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You cannot listen to a sermon regarding life in Medo- Persia (Old Testament Lands) from the Old Testament (Hebrew Bible) with out hearing about one of the horrendously evil acts that were being perpetrated against innocent men, woman, children and helpless animals by these evil gods in the Middle East who were and are at war with each other. All people groups that are represented in the Old Testament Hebrew Bible worshipped evil entities they wrongly called gods. ALL OF THEM


The Judah Jews worshipped Yahweh Ildabaoth (Yaldabaoth) the Demiurge who Jesus (Yashua) described as a evil lion-faced reptilian entity who created other entities like himself. You can find one reference to this evil entity in the Sophia Pistis Story, which was a document that was unearthed with the Nag Hammadi Scrolls in the 1940’s.


The Hebrew Israelites worshipped many gods who were most often lumped under the name “ELOHIIM.” Today we call them the Nordic Aryan Alien “Fallen Elohim Watchers.”

They had several names associated with them as they “Flit and Flew” in their “Chariots of Fire,” “Whirling Wheels,” “Clouds,” sat on their “Thrones” which were the captain seats or cockpits seats on these “Whirling Wheels” (Unidentified Flying Objects). They were described as the “Stars that Fell.” They were also referred to as the “Gods of Eden.” Elijah was abducted by a UFO and Ezekiel described his encounter with them, Abraham almost murdered his son under the direction of Yahweh Ildabaoth the Demiurge, Job became a pawn who was played between Yahweh Ildabaoth the Demiurge and Satan and THE LIST GOES ON.

The absolute main, number one reason the Judah Jews and the Hebrew Israelites and their leaders wanted Jesus (Yashua) murdered was because he exposed their gods as evil entities. Jesus (Yashua) referred to them using many names such as “Satanic,” “Scorpions,” “Snakes,” “Powers and Principalities that were the real evil rulers of the world who were behind all that is bad on planet earth.

When Emperor Constantine and his institutional groupies, “Copy Pasters,” who were lead by Jerome and the Canon (Bible) compilers added the Old Testament (Hebrew Bible) to the Roman Orthodox Catholic Canon they knew very well that these Jewish and Hebrew gods of Israel were evil, yet it has become one of the BEST KEPT SECRETS OF RELIGION. Emperor Constantine himself worshipped the god Mithra whose identity the Bible compilers above blended in with the identity Jesus (Yashua) in one of the most egregious PIOUS FRAUDS TO EVER BE PERTATRATED AGAINST HUMANIATY.

Jesus (Yashua) warned his followers that a religion would be created after he was gone that WOULD NOT TEACH WHAT HE TAUGHT that prophecy describes as the “Scarlet Woman” who sits on the “7 Headed Beast” movement that is behind the “New World Order.” Both the “Scarlet Woman” (Jewish and Roman Orthodox Catholic and Christian Church movements) aka Reptilian Bloodline”, and the “Beast” New World Order” aka “Reptilian Bloodline” framers control our world today. For more information on the “Serpent and Reptilian” global movements go to David Ickes books.


It takes no time at all to find this information out; it is all over the net if you know where to look. One of the many books I suggest that you read is “The Gods of Eden.” by William Bramley. These evil gods of Eden raped woman who gave birth to human hybrid who ruled the Middle East and Europe. They were the leaders of the Judah Jews and the Hebrew Israelites and the hybrid factor is in their DNA and is referred to by author Dean Hammer as the “God Gene.”

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These articles will help you move on from the Satanic, pagan misinformation, disinformation and lies, which the Jewish and Roman Orthodox Catholic and Christian Church’s promote. The articles will help you see that the CHURCH has lied to all of us and that it is time we DIG FOR THE TRUTH AND EXPOSE THESE LIES and their associations with the “Serpent and Reptilian Bloodline Agenda.” Once we discard these old Satanic and pagan beliefs WE CAN MOVE ON TO DESICOVER WHAT THE REAL JESUS (YASHUA) might have taught and who he may have been.

I do not consider myself to be a Christian. When you read my articles you will understand why. That being said however, I not only believe Jesus (Yashua) existed but I am attempting to search for and promote who I think he really was and what it appears that he may have actually taught.

You can learn from these articles, continue to believe and quote Orthodox misinformation, disinformation and programmed mind games or you can try to figure out what the truth really is, which is what I am doing and hopefully helping you do.

If you are a respectful person with sincere questions or comments please feel free to contact me regarding my research and let me know if I can send you a specific article regarding a subject matter you are interested in.

I will not respond to any offensive E-mails of any kind nor will I engage in conversation with those who are attacking and disrespectful. Further more I will also not respond to people who continuously promote the mind games and scripture quoting chatter we find so often in the Born Again and Christian communities.

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