Hebrew Israelites had
gained such a strong position in Israel was because they had a written
record of their convoluted history known as the Hebrew Scriptures (Bible)
aka (Old Testament). These Hebrew Scriptures did not prophesy the
coming of Jesus (Yashua), instead the prophesied a Jewish or Hebrew
Messiah, however they did provided documentation of their history,
which the newly forming Christian Church did not have as yet. Marcion
believed that it would benefit his newly forming church to have its own
body of writings, ones that would be authoritative in determining its
beliefs and practices. During his Mediterranean voyage, while his ship
was sailing south along the Italian peninsula, he returned to his collection
of Christian documents. The first thing Marcion did was to reject the
gospels of both Matthew and John immediately. Marcion could clearly see
that Matthew's account was clearly filled with the Jewish attitudes and
beliefs. Marcion noticed that both were penned by Jewish authors that
either misunderstood Jesus (Yashuas) teachings and mission or simply
doctored Matthew with the Judah Jewish or Hebrew Israelite beliefs and
dogma. Marcion then wrote the Evangelicon in which he chose Luke's
account, primarily because Luke was both a Gentile and an associate of
Marcions hero, the Apostle Paul.
When Marcion reviewed Luke's Gospel, he recognized that Jewish-
Christian copyists must have inserted the Judeo centric material found in
it, so he simply removed it. Once you read the version of Luke you find
in the New Testament today, which still has the Judeo centric beliefs in it,
you will notice the Jewish paganism that was slipped into because the
Jewish and Roman Orthodox Catholic and Christian founders wanted it in
The birth story at the beginning of Likes Gospel, which is considered by
the Jewish and Roman Orthodox Catholic and Christian to be the official
accepted gospel today, obviously had to go according to Marcion, since
Jesus (Yashua could not have had a physical body that was the product of
the cloning of Yahweh Ildabaoth the Demiurge (Jehovah’s YHWH) or an
illusive angel engaged in the same tyranny. Also according to the
followers of Jesus (Yashua) both Mary and Joseph were the biological
parents of Jesus (Yashua).
Jesus was not a Judah Jew or a Hebrew Israelite nor did he have the same
bloodline. Jesus (Yashua) was a Nazarene. The Nazarene’s were a
Scandinavian tribe who lived in northern Israel in what was called Galilee
then. Judah Jewish and Hebrew Israelite bloodlines were very different.
The Nazarene bloodline was a holy and sacred bloodline that went back
to the original creation of mankind. The Nazarene’s had special gifts and
talents other people did not have.
Other issues that had to be removed from the New Testament Marcion
was compiling were references to woman. Marcion believed woman
should have a honored place in the church as did Jesus (Yashua) yet the
Judah Jews and Hebrew Israelites and Roman authorities declared woman
second class citizens almost akin to slaves. They considered
menstruating woman unclean while Jesus healed a menstruating woman
in (Luke 8:43-44).
The initial reference to the Jewish John the Baptist was expunged by
Marcion also, as was the genealogy of Jesus, which Paul also claimed was
a false genealogy. He also removed Luke’s reference to Jesus (Yashua’s)
temptation by the Devil. His Evangelicon began with:
In the fifteenth year of Tiberius Caesar when Pontius Pilate was the
governor of Judea, Jesus (Yashua) and John the Baptist traveled to
Capernaum, which was a city in Galilee in Northern Israel, where John
was teaching and baptizing. In this letter the doctrines Jesus (Yashua)
taught astonished his listeners.

He describes what Jesus (Yashua) taught this way:
"Oh wonder over wonder, at once rapture, potency and astonishment,
good news that leaves one speechless, not rightly able to fully
comprehend, nor capable of drawing comparisons with anything know."
