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27 June 2009
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At the dawn of life, all of our original ancestors lived in Hyperborea;
this is one of those BEST KEPT SECRETS humanity is not supposed to
know about. Most of humanity today is taught about the hybrid
migrational pattern of the human race that is associated with Africa
and the primate Lucy ONLY. That evolutionary race takes us to a dark
period in human history shrouded in mystery that involves the
cloning of a human beings with primates where the so called MISSING
LINK IS STILL MISSING. (I do not think the missing link is missing
anymore I think these intelligent designers are evil and are what we
wrongly call aliens today).
So I am going to take you on a short trip back in time to a much earlier
race that is associated with Hyperborea and places like Central Asia
where the race of Adams and Eves came from.
Hyperborea was a landmass that can be found today at the North Pole.
These original human beings who were living in Hyperborea were
living in an area of the world that was at one time a tropical paradise
before the earth flipped on it’s side placing the lands which once sat
close to the equator to the location they are in today which is at the
north and south pole. Ancient records refer to this tropical area as the
“Garden.” History, geology, archeology etc., records more than one of
these geographical earth flips in the past.
The original human beings, living in Hyperborea split up into two
separate groups before they migrated out the “Garden”. When these
two groups left Hyperborea they took different paths into a world.
The world was a very different world from the one we live in today.
The first bloodline group to leave Hyperborea was a hybrid race. This
hybrid people group was forced out from inside the earth where they
had mingled with the gods. It is obvious once you DO YOUR
HOMEWORK that these gods were the various entities we wrongly
refer to today as “Aliens” today. I refer to them as the Nordic Aryan
Alien “Fallen Elohim Watchers.” The Bible refers to this hybrid group
as Cain’s bloodline. The Old Testament states that Adam and Eve were
forced up out of the Garden, which also seems to associate them with
Agharta, a land inside our earth, which has an opening in Hyperborea,
Central Asia, the South Pole and at various other locations through out
the world.
The “Tribe of Cain” kept their bloodline separate originally however as
time passed these tribes inner bred or married and became known in
history as the Turkish, Levites, Semites, Pharisees, Scribes, etc., people
who settled in southern Russia where they bred with the Scandinavian
populations, long before Jesus (Yashua) was born. The “Tribe of Cain”
was one of the first hybrid bloodlines that were forced to leave
The second people group to leave Hyperborea were a Scandinavian
race. They were actually a pure bloodline or people group who left
due to climate change at the coming of the last ice age. The Nazarene
tribe Jesus (Yashua) was born into was part of that people group who
had migrated into northern Israel. They apparently carried the PURE
Rh Negative bloodline factor.
Science today describes the Indian and Turkish people groups, who
inhabit various parts of the known word, as THE ADAMS. Science
describes the hybrid or cloned race of mankind that developed out of
Africa as the “EVES.”
If we read the Koran what we find is that a people group (race) known
as Adam, were flown out of Agharta (a land inside the earth) from the
Steppes Mountainous regions where the Himalaya Mountain’s exist
today in Central Asia. They traveled all over the world in flying
machines, which appear to be what we call UFO’s today. They were
eventually flown back to Jiddah Saudi Arabia where they started their
tribal migrations into Israel.
This is essentially what the Koran account state.
The Koran tells us that Adam (the Turkish word for Mankind), after being
cast out of Eden (in the Siberian Steppes) flew to Ceylon or Serindip,”
landing on what is now Adam’s Peak. The name Serindip derived from the
Sanskrit Ceren-dvipa.
Eventually this people group known as Adam went to Ceylon on some kind
of flying ship. From there, he traveled around the world. Finally, he returned
to Central Asia, reuniting his group with Eves people group who had stayed
behind in Jiddah, Arabia.”
In the map below you will find Jiddah Saudi Arabia on the coast of the
Red Sea. Jiddah Saudi Arabia is along the center point of the Red Sea
across from the word Sudan.
