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The picture above on the left is an illustration of a devise used in artificial insemination in ancient times known as a crosier. Carved versions were carried as staffs by the Jewish and Roman Orthodox and Catholic Church’s to imply the hybrid bloodline connections.

The picture above on the right is an example of what a human hybrid with red hair would look like who had both human and Neanderthal DNA.

This is a picture of a reconstruction of a Neanderthal child from Gibraltar (Anthropological Institute, University of Z├╝rich).

We have been offered the opinion from a select group of accepted scientist that mankind is an evolved human hybrid. These accepted group of scientists claim that early humans mated with primates or evolved from them SOMEHOW. The process has always been left out of their opinions. The example of the primate who was involved in the mating or cloning process is a primate they refer to as Lucy. Scientists also say the red hair gene was not a human gene that it came from the Neanderthal.

Now this same select group of scientists also claims that this mating or cloning was done through INTELLIGENT DESIGN, but forget to name the INTELLIGENT DESIGNERS. We are left to assume that the INTELLIGENT DESIGNERS WERE SOME HOW GOD. I DON’T THINK SO. We now know who they are. They have a record for cloning human beings with reptiles, birds, primates etc., and used their DNA in the process. Today we have a group of people, who are promoting the “Alien Agenda” are wrongly referring to these INTELLIGENT DESIGNERS as Aliens.

This is a picture of the ancient map showing the location for the Island known as Hyperborea in what is not the North Pole region.


Long before the African Eves and the Indian Adams were cloned by these evil entities, our real human ancestors lived in an island paradise known as Hyperborea. Most ancient people knew about the origins of the human race however this knowledge has been SWEPT UNDER THE RUG. Hummmmm!

All though the stories vary as to the exact nature of the first human beings depending on which group you listen to they are basically making very similar claims.

These stories include very illusive details probably because early humans did not understand the scientific process involved in human genetics.

According to all of these groups, the first race of mankind were known, by as ethercial beings that had no physical substance. They lived in a time on earth referred to as the “Golden Age.” As time passed they were given bodies similar to ours today only in a much more perfect form. Humanity has actually been devolving not evolving. Michael Cremo has actually written books regarding how old original man really is. I have one of his books entitled “Forbidden Archeology” and I suggest you visit his site for details of his findings:

Some people refer to this group of ethercial people as the Adam Solars until they were given physical bodies after which they became known as the Satya Yuga.

This story is very similar to the one Christians have heard about where mankind was a creation of the “Watchers” led by the soul entity Jesus (Yashua) Christ. To find this story you can type the “Sophia Pistis” story into your Goggle. Once you do this you will find various interpretations of the story. This story is said to have been taught by Jesus (Yashua) to his followers. In this story the collective creative forces of Our Heavenly Father, known as the ‘WATCHERS,” who were lead by Jesus (Yashua) Christ, created the first human beings.


We refer to these entities today using various names who I collectively refer to as the NORDIC ARYAN ALIEN “FALLEN ELOHIM WATCHERS.”

Here are links to some these stories on line. The first link takes you to may article on DNA MANIPULATION OF THE HUMAN RACE BY THE EVIL GODS:

In the Adam Solars version of the story, we are taught that the first ethercial humans in their astral form were the descendents of their lunar ancestors, the seven Pistris, who reigned over them up to the Third Race or earth generation. These previous earth generations have come and gone and we are now living in the 5-6-earth generation depending one which group is writing about them.

Whichever version of the story you read about, both groups were associated with the Sacred Island of Hyperborea. Not only was this sacred island the home of original man but also legends tell us that it will be the home of the last mortals who survive the “End Times,” which is reported to be the end of this current earth generation.

Some people believe that Genesis Chapter 1 is the account of this original people groups Jesus (Yashua) Christ is referring to in the Sophia Pistis story, while the New Age groups and those promoting the “Alien Agenda” version think Genesis Chapter 1 is the story of when the FALLEN WATCHERS known as the “NORDIC ARYAN ALIEN “FALLEN ELOHIM WATCHERS, created their human hybrids.

The Jewish and Roman Orthodox Catholic and Christian Church founders were very cleaver not to separate out these creations stories and blend them together as one making the evil Yahweh (Jehovah) Ildabaoth the Demiurge the god of both creation stories. The church’s deliberately mislead us into the true identity of this evil god who Jesus (Yashua) Christ described as a lion-faced reptilian or snake in the Nag Hammadi Scrolls.


Keep in mind that these two separate versions of the creation story involving the Hyperborean legend, actually include both stories. This happens because both groups are represented as separate people groups who lived in Hyperborea. The story in the Hyperborean regions starts with the people group created by Jesus (Yashua) and the WATCHERS, who became our first Scandinavian ancestors. Now before you get your feathers in a fRENZY here, all of our ancestors and our DNA come from that people group. It doesn’t matter what skin color you wear today, YOU HAVE SCANDINAVIAN DNA FROM ALL OF OUR ORIGINAL PREHISTORIC ANCESTORS. This is apparently what Jesus (Yashua) meant when he said that “All men are brothers.”