Then Marcion wrote the Apostolikon, which included ten of the Pauline
letters. He did not include (1 Timothy, 2 Timothy, and Titus), which had
also been altered by the scriptwriters. Galatians, in Marcions view, was
the most important book of the Apostolikon since it contained both an
unequivocal pro-faith, pro-grace, anti-law statement (2:16) and a
thorough excoriation of the role of Jewish practices, which included
practices such as circumcision, feasts, bloody animal sacrifices etc. Even
in Galatians, however, he had to make a few corrections, which were
added by the script writers, copyists or copy pasters, etc. 1:4-5 This
added data had to go because they indicated Jesus died for the
forgiveness of sins rather than his attempt to rescue humanity from the
control of Yahweh Ildabaoth the Demiurge (Jehovah YHWH) and the
other gods. Paul's testimony of his own Jewish roots (1:13-14) was also
an obvious Jewish addition, as was the comparison between Peter's
mission to the Jews and Paul's to the Gentiles in 2:8.
Throughout the voyage, Marcion practiced his editorial skills, eliminating
the Judah Jewish and Hebrew Israelites centered additions and
occasionally restoring words that had obviously been left out in the
copied versions. He added very brief introductions to each book17, and by
the time his ship docked at Seleucia, he had his documentation, which
were the Scriptures he knew would be familiar to Christian movement of
Jesus (Yashua’s) followers, that would also thoroughly validate his
teachings. Marcion decided to begin his missionary activities in Antioch.
His intent was not to establish a new church, but to restore what Paul had
originally accomplished before Judaizers contaminated it. As he entered
the city, he was filled with confidence, anticipation and evangelical fervor.
With the truth, validated by Paul's original words, he had no doubts he
would be successful in his mission.
From the beginning, he determined that the churches he restored would
not suffer from the kind of moral laxity Hermas saw in the Roman church
where strict discipline was expected of his church members.
In this false Christian Churches, procreation was designed to served the
purposes of Yahweh Ildabaoth the Demiurge (Jehovah YHWH) and all
sexual relations, including marriage were forbidden by ordinary
people. Only the sexually pure (virgins) could be baptized, and married
members renounced their vows and lived separately.
Let’s stay with this thought for a moment:
Why was procreation to serve only the purpose of Yahweh Ildabaoth
the Demiurge and the answer is that Yahweh Ildabaoth the Demiurge
bred with woman to create his own hybrid royal bloodline. This same
thing happened in Northern Israel where the woman were raped and
bred to create the royal hybrid Nordic Aryan Alien “Fallen Elohim
Watchers”’ bloodlines. Many of these sexual lesions resulted in the
birth of the evil giants. The hybrid bloodlines of the Judah Jews
would live on to create the formation of the Jewish and Roman
Orthodox Catholic and Christian Church, where the hybrid bloodline
of the Nordic Aryan Alien “Fallen Elohim Watchers” would live on to
create the evil bloodlines that rule our world today who are bring us
Jesus (Yashua) described the Jewish and Roman Orthodox Catholic and
Christian Church as the “Scarlet Woman,” and the “Elite” bloodlines
that are bringing in the New World Order as the “Beast System.”
In prophecy the “Scarlet Woman and Beast” associated with each other.
The “Scarlet Woman” is actually riding the beast.
The false Roman Church also regimented Jewish fasting practices that
were not practiced by Jesus (Yashua) Nazarenes.
Unlike the Judah Jewish and Hebrew Israelite teachings, in the original
Christian church structure of the Nazarene movements, women served in
positions of relative authority that was similar in nature to the
"Orthodox" MEN ONLY structure where the church incorporated the
bishops, presbyters, deacons etc.
Marcionites were just as committed to their religious beliefs and
practices as their Jewish and Roman Orthodox Catholic and Christian
brethren were.
In his Church History, Eusebius Pamphilius, reports numerous
Marcionites who suffered martyrdom for their beliefs. The Jewish and
Roman Orthodox Catholic and Christian Church movement is responsible
for the murder of millions upon millions of people through out history.
To DO YOU HOMEWORK on the subject start with the Inquisitions.
