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New world order special forces

Hi Myron,You can also put this article on line under the NEW WORLD ORDER SPECIAL FORCES“THE REDS”Sunday, March 29, 2009SECRET NEW WORLD ORDER SPECIAL FORCES -ASKHENAZIN KHAZAR JEWISH GEOGRAPHIC ORIGINS SHUUU QUIET- WHAT AREN’T WE SUPPOSED TO KNOW? DID YOU KNOW THAT 90% OF THE WORLD JEWS ARE OF EUROPEAN ORIGIN??Are the “Serpent Bloodlines” introducing a new form of Nazism or Fascism, in the form of the “New World Order” Is this the new world government that the Bush’s, the global ELITE, the media and other politicians are promoting TODAY? Who is this illusive special Russian police force being trained by the N.W.O. in and outside the United States? THE THIRTEENTH TRIBEWHAT DOES THE FALSE JEWISH AND ROMAN ORTHODOX CATHOLIC AND CHRISTIAN RELIGIONS HAVE HIDDEN IN THEIR CLOSETS REGARDING THIS “SERPENT BLOODLINE?”WHO WAS JESUS TYING TO EXPOSE?Who was Jesus (Yashua) speaking about when he told the crowd about the dangerous groups who claim to be Judah Jews who were not really Judah Jews but were hybrids from the synagogue of Satan? Among this deceived group of Judah Jews he was referring to, were the Pharisees, Scribes, Levites, and Canaanites etc, who followed the secret mystical knowledge of the gods, the Torah, Kabala etc. These evil human hybrids eventually migrated into Europe and became the “Blue Bloods” of Europe. They moved from Europe into America and control our world today as the GLOBAL ELITE. They are the descendents of notable figures in the Old Testament such Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Esau, Cain, etc. They were associated with the evil King Solomon and his temple and the evil Nordic Aryan Alien “Fallen Watcher” gods who “Flit and Flew” in “Chariots of Fire” and “Whirling Wheels” that were also known to hide in the “Clouds.”While pretending to follow the evil Yahweh Ildabaoth the Demiurge these ruling Elite Jewish leaders actually secretly worshipped entities we WRONGLY REFER TO AS ALIENS TODAY. They had their own “Special Forces” who did their “Dirty Work” for them. These “Special Forces” are operating today as well. They are referred to as the Ashkenazim Jews aka “THE REDS” can actually track their bloodline back to Esau’s Turkish descendents that are associated with Cain’s bloodline. In the Bible the word Ashkenaz refers to people living in the vicinity of Mount Ararat in Turkey and Armenia, east of Turkey. It is interesting to note that the Hebrew word for Ