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who were the original basque's

WHO WERE THE ORIGINAL BASQUE’S?Monday, March 2, 2009 WHAT DOES THE TRIBE OF DAN HAVE TO DO WITH THE LANGUEDOC REGION OF FRANCE AND THE BASQUE REGION OF SPAIN?When archeologists dig up old mummies and skeletons all over the world the most astounding find they make is that the oldest skeletons they find are of Scandinavian decent. These people had one thing in common they were blondes. This indicates that our original prehistoric ancestors were Scandinavians. Right now most of you who are not Scandinavians are probably saying; “She’s just trying to promote the Scandinavian view point,” which is not the case. What I am saying is that ALL OF OUR PREHISTORIC ANCESTORS WERE SCANDINAVIAN. It doesn’t matter who you are today. Your DNA tracks back to Hyperborea and your prehistoric ancestors were Scandinavia. I don’t care if you are black as night or are an Indian, your ancestors were originally Scandinavian.LET’S START HEREIn Iraq or ancient Sumer (Babylon) for an example, we have now learned that those people living in the area were a race of Scandinavian people, who occupied the area when the evil Anunnaki gods (evil demonic reptilian entities) “Came to Town” intent on using Sumer as one of their base camps. These demonic alien beings have a long track record on earth of raping and cloning human hybrids. As do their evil counter parts the Nordic Aryan Alien “Fallen Watchers.” Our DNA Codes clearly show this. These evil demonic entities did this for many reasons. One of the reasons was to create different races. These evil entities needed bodies they could posses and bloodlines they could MIND GAME. Today the “Serpent Bloodline” rule our world and are being instructed to do so FROM BEHIND CLOSED DOORS. These evil demonic entities wanted to take over the world and run it like a puppet show. They were the puppeteers and their human demonic hybrids were the puppets. They made the puppets act and dance while they the puppet makers hid behind the veil.This hybrid bloodlines stole the right to rule from all of our original prehistoric Scandinavian ancestors and now claim that they have the “Divine Right To Rule.” The “Serpent Bloodline” is part Rh Negative, (the blood factor of our original prehistoric Scandinavian ancestors) and part demonic hybrid. Today the Bilderbergs and the government are tracking Rh Negatives. THIS IS NO COINCIDENCE.These evil demonic entities are known to abduct and rape blue-eyed blondes with Rh Negative blood. The PURE Rh Negative bloodline factor is known for its amazing qualities such as the in ate “POWER IN THE BLOOD.” These evil entities use the blood like a drug. They use these blue-eyed blondes for many reasons but primarily as incubators for their human hybrid fetuses. THIS IS NO COINCIDENCE.This hybrid bloodline today claim that people with the PURE Rh Negative blood factor came from Spain, France and the British Isles. That is not true but THIS IS NOT A COINCIDENCEWhen we track this bloodline back in history long before the Scandinavians settled in parts of France, Spain, the British Isles and finally in Scandinavia, we find that they came from an area in our world that is now under ice and snow. Legends refer to this part of the world as “The Garden.” Today this part of the world is sitting in the North Pole region which was at one time a warm balmy part of the earth until the earth flipped on it’s side and it slipped under ice and snow. The continent was called Hyperborea. Hyperborea is above the location for the Black Forest in the map above.The New Age, the followers of Sir Laurence Gardner, Zachariah Sitchen and those promoting the “Alien Agendas” claim that those people who once lived in the Basque area of Spain and the Languedoc area of France were the original race of Rh Negatives on earth. THIS IS TRUE. But they were not the dark hair dark-eyed Basque People we see today. They were the Scandinavians who occupied these parts of the world long before the dark hair dark eyed races bred with them.SO WHERE DO THE BASQUE’S PEOPLE COME IN AND WHERE DID THEY ORIGINATE, YOU ASK? It is also clear that a group of dark hair dark eyed people migrated into these areas from the sea with the aid of the “Sea People” long after the Scandinavians had settled their. They were originally the Hyksos people according to Egyptian records. They were primarily Turkish and Semitic people. They may also have bred with the “Sea People,” who transported them into the Basque and Languedoc regions of the Iberian Peninsula. have learned that after the Big Freeze ended the original Scandinavians who lived in these areas moved up into the Scandinavian countries where they live today. However before they moved north some of the Scandinavians bred with the dark hair dark-eyed tribes that migrated into the area. The remnants of the inbreeding are a people group who we call the Basques today. We have been