In just six short years after Marcion left Rome, the number of those
referring to themselves, as Marcionites equaled that of other Christian
groups. Marcion succeeded in establishing his restored Pauline churches
in virtually every city, and unlike later Gnostic sects, they did not meet
with those groups promoting Jewish beliefs. As a matter of fact
Marcionism became the first real separate denomination of the
Jewish/Christian movement. Marcions startlingly success and the rapid
growth of Marcionism was mentioned in a comment made by Justin
Martyr in about 150, who was not at all happy with the Marcionite
"(T)here is Marcion, a man of Pontus, who is even at this day alive, and
teaching his disciples to believe in some other god greater than the
Creator. And he, by the aid of the devils, has caused many of every
nation to speak blasphemies..." (Apology 26, Roberts-Donaldson
translation at, emphasis added)
Justin didn't consider Marcionites to be genuine Jewish Roman
Christians, which THEY WERE NOT. Marcionism continued to thrive well
into the fourth century. Unfortunately early Jewish and Roman Orthodox
Catholic and Christian leaders attacked Marcion from every direction
trying to discredit him and the original Bible he compiled. In 155A.D.
Polycarp, declared him the “first-born of Satan”. They threw everything
at him but the kitchen sink in order to discredit him and are still doing it
In about 176A.D. (probably after Marcions death), Irenaeus mentioned
Marcion repeatedly in the volumes he wrote Against Heresies." Tertullian
wrote a five-volume document Against Marcion in 207A.D. Hippolytus'
attacked Marcion and his religion in the Refutation of All Heresies in
about 220A.D. Then in the fourth century Epiphanius' attacked Marcion
and his Bible again in his Panarion and the list goes on.
Today these same Jewish and Roman Orthodox Catholic and Christian
writers are still attacking and attempting to discredit Marcion and his
work. Stay away from these people online or at least realize that these
DEBUNKERS take up most of the links you can click into in your
Goggle Search’s as you seek to Goggle information regarding Marcion.
Buyer Beware
The untold attacks against Marcion and his Bible are a testament to the
appeal of Marcions message and his Bible. Unfortunately without
Marcion the sects of Marcionites died, however they did managed to
persist in isolated areas until the 6th century.
MARCION WAS NOT A GNOSTIC, as some neo-Gnostics claim. There were
many differences. The most important difference in their beliefs is that
Marcion was a firm believer in the fact that salvation came only through
the grace of God, while Gnostics taught that (self) knowledge (gnosis) was
the path to salvation. Radical Gnosticism is akin to the New Age religion
of today. Again be careful online, not all people who were considered to
be Gnostic were evil, Jesus (Yashua) and his followers could be
considered to be Gnostic as well. Buyer Beware.
Some would have considered Marcion a protestant today.
In the picture above Martin Luther is defending Marcions position to the
religious leaders at the Diet of Worms in 1521.
Some might consider Marcion to be a precursor to Martin Luther. They
both had a lot in common. Both boldly challenged the status quo
because of their deeply held convictions against the satanic and pagan
influences of the Jewish and Roman Orthodox Catholic and Christian
Church founders. Both initially sought to reform the church, not start a
new one. Both received exhaustive angry belittling attacks and responses
from the ruling “ELITE”. Most importantly, both championed the
fundamental biblical truth of salvation through the grace of our Heavenly
The letters that eventually found their way into the Jewish and Roman
Orthodox Catholic and Christian New Testament had been floating
around in circles for quite some time. Marcions Bible was the first canon
to be compiled into a New Testament. His Bible first appeared some time
around 145 A.D. Nearly four decades earlier, Polycarp wrote a letter to
the church at Philippi and in that letter he quoted or referred to eighteen
of the twenty seven (67%) letters which eventually found their way into
the Jewish and Roman Orthodox Catholic and Christian New Testament.
By that time however, Judaizers had doctored them.
As a matter of fact the vast majority of what were considered to be the
Christian writings today, were already recognized years before Marcions
Bible came into print. However some of them clearly appear to have been
written by unknown authors such as 2 Peter, Jude, 3 John, James, and
Revelation and they remained disputed for another two hundred years!
In the fourth Century, Eusebius stated:
"Of the disputed books, which are nevertheless familiar to the majority,
there are extant the Epistle of James, as it is called; and that of Jude; and
the second Epistle of Peter; and those that are called the Second and
Third of John, whether they belong to the evangelist or to another of the
same name" (III.25,3).