Hyperborean legends tell us that humanity was sailing along as it should be when these evil gods (NORDIC ARYAN ALIEN “FALLEN ELOHIM WATCHERS” and “YAHWEH ILDABAOTH THE DEMIURGE) entered the island region and started to mingle (rape and clone) hybrid races from this original race of people living there. These evil gods created hybrid races through cloning who came to be known as the Adams (Indians) and the Eves (Black Races). Some people refer to the Adams as Jod and the Eves as Heva.

The cloning is said to have taken place inside the earth in an area ancients called Agharta. The legends of Adam and Eve tell us that this second hybrid people group were forced to leave Agharta. The Old Testament Bible Story is very similar as is the story found in the Koran. Adam and Eve were forced to come up out of Agharta onto the surface of the earth where they live today, while their hybrid son Cain was left to wander inside the earth and a place called Nod. Cain is said to have had red hair, which indicates that part of the DNA used to clone Cains bloodline came from the Neanderthal. Esau was also red and hairy, so as the line progresses in history they become the red hair and hairy people of the world. These red haired bloodlines separated as time passed,

One group described primarily as the Turks, migrated into Southern Russia, which was called Medo-Persia in the Old Testament. They became known as the Ashkenazim Jews who migrated into Europe over the Caucasus and Carpathian mountain ranges into places like Germany. Hitler was an Ashkenazim Jew. They became known by many names such as the Aryan Race, the Scythians, and the White Jews etc. The Old Testament is filled with the activities of these Ashkenazim Jews when they were referred to as the Pharisees, Scribes, Levites, etc. They were the founders of a banking system known today as the Federal Reserve Bank and are known as the Illuminati groups, the Bilderbergs, the Council of Foreign Relations, the Skull and Bones members, the Freemasons and the list goes one. They consider themselves to be the GLOBAL ELITE who are bringing humanity into a new form of Nazism known as the NEW WORLD ORDER.

The second group migrated into Europe by way of the “Sea Route” with the aid of the Phoenicians aka Sea People, that we associated with the part of earth that was then known as Atlantis. This second group migrated into Scotland, Ireland and the British Isles and later became the “BLUE BLOODS” of Europe.

According to records such as the Koran, the Adams (Indian races) were flown all over the world on flying ships (UFO’s) where they begin to populate the regions they were taken to. They were flown out from a point in East Asia around the Gobi Desert and the Himalayan Mountain Region. The Eves (Black skinned people) were taken first to Saudi Arabia and then to Africa. A short illusive convoluted version of this creation story can be found in Genesis Chapter 2.

The group who had mingled with the gods on the surface in Hyperborea became the American Indians primarily and were forced to leave as a result of the evil pagan and satanic corruption they engaged in with these evil gods. As time passed the Hyperborean region was known as the “Lands of the gods.” They were evil giant entities. The Greeks referred to one of these gods as Apollo because Hyperborea was his favorite home. He was referred to as the “god of light.” Hummmm, these gods sound very much like the Nordic Aryan Alien “Fallen Elohim Watchers” who the Hebrew Israelites worshipped under many names such as “The ELohim.” Very similar in nature to the “Light Beings” of today and the “Angels of Light” Jesus (Yashua) warned humanity about who were associated with Satan who is known to fool people of his evil nature by shape shifting into an “Angel of Light.”

These light beings appeared to the human race before the end of each previous earth age and the global cataclysm that followed. These evil gods played the leading roles in the destruction of the previous human races and the hideous hybrids that were destroyed during these cataclysms.

Buyer Beware of the “Light Beings.”

Below are pictures from the Apollo 8 and 16 shoots of the North Pole Hyperborean region, where you can see the opening and the cloud cover. This area is called the “NO FLY ZONE” because commercial and private airlines are not allowed to fly over this area for NATIONAL SECURITY REASONS???? Nor to we see a good shot of this area on weather maps or on the spinning globe maps. These pictures may not load for you in this article so I have created links below for you to go to so that you can find them.

Some of the pictures below can be found on Mary’s Site at Burlington News:

Unfortunately these pictures do not want to load in the body of the E-mails so I will send a copy as a pdf attachment with the pictures and create links to the pictures below so that you can open them yourselves.



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  1. Here is you latest writings my friend. I'll TRY to post the pictures also. Our two computer systems are almost incompatible.

  2. Thank you for your work. We are to test things to see if they are in fact true.

    1. Here are a few things to consider if you need a sign.
    1 CORINTHIAN'S 1 :22
    2. Science has linked the Rh- blood to the ancient Israelite's
    There are 10 lost tribes of Israel.
    3. Rh -blood types we should only eat certain foods.
    Law's given to Moses say his people should only eat certain foods.
    4. When. Rh- mate with other blood types there children can die.
    Mose's told his people not to do this.
    5. 0- can donate blood to all other group's
    Jesus gave his blood for everyone.
    6. Rh- don't have monkey blood
    Jesus came from a pure blood line
    7. Lack of knowledge puts our children at risk of dying.
    Jesus said my people die for the lack of knowledge

    My question to all who are researching is this
    Have you read the letter your father sent you called The Bible?
    If you were born over 200 hundred years ago King James is good
    If not a suggestion would be a more modern version such as
    The Message Bible.
    Salvation is a free gift. Repent time is short! let him who is without
    sin cast the first stone. Love to all