led to believe by the “Powers at be” that France was always an area of the world that dark haired people occupied, yet that is apparently not the case. We have to remember that there are many different scientific opinions and no one knows for sure what the human prehistoric history of the Basque area was. The Rh Negative bloodline can also be found in the British Isles. “75-95% of British Welsh, Scott and Irish (genetic) matches derive almost entirely from Iberia. you look at the map above it is clear that the dark haired race of Celtic peoples all have a geographical bloodline connection with Spain and France.Some people strongly suggests that the Basques are the descendants of the Paleolithic inhabitants of Western Europe prior to the arrival of these farmers between 9,000 and 6,000 years ago”. It is my belief that these Paleolithic inhabitants were Scandinavian. Later after the freeze ended, part of the Scandinavian people from the Basque and Languedoc areas of Spain and France moved northward behind the thaw to become the first people to recolonize the British Isles, followed by the dark hair dark-eyed races. The Scandinavians ended their migrations in Scandinavia.We also have to realize that these dark haired dark-eyed people could have come from the areas known as Atlantis, which can be found in places like North America, South America, Africa, the Azores, the Canary Islands, the Mediterranean and the Middle East. Looking at old maps of Atlantis it would appear the land mass looks very much like the South Pole region in the Antarctic.The Atlantians were a hybrid race of people who were PREVIOUSLY cast out of Hyperborea for mingling with these evil entities we wrongly refer to as aliens today. The Atlantians and Lumerians were clearly a dark haired race. Scientists tell us that the Adams were the Indian races and the Eves were the Africans. They have long been associated with Atlantis and Lumeria.WHAT DOES SCIENCE SAY ABOUT THE ADAMS AND EVESMany Scientists and Archeological records do seem to agree with the Koran and other ancient beliefs and legends regarding the origins for the Adams and the Eves. According to science the Adams were the global Polynesian, Asian and Indian populations. These evil gods we wrongly refer to aliens today also bred human beings with monkeys. This is why 85% of the human population has the Rhesus Monkey protein factor in their blood. We know this blood factor as Rh Positive because it is positive for Rhesus Monkey protein. This blood is also known as ‘Monkey Blood” and in some cases “Gentile Blood.” Other scientists would have you believe that human beings all came from monkeys and that the African monkey known as Lucy was our original mother. Buyer Beware. DO YOUR HOMEWORK. Do not believe these scientists. These scientists make their prognostications but do not seem to know what the ‘Missing Link” was. The “Missing Link” is the agent that fused mankind with the monkey. This creative force is known as “Intelligent Design.” The Intelligent Designers are these evil demonic entities that raped and cloned original man with monkeys to create the African Eves. They were the “Intelligent designers” for the Indian Adams. Even Genesis Chapter 2 in the Old Testament talks about this rape and cloning agenda that was being perpetrated against men and women by what we call the Nordic Aryan Alien “Fallen Watchers” today. Yahweh Ildabaoth the Demiurge was described by Jesus (Yashua) as a lion-faced reptilian entity, who cloned Adam and Eve and then raped Eve who gave birth to a hybrid son Cain. This is referred to as the “Original Sin.”“The main theory about Basque origins suggests that they are a remnant of Paleolithic European Scandinavians that continually inhabited the Franco-Cantabrian region since at least as far back as the Magdalenian times, and maybe as early as the original colonization of Europe by Homosapeints. The Scandinavians share some genetic markers with the Basque and Languedoc people who live in Spain and France today.We know now that Homosapeints existed in Europe long before the Neanderthals that disappeared from the European landscape 35.000 thousand years ago. The Basques also have Dinaric DNA. The Dinaric also appear to be descendents of the “Lost 10 Tribes of Israel” who migrated into Europe from the Middle East. The Dinaric appear to have originated in the area in prehistoric times and possibly migrated into the Middle East and then back again as part of the 10 Lost Tribes.The “Tribe of Dan” is known as the “Serpent Bloodline” of Cain, son of Yahweh Ildabaoth the Demiurge and Eve. They migrated primarily into Spain, France and the British Isles from the Mediterranean Sea. They migrated into the Basque region of Spain and the Languedoc region of France.Like the Basques, the Dinaric ancestors were to be found in the mountainous areas of the western Balkans (Albania, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Serbia, Austria, Montenegro, most of northwestern Bulgaria, and northwestern Republic of Macedonia). Northern and Eastern Italy was considered mostly a Dinaric area as well as western Greece, Romania, eastern Ukraine, southeastern German-speaking areas, and parts of southern Poland and southeastern France. The “Tribe of Dan” aka Dinaric race are known as one of the Lost Tribes of Israel. While in the Middle East they worshipped their evil demonic gods from mountaintops. Today we understand that UFO’s enter and exit mountainous areas all over the world and the tribes that mingled with them occupied these mountainous regions. PROBLEMS CAUSED BY INBREDINGAfter the “Satanic Serpent Bloodlines” were created, they bred into the Scandinavian bloodline in mountainous regions like the Pyrenees and this inbreeding caused problems. The “Serpent Bloodlines,” appear to be a reptilian hybrid mix with the Rh – blood factor and reptilian DNA. They tried to keep their bloodline pure by inbreeding amongst their own families for many reasons. One of the reasons was because their blood factors did not mix with the PURE Rh Negatives or the Rh Positive races. When they bred with the Rh Positive races their babies often did not survive. The Rh Positive blood factor is referred to as “Gentile blood”, or ‘Monkey Blood,” because this race had been bred with monkey DNA known as Rhesus Monkey DNA. Some of the babies of this inbreeding that did survive were born with a blue coloring due to lack of oxygen. Their blood is also known to turn blue under certain lighting. This is why they were known as “Blue Bloods.”Parkinson’s disease is a possible example is one of the other inbred problems. Below are two paragraphs describing the disease process from:HTTP://WWW.BRAINMINDLIFE.ORG/DARDARINPARKINSON.HTMDARDARIN AND PARKINSON’S DISEASE Parkinson’s disease, pathological hallmarks are loss of dopaminergic neurons belonging to substantia nigra and Lewy bodies inside brain nerve cells, is the second most common neurodegenerative disease. Several rare Parkinson’s familial forms are linked to genetic loci, and the identification of causal mutations has provided insight into the disease process. PARK8, identified in 2002 by Funayama and colleagues, appears to be a common cause of familial PD. Paisan-Ruiz and his colleagues (Cloning of the gene containing mutations that cause PARK-8-Linked Parkinson’s Disease. Will be published in Neuron 44, Issue 4, 2004 now available on-line: describe the cloning of a novel gene that contains missense mutations segregating with PARK8-linked PD in five families from England and Spain. Because of the tremor observed in PD and because a number of the families are of Basque descent, we have named this protein dardarin, derived from the Basque word dardara, meaning tremor. BM&L-November 2004Before the development of modern Genetics based on DNA sequencing, Basques were noted as having the highest global apportion of the Rh- blood type (35% phenotypically, 60% genetically). In addition Basques also have virtually no B blood type (nor the related AB group). These differences are thought to reflect their long history of isolation, when the size of the Scandinavian population in the Basques was small, allowing gene frequencies to spread into the dark haired dark-eyed Dinaric tribe (Tribe of Dan) that were the later races that came into Languedoc France and the Iberian Peninsula regions on the coast lines of the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.Below is an article I recommend that you click into that will go in greater detail. This article is to long to use here because the full bodied article is to long to send on line. from Wikipedia Website HAIRED BASQUE PEOPLE OF TODAY is a blog page where you can find some more of my articles. My friend Myron is running the blog for me so that I am able to keep my anonymity. The blog does not show the actual articles I wrote with the pictures because the format Myron copies my articles into is not that sophisticated, it is a very simple blog format.


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  2. There is truth at the beginning of every belief...but it just may be that everything made out as "evil" was having it's reputation destroyed by idiots. Sin is just the name of the moon for example. I'm glad to be RHneg and to descend from the dragon people of Basque - and so I spend most of my time saving stray animals because I'm so evil and demonic - oh, and if you think that's not evil enough, I'm involved in advocating rights for humans. That is some really terrible shit, I know. I guess people should burn me at the stake now. After all, I am one of those horrible hazel-eyed, low body temp people with no RH. Basically, I'm just a reptile. Evil wouldn't exist aside from the stupidity of man, and I really wish the idiots would just shut up.

  3. While some of your facts are enticing, I overall do not like your sarcastic know it all tone and condesension.