It is not until 367A.D, which is more than two hundred years after
Marcion compiled his Bible that Athanasius of Alexandria introduces a
complete list of ACCEPTED canonical books in the (39th Festal Letter).
Works like the Epistle of Barnabas and the Apocalypse of Peter found their
way into "official" Jewish and Roman Orthodox Catholic and Christian
Bibles as well. The FORMAL ADOPTION of the canon by the Jewish and
Roman Orthodox Catholic and Christian Church organizers did not
happen until the second council of Carthage in 419A.D., nearly 300 years
after Marcions New Testament was compiled.
An important piece of information for you readers is that Paul was
accepted into the Jewish and Roman Orthodox Catholic and Christian
canon because of Marcion. Once accepted nearly every extant early
Christian document quotes from the Pauline writings and treats him with
the deepest respect. Even within the Jewish and Roman Orthodox
Catholic and Christian Canon, Peter refers to Paul as his "beloved
brother" and his letters as Scripture (2 Peter 3:15-16), could that
statement be why some skeptics often challenge the authenticity of 2
Peter. Skeptics who do not want TRUTH TO PREVAIL IN THE END.
In Clements writings to Paul’s Corinthian church that he wrote on behalf
of the Jewish and Roman Orthodox Catholic and Christian Church, late in
the first century, Clement quoted from (Titus, 1 Corinthians, Hebrews
and Philippians). In his seven authentic letters written about 107A.D.,
Ignatius of Antioch also quoted from Romans, 1 Corinthians, Ephesians,
Colossians, and 1 Thessalonians. Polycarp in 108A.D. quoted from every
Pauline letter except Colossians, Titus, and Philemon. Paul's letters were
widely distributed and quoted long before Marcion compiled them into
the first New Testament, which is impressive. Sadly by the time the
Jewish and Roman Orthodox Catholic and Christian Canon became a
FORMALLY ACCEPTED DOCUMENT in 419A.D., Marcionism was in
decline, particularly in the west. The fact that Marcion had removed the
added Jewish comments, written in by scribes and people with hidden
agenda’s didn’t help because the New Jewish and Roman Orthodox
Catholic and Christian religionists wanted the Jewish misinformation,
disinformation and lies in the OFFICAL CANON. It was because of this
that the evil founders of the Jewish and Roman Orthodox Catholic and
Christian movement (Marcions opponents) would not consider Marcions
New Testament authoritative.
Marcion had access to original copies of Pauline letters where these
original copies were destroyed or hidden away by the later organizers of
the Jewish and Roman Orthodox and Christian Church. Today all we
have is a copy of a copy of one of Paul’s letters. The Roman Empire rerouted
the road that lead into and out of Sinope where Marcion was from
originally so one of the snide comments made by Marcions enemies and
“Why would anyone think someone in Sinope would have more reliable
copies of Romans, 1-2 Corinthians, Ephesians, Philippians, or 1-2
Thessalonians” then those found in Rome. Among the recipients of
Pauline letters, only Galatia was relatively close to Pontus where Sinope
was not. There is no reasonable basis on which to suppose Marcion had
original copies of Pauline letters when others did not.”
Yet it is very likely the originals were floating around back in Marcions
Marcions impact on Church History was largely very positive"
Marcions religion and New Testament was the closest to the organic faith
that Christ (Yashua) preached.
It would be inappropriate to blame Marcion for the errors of others.
Ultimately, too much of the story of the church from the second century
forward, includes the all-too-familiar worship of evil gods Satanism,
paganism and the human struggle for power, which is exactly what Jesus
(Yashua) taught some 2000 years ago. We need to be reminded time and
again that Jesus (Yashua’s) ministry was directed at those who had been
back stabbed and made to feel like second class citizens by the
institutional religion of the Judah Jews, Hebrew Israelites and Rome at
the time.
From the moment of Jesus (Yashua’s) birth, WHICH WAS NOT
“ELITE”, the knowledge of his birth was given to shepherds. To the meek
who would one day inherit the earth and regain their divine right to rule.
Too many forgot that today.
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