The group of Adams that then began to migrate into Israel from
Steppes in Central Asia became known as the Turkish race. In Egypt
this dark hair dark-eyed people may have been called the Apiru
peoples according to Egyptian records. The Apiru people were
migrant sheepherders who came from Central Asia who actually had
no country. They worked along side of the Scandinavian blue-eyed
blonde people group known then as the Shosu, in Egypt, during
drought periods in Israel. The Egyptian slaves were often called the
Hebrews and were a mixed racial group of (Shosu and Apiru). The
blue-eyed blonds would come down to Egypt from Northern Israel
where they lived below Mt. Carmel between the Sea of Galilee and the
Mediterranean Sea to work. This is the exact location where the
Nazarene tribe Jesus (Yashua) was born into was located.
Below is a link to a picture of Egyptian Hieroglyphics where blonde
workers are pictured next to a dark hair dark-eyed race of temple
builders, during the time frame written about in Bible history.
All though Cain’s bloodline is said to have remained pure, they did
inbreed. Cain’s bloodline migrated into the British Isles, France and
Spain by way of the Mediterranean Sea with the aid of the “Sea People”
also known as the Phoenicians who were originally associated with
Atlantis and Thule. Atlantis was the name for parts of the known
continents that survived after the last ice age.
The route they took was called the “Sea Route.” Most people believe
the “Sea People” to be the descendents of the first race of people who
were forced to leave Hyperborea and migrate into Atlantis, which can
be found in the Americas the Middle East and Africa.
The Phoenicians had apparently survived the sinking of Atlantis and
the destruction of Thule and moved into Eurasia by that time
operating some type of shipping and trading industry as their
The Phoenicians (“Sea People”) transported Cains “Serpent Bloodline
into Spain and France through the “Gulf of Lion” into the Languedoc-
Roussilion region. Below is a link to the map of Languedoc Spain:
Below is a great link to a map of the ethnic groups who migrated into
Europe and where the settled.
The link below will take you to a picture of a Neanderthal with red
hair and a man who might look very much like the image we have in
the Bible of Cain and Cain’s bloodline group. Notice the features:
One of the solved mysteries science has discovered is that red hair did
not originate with human beings it came from the Neanderthal. Cain
was said to be red and hair as was Esau etc. We now know that Cain’s
bloodline was a hybrid line and that one of the secret ways to track
Cains bloodline is by following the tribes who had red hair.
Below is an article regarding the old belief systems and practices
associated with red heads. The color red and people with red hair
have always been associated with Satan and satanic rituals.
The article below is from:
“In spite of its rarity red hair is a physical trait that appears in many
places around the world. It is most prevalent in Scotland where
approximately 13% of the population have red hair, followed by Ireland
with 10%. Although it is most associated with Britain and Europe, it
also appears sporadically throughout Africa, Asia and the Middle East.
Throughout history there have been many strange beliefs and ideas
about red hair. In ancient Egypt red haired animals and people were
associated with the god Set. The Egyptians also had many red haired
pharaohs. However the Egyptians also regarded the colour red as
unlucky and according to Claudie de Lys many red haired maidens
were burnt to death to wipe out the tint. There are also stories of the
Egyptians burying redheads alive! The ancient Greeks also had myths
about red hair, including the belief that redheads would turn into
vampires following their death. Unflatteringly the Greek philosopher
Aristotle described redheads as being emotionally un-housebroken.
Another mention of red hair came from the famed historian Herodotus
who described a red haired and blue/grey eyed tribe in his histories
called the Budini.
The Romans also had something to say about redheads. The writer
Tacitus mentioned the 'red hair and large limbs' of the ancient British
tribes and the historian Dio Cassius described British warrior-queen
Boudicca, as being 'tall and terrifying in appearance' and as having a
'great mass of red hair.' Incidentally the ancient Romans also paid a
premium for red haired slaves.
Red hair also gets a mention in the bible. The word Adam is supposedly
the Hebrew word for 'red' or 'ruddy', and king David also apparently
had red hair. Also Judas and Mary Magdalene are often portrayed as
being redheaded. Some people even believe the 'mark of Cain' to
actually be red hair.
