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Pagen Satanic Fruit Cake

ROMAN ORTHODOXY MADE A PAGAN SATANIC FRUIT CAKETuesday, March 17, 2009 Bent Crucifix is "... a sinister symbol, used by Satanists in the sixth century, that had been revived at the time of Vatican Two. This was a bent or broken cross, on which was displayed a repulsive and distorted figure of Christ, which the black magicians and sorcerers of the Middle Ages had made use of to represent the Biblical term 'Mark of the Beast'. Yet, not only Paul VI, but his successors, the two John-Paul’s, carried that object and held it up to be revered by crowds, who had not the slightest idea that it stood for anti-Christ." UPSIDE DOWN CROSS REPRESENTS THE CROSS OF SATAN OR THE ANTI-CHRIST Jewish and Roman Orthodox Catholic Christian founders are not who we have been told they were and they did not worship Our Heavenly Father necessarily. They were a group of POWER BROKERS who formed committees in order to create a religion that complimented the views of those who came to run the HOLY ROMAN EMPIRE. These POWER BROKERS wanted to design a religions system, where Church and State became sisters so to speak. Emperor Constantine, the Roman hierarchy and the Roman Army worshipped Mithra and practiced paganism, Satanism primarily.When these little splinter groups, who followed Jesus (Yashua’s) teachings like ‘THE WAY” begin to dot the landscape popping up all over the place and affecting life and politics in Rome they had to be DEALT WITH. The Roman way of life and power structures were being affected by these various religious groups who promoted Jesus (Yashua) and his teachings. SOMETHING HAD TO GIVE. The Power Brokers of the State needed to bring people living in the Roman Empire together under one rule and one religious system, so they decided to form a STATE RELIGION, that was designed to bring the various groups together under one umbrella like you would add ingredients to a Fruit Cake. CREATED A FRUIT CAKE OF DIFFERENT BELIEFSNow where that sounds reasonable what that meant was that the new State Religion of Rome had to incorporate the different beliefs being practiced by these different people groups. This new State Religion came to be known as the Orthodox Jewish and Roman Catholic Christian Religion.This new religion became a blend of the different various religious beliefs being practiced in the Roman Empire, which included paganism, Satanism, Mithra worship, Jewish beliefs and it had to include parts of the Marcion Bible (Original Bible), etc., ALL PACKED INTO ONE.The Jewish or Hebrew Bible, known to us today as the Old Testament, was added to this Roman Canon (Bible) to represent the Hebrew and Jewish beliefs. Satanic and pagan rituals and beliefs were also blended into the original Canon, as was Mithra worship. The original Bible, which was a creation of Marcion then became part of what we call the New Testament with some other letters that claim to have been authored by the followers of Jesus (Yashua), which in fact were written by unknown authors using the names of Matthew and the other gospel writers.This new religion of the State of Rome had been baked together like a Fruit Cake with all sorts of ingredients added to it. Just enough copies of the original canon (Bible), were made to be placed in Emperor Constantine’s new Roman Orthodox Churches and the rest is history.Only about 5% of what Jesus (Yashua) actually taught can be found in the Bible and very little information about Jesus (Yashua) himself was placed in the New Testament. The information that we find in the New Testament represents primarily the 3 years of his life and ministry before the Jews managed to have him crucified. We know relatively nothing about his earlier life, if he had children, what his family life was like, their Nazarene religious beliefs, or what he was like as a child. What we do have is a sort of DUKES MIXTURE of opinions as to who he was and that information is NOT VERY RELIABLE.JEROME AND THE COPY PASTERSAnother piece of information that Christians don’t know about regarding the creation of the Jewish and Roman Orthodox Catholic Christian Religion is that Emperor Constantine hired a group of “Copy Pasters” who were the ones that compiled and fabricated the canon (Bible) into what it became and they were taking orders from a man named Jerome. These “Copy Pasters” doctored the original texts before they were placed in the new canon (Bible) and than as time went by the original copies disappeared or were destroyed. Apparently all we actually have is a copy of a copy of one of Paul’s letters.Once we understand the circumstances under which the Jewish and Roman Orthodox Catholic Christian Church came into being and how the canon (Bible) was compiled, it is very easy to understand why the Bible is filled with misinformation, disinformation and lies.I am not saying that the BIBLE SHOULD BE TOSSED OUT WITH THE BATH WATER, because that is not my belief, however we must in all good conscious realize that WE HAVE ALL BEEN LIED TO. Once we realize the mess that puts all of us in we can now start playing “Copy Pasters” ourselves in order to take out parts of the Bible that DO NOT APPLY TO WHAT JESUS (YASHUA) ACTUALLY TAUGHT AND WHO HE REALLY WAS, which the church WILL NOT DUE.REMOVING SOME OF THE FRUIT FROM THE FRUIT CAKEThe first section of the Bible we need to toss out is the Old Testament (Hebrew Jewish Bible), because it does not teach what Jesus (Yashua) taught nor does it represent who he was. IT WAS JEWISH AND HEBREW HISTORY ONLY. Despite what the Jewish and Roman Orthodox Catholic and Christian religions teach us, Jesus was NOT A JEW nor was he related to Jewish history. The Gospels and other writings show us that Jesus (Yashua) was a Nazarene.It is clear that the Jews themselves refused to accept Jesus (Yashua) as one of their own, YET TO THIS DAY THE JEWISH AND ROMAN ORTHODOX CATHOLIC CHRISTIAN CHURCH’S REFER TO JESUS (YASHUA) A JEW. OOOOOPS.We know from ancient writings that Jesus (Yashua) actually lived in a placed called Nazareth, which was west of the “Sea of Galilee” under Mt. Carmel and just east of the Mediterranean Sea. We know that most of his ministry was conducted in Northern Israel and not in Jerusalem or Judah. Once we toss the Hebrew and Jewish Bible (Old Testament) out of the canon and realize that Jesus (Yashua) was not a Jew the next thing we have to remove paganism, satanism and Mithra worship out of the Roman Orthodox Catholic Christian Canon and that’s not easy because it is blended into the writings and the belief system so smoothly that it is almost impossible to find so that we can GET RID OF IT.One place we can start is with the Satanic, pagan references. THE SERPENT CROZIER Secretly Represents the Serpent Bloodline, As Does The Color Red In The Orthodox Alter. Everything had a double meaning.SATANIC PAGAN INFLUENCESWhat we can do is to start looking for the obvious signs of satanic and pagan beliefs and practices. What we find right off the bat are bloody sacrifices of innocent animals. These bloody sacrifices were rituals practiced to appease the many GODS OF EDEN. They didn’t just sacrifice innocent animals they sacrificed human beings especially children in ritualistic ceremonies that were so grewsome and bloody they had to have loud music playing in an attempt to over shadow the screams of these victims being tortured and slaughtered. After these satanic pagan bloody sacrifices were over people engaged in sexual rituals and blood drinking. These people were under the influence of mind-altering substances and these sacrificial rituals are all over history you can’t miss them, EVEN IF YOU TRY. Jesus (Yashua) himself entered Herod’s temple and in a rage tossed out the money- changers who we know today to be the (Serpent Bloodline), from the temple for selling prime livestock for the bloody animal sacrifices practiced by the Jews. The sacrificial fires of Gahanna were still burning when Jesus (Yashua) was alive. Gahanna was a place outside of Jerusalem, which was considered to be the foulest place on earth because of these human and animal sacrifices. RELIGIOUS SATANIC RITUALSPrior to the time of Constantine's supposed "conversion" to Christ, after seeing an illusive cross formation in the sky, Christians were persecuted not so much for their professed faith in Jesus (Yashua), but because they would not include pagan deities and satanic rituals in with their various belief systems. To over come this problem, Emperor Constantine, who had declared himself to be the head of the Church around 313 A.D., and his long list of Orthodox cohorts added these pagan gods and rituals to Catholicism by giving them Christian names. For an example: pagan rituals and idols gradually took on Christian meanings and their names were reincorporated into "Christian" worship. The "saints" replaced the cult of pagan gods in both worship and as patrons of cities. The pagan mother and son statues were renamed Mary and Jesus and pagan holidays were reclassified as Christian holy days.The Roman Lupercalia and the feast of the purification of mother Isis and son became the Feast of the Nativity of (Mary and Jesus). The Saturnalia celebrations were replaced by Christmas celebrations. Christmas actually falls on Mithra’s birthday not the actual birthday of Jesus (Yashua). An ancient festival of the dead was replaced by All Souls Day, which has become our Halloween and the list goes on.We are being told by religion that these names were given to these holidays etc., to Christianize them and that they did, however BEHIND CLOSED DOORS and UNDER THE RUG these are pagan Satanic holidays and rituals that we all still worshipping and practice today in one form or another. THE DATES ARE THE SAME ONLY THE NAMES HAVE BEEN CHANGED. Today Christianized" Rome has become the legitimate successor of pagan Rome. This is the sad origin of the Roman Catholic Christian Church today folks and that’s not all. Those who actually followed the teachings of Jesus (Yashua) who did not agree with the cleaver transformations of these holidays, pagan statues and the satanic rituals, that had been blended into the Roman Orthodox Religious mix by Emperor Constantine and his institutionalized groupies, were now persecuted in the name of Christ, for not worshipping them! Have you any idea the numbers of people who were murdered by the Jewish and Roman Orthodox Catholic Christian Church in the NAME OF CHRIST? Prophecy recognizes this evil religious movement as “MYSTERY BABYLON” and as the “SCARLET WOMAN” in prophecy. This ungodly system eventually ushered in the darkest period of European history known to man as the "Dark Ages" (500-1500 A.D.). Through popes, bishops, and priests, Satan and his hybrid bloodline ruled Europe, falsely pretending to be preaching the teachings of Jesus (Yashua) while they had secretly destroyed his real teachings and beliefs. Members of “The Way,” which is the religious movement Jesus (Yashua) did participate in became dangerous movement to belong to. These followers became ENEMIES OF THE STATE OF ROME AND WERE HUNTED DOWN AND KILLED LIKE DEER. PAPACY AND PRIESTHOODThe Nazarenes did not worship priests or popes as a matter of fact to the original Christians, Jesus (Yashua) was the High priest (Heb: 3:1; 4:14-15; 5:5; 8:1; 9:11) and all true Christians make up a spiritual priesthood under him (I Pet. 2:5). These verses show us that Jesus Christ has sanctified all of his followers who believe in him and his teachings as priests who rule under him (Heb. 10:10-11), which means that all priests today are unnecessary and unscriptural. Furthermore, the practice of calling a priest "father" was forbidden by Jesus Christ in Matthew 23:9. Jesus (Yashua) referred to “Our Heavenly Father” as our father. No other person or group can mediate between the Father except Jesus (Yashua). There is only ONE mediator between God and men (I Tim. 2:5).I do not want to sound like a Christian here nor do I want to preach. I am not a Christian, however we can find the truth in the Bible if we READ BETWEEN THE LINES.Once we rid ourselves of the paganism Satanism and ungodly rituals created for us by the Jewish and Roman Orthodox Catholic Christian Church we have a much different version of what a real authentic Christian Church might have looked like.We can also go into more of the rituals, colors and teachings practiced by the Jewish and Roman Orthodox Catholic Christian Church’s today where we can find more double and hidden meanings however for that information you can go on line and search for this information yourself. The list is so long you really need to do these search’s yourself. The Croziers are an example of one of the satanic items they use.Keep in mind that many of the Croziers used by the Jewish and Roman Orthodox Catholic and Christian Church’s are meant to secretly represent the “Serpent or Reptilian Bloodlines” as is the color red. We are told the color red represents the blood of Jesus (Yashua) shed on the cross for our sins but the hidden meaning behind it are the bloody sacrificial rituals and their “Serpent Bloodline” connections.IN CONCLUSIONWHAT JESUS ACTUALLY TAUGHT AND THE WORSHIP ENGAGED IN BY THE NAZARENE COMMUNITY HE WAS BORN INTO HAS BEEN LOST TO US FOR A THE MOST PART. However if you go on line you can search for this information by typing these sites into your search engine. in these sites search for articles which represent the Nazarene belief systems only.IS THE CHRISTIAN CHURCH MOVEMENT TODAY ANY BETTER OR IS SHE STILL CONSIDERED TO BE THE “SCARLOT WOMEN?”Luther may have taken his flock and left some of the Jewish and Roman Orthodox Catholic Satanic and pagan rituals behind but the Lutheran movement fell way short by dragging the Jewish and Roman Orthodox Catholic Bible with them when they formed the new Lutheran Religion as did the other Christian Religions that followed. Yes they tossed out some books but the basic Bible Canon remains THE SAME and so do the basic religious beliefs.We are still taught to worship the evil Jewish and Hebrew gods who the Deuteronomy revisionists tried to blend together under the most powerful evil Jewish god known to them as Yahweh Ildabaoth the Demiurge. The revisionists tried to do this by taking the names of the Hebrew Israelite gods out of the Old Testament. However the revisionists made a huge mistake, they forgot to take the titles of these Hebrew Israelite gods out of the texts. Once they blended these gods under Yahweh Ildabaoth the Demiurge the titles for these evil Hebrew Israelite gods stick out like a SORE THUMB. They still remained intact in the Old Testament. You will find them listed as: LORD, Lord God, GOD, Lord. LORD GOD etc.SERPENT BLOODLINES BEING PROMOTED IN THE HEBREW BIBLE.We are still taught the satanic and pagan Jewish beliefs and to emulate and worship these hybrid bloodlines and figures presented to us in the Hebrew and Jewish Bible (Old Testament). These figures include Abraham, and his lineage. The bloodlines are hybrid bloodlines and the lineages have been tampered with so that they are NOT TO BE TRUSTED. This is even mentioned in the New Testament by Paul I believe.We are falsely taught that Jesus (Yashua) represented the Jewish beliefs and these bloodline figures when he spoke against them, which is not hard to realize when you take the time to read and study what he actually said regarding figures like Moses, Abraham etc. He made comments like “It was not as they said,” etc. He referred to their gods and human hybrid bloodlines as “Satanic,” and knick named them “Scorpions and Snakes.” These were the hybrid “Serpent and Reptilian Bloodlines” that ruled the Jewish and Hebrew world at the time. As a matter of fact he was so hated by the Hebrew, Jews, Pharisees, Sadducees, Priests, Mystics, etc., that they had him Crucified, while claiming that he was not their Messiah.This is ONE OF MANY REASONS why so many of us who have DONE OUR HOMEWORK refuse to attend Christian Church’s and I believe this is why church attendance has dropped to an all time low except for the fundamental movement who are at least attempting to focus on the SIGNS OF THE TIMES today. picture above clearly shows the Orthodox connection to the Illuminati overlords.There are so many pictures that can be found on line showing the satanic pagan symbolism and connections associated with the Jewish and Roman Orthodox Catholic Christian Church and it “Serpent and Reptilian Bloodline” connections. These pictures will give you a start and the information in this article will also give you a jump-start to help you DE-FRUIT THE ORTHODOX FRUIT CAKE.Buyer Beware

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