As well as the bible there are also many myths about red hair in
European history. In the Middle Ages, for example, red was seen as the
colour of the Devil, and it was thought that a child born with red hair
was conceived during menstruation. There have also been many kings
and leaders throughout European history that have had red hair. In fact
there is a British legend that states that king Arthur had red hair and
that in times of trouble a red haired leader would come to lead the
country. Winston Churchill and Queen Elizabeth I (both redheads) are
said to be fulfilments of this legend. The Merovingians of ancient Gaul
also had red hair, and this was thought to imbue them with magical
In Eastern Europe, however, things were much worse for redheads.
According to Montague Summers red hair and green eyes were said to
be the sign of a witch, werewolf or vampire. There are also tales of red
haired children being killed at birth due to similar thinking.
Red hair has also had an up and down relationship with art throughout
the ages. Both Botticelli and Titian are noted for painting red haired
women, as are the pre-raphaelite painters of the 19th Century. However
red hair has often been used in art to symbolise evil and aggression. For
example English author Charles Dickens would often portray the less
trustworthy characters in his novels as being pale and freckly. Dickens
also once famously complained about a pre-raphaelite piece of artwork,
by the painter John Everett Millais, which depicted the child Jesus with
red hair. He described the child in the painting as a 'wry-necked,
blubbering, redheaded boy, in a bed-gown.'
This association of red hair and untrustworthiness or ugliness somehow
prevails to this day. In fact the Nazis discussed whether or not two red
haired persons should be allowed to wed for fear of degenerate
offspring. Even in today's era red haired people are often portrayed in
less than flattering ways in movies and on TV shows. However this
attitude towards redheads has never stopped them from making an
important contribution to the human endeavour.
Famous redheads from history include:
Malcolm X Isabella of Spain
Thomas Jefferson
Richard the Lionheart
Oliver Cromwell
Galileo Ramesses II Vivaldi
Christopher Columbus”
Cain’s bloodline was a hybrid bloodline. The Old Testament tells us
that Cains bloodline were red heads with green eyes. Esau was also a
red head and hairy. “Jacob answered his mother Rebekah, "Behold,
Esau my brother is a hairy man and I am a smooth man.” Genesis
As I mentioned above, science tells us that the red hair gene came
from the Neanderthals. Human beings did not have the red hair gene
originally; it was apparently bred into the bloodline of Cain, which is
how we can identify his bloodline as it traveled through history into
the British Isles, France and Spain.
The links below will take you to maps showing the Celtic bloodline
migration pattern of Cain that migrated into Europe through Spain,
France and the British Isles.
The word Adam is supposedly the Hebrew word for 'red' or 'ruddy.’
King David also apparently had red hair. Some people even believe the
'mark of Cain' to actually be red hair.
Approximately 1% to 2% of the human population has red hair. It
occurs more frequently (between 2% and 6% of the population) in
northern and western Europeans.
Map of Khazaria
From Israel and the Middle East, the “Tribe of Cain aka Dan,” also
migrated into Georgia, which is the former Russian Republic and
Khazaria where they bred with the Scandinavians. That inbreeding
gave the world the Ashkenazim Jews.
What is so critical about this bloodline that came into Europe via
Khazaria is that it is this migration that brought the world Hitler and
the Nazi movement. These European Jews, White Jews, German Jews
etc., migrated up into Europe through Germany.
Today they rule the world as the global Elite who are bring us into a
new version of Nazism known as the New World Order.
Here is a link to Cain’s Ashkenazim Movement:
Here is a link to two websites that published my article on the
Ashkenazim Jews. I have also attached an article on their DNA below.
Nazarene Bloodline 7777
The bloodline of Cain, later known as the “Tribe of Dan,” eventually
became the “Blue Bloods” of Europe.
The “Tribe of Cain” apparently has Rh Negative blood, with
Neanderthal and Reptilian E.T. Junk DNA in it. Some call this blood
system the copper based reptilian blood factor system, “Serpent
Blood,” or the “Serpent Bloodline” This blood turns blue under certain
lights. The Kings and Queens of Europe, who carried this blood factor,
were known as the “Blue Bloods” of Europe for many reasons. One of
the reasons is because their blood turned blue under certain lights.
Another is because these hybrid women were not able to carry their
hybrid fetus to term if one of the parents was an Rh Positive. The
babies would die, be born stillborn or blue because they had trouble
Those with reptilian blood represent approximately 5-8 % of those who
have the Pure Rh Negative blood factor. These evil demonic entities
we wrongly call aliens today appear to be primarily abducting the
Reptilian and Nordic Aryan Alien “Fallen Watcher” human hybrids
both in the past and today.
The Scandinavian blue-eyed blondes appear to have migrated into
Scandinavia from two different areas. The first group appears to have
migrated south from the Hyperborean region. They were the second
people group to leave Hyperborea around the last ice age.
It would be my guess that the Nazarene’s who lived next to the
Mediterranean Sea under Mt. Carmel, traveled into Scandinavia from
the Caucasus Mountain Range, which is how Scandinavians came to be
called Caucasians.
The Nazarene Tribes Jesus (Yashua) was born into appear to be those
with the Pure RH Negative blood factor. The Pure Rh Negative blood
factor does not have Rhesus Monkey DNA protein in it. Those who
have the Pure Rh Negative Blood factor total approximately 15% of the
global population today.
Map associated with Aryan Race Migration
The Aryan hybrid races appear to have migrated into Europe through
the land mass area associated with Albania. They are associated with
the Sephardic Jewish tribes, the Vikings, Celtic peoples, the Scythians
etc. They are a blended race of different people groups.
The hair color ranges from dark to blonde. They were obviously a sea
fairing people group who were probably aided by the Phoenicians aka
the “Sea People.”
Picture of the Blended Aryan Races
Because the Aryan tribes were a blended bloodline, Aryans carried
different blood types and blood factors. Some carried the Pure Rh
Negative blood factor, some carried the Reptilian E.T. Serpent blood
factor and some of these people had what is called “Gentile Blood,”
which is Rh Positive. Rh Positive blood has Rhesus Monkey Protein in
it. Aliens bred our prehistoric ancestors with monkeys and as a result
85% of the global populations have Rh Positive blood today.
Many Scientists and Archeological records do seem to agree with the
Koran and ancient beliefs and legends regarding the origins for Adam
and Eve on the Current 7 continents we live on today.
According to science the Adams were the global Polynesian, Asian
and Indian populations.
In time these evil gods we wrongly refer to aliens today bred human
beings with monkeys. This is why 85% of the human population has
the Rhesus Monkey protein factor in their blood. We know this blood
factor as Rh Positive because it is positive for Rhesus Monkey protein.
This blood is also known as ‘Monkey Blood” and in some cases
“Gentile Blood.”
Other scientists would have you believe that human beings all came
from monkeys and that the African monkey known as Lucy was our
original mother. Buyer Beware. DO YOUR HOMEWORK. Do not
believe these scientists. These scientists make their prognostications but
do not seem to know what the ‘Missing Link” was. The “Missing Link”
is the agent that fused mankind with the monkey. This creative force is
known as “Intelligent Design.” The Intelligent Designers are these evil
demonic entities that raped and cloned original man with monkeys to
create the African Eves,
They were also the “Intelligent designers” for the Indian Adams as well
as the African Eves.
If we follow the scientists who tell us that the Adams were Indians and
the Eves were associated with Africa we will see that both of these
groups were the result of cloning. We will see that ALL OF OUR
original Scandinavian ancestors were used to breed all of these hybrid
races all over the earth. Today Scandinavian blue-eyed blondes are
still being abducted and used as incubators by these evil demonic
entities who claim they created us, what they don’t tell their abductees
is that they created human hybrids through cloning. These evil
demonic entities abduct these women and implant (or fuse) alien
hybrids in the female uterus. These hybrid fetuses are usually taken
from these women at about 3 months and then put in alien incubators
for the remaining of the gestational periods. Today woman are giving
birth to human hybrids called ‘Star Children.” These “Star Children”
are being featured as “Children from the Stars.” They are being
promoted as highly evolved human children when they are actually
human demon hybrids.
The area in the world that this breeding took place originally
according to legends was in Hyperborea and in Agharta. Hyperborea
was located in the North Pole region before these hybrids were flown
or tossed out of Hyperborea to settle all over the world. These
migrations settled in the Americas, the Middle East and Africa. We
also know that Hyperborea is associated with the Antarctic region,
which has a Nordic Aryan Alien “Fallen Watcher” base just inside the
hole in the South Pole. Hitler is said to have traveled even escaped
into this base in the Antarctic.
If we actually DO OUR HOMEWORK, we will find that all though their
seem like many different versions or idea’s of who Adam and Eve
were, they may all be right to some degree.
Once we understand that evil entities were involved in using the DNA
human hybrid races we have on earth today it all makes perfect sense.
That Adam and Eve in Genesis Chapter 2 were cloned by Yahweh
Ildabaoth the Demiurge aka Jehovah, using red mud aka blood DNA.
The location for this was in the Garden of Eden, which most ancient
people believed was inside the earth in Agharta. Ancient maps and
legends give us the description of that garden and the rivers in that
garden, which are identical to the garden area in Agharta.
The Koran tells us that the people group known as the “Adams” were
flown out from inside the earth to populate the world and became the
Indian populations.
Science agrees with this and further explains that the Eves who also
came out from inside the earth became the African and black people of
the world who entered the surface in Central Asia and are also
associated with Jiddah, Arabia.
Indian and African legends tell us that their ancient ancestors came
from inside the earth as well.
Once you DO YOUR HOMEWORK regarding the hybrid bloodlines of
the kings and queens of the earth, which began in ancient Sumer
Babylon Iraq, and then follow these “Serpent Bloodlines” hybrids to
Egypt, Rome, Europe and America you will see that evil entities seeded
the royal bloodlines of the rich and powerful “Blue Blood” Elite of the
world also. What you will also notice that the mummies of these kings
and queens were blondes primarily. This would seem to indicate that
in order to create these royal human hybrid bloodlines they had to
inseminate Scandinavian women. Legends tell us that these hybrid
bloodlines stole the RIGHT TO RULE THE WORLD FROM OUR
Have a great day and DO YOUR HOMEWORK.
Angellica Goodson-Lord


  1. if anybody read this, please post your reply.

    I just copy/paste my lbi friend's writings

    Just another computer function to the glory of Jesus.

  2. Genesis states that ONLY Adam was forced out of Eden NOT Eve. "The man named his wife "Eve" because she was the mother of all those who live. 21 God made tunics of skins for the man and his wife and clothed them. 22 Then Yahweh God said, "Now that the man has become like one of us in knowing good from evil, he must not be allowed to reach out his hand and pick from the tree of life too, and eat and live for ever!" 23 So Yahweh God expelled him from the garden of Eden, to till the soil from which he had been taken. 24 He banished the man, and in front of the garden of Eden he posted the great winged creatures and the fiery flashing sword, to guard the way to the tree of life."
    Eve can be located in the heavens close to the tree of knowledge and the place of gnosis. She has fruit in her mouth and is offering fruit to Adam. Satan is whispering into her ear. This allegory is clearly visible and can be seen by ‘joining the dots’ in the northern sky by anyone who know where to look. Its existence and location calls the origins and content of the Old Testament question. It provokes us to ask - Did the author of Genesis call on and utilise stories that had been fashioned by ancient priest-astronomers? The God Secret sheds doubt on very fabric of all that we have been taught to be sacred. It is either the greatest heresy of all time or it presents conclusive evidence that allows us to abandon an inheritance based on false and misleading theosophy in favour of an enlightened appreciation of universal truth.

  3. This has been my absolute revelation these last 2 years! The blonde hair trait is divine, is Becky with the good hair "DNA strand/Rapunzel's" the cainites have chased through the eons, first ingesting then manipulating to augment themselves out of accursed blood lineage! I'd love to speak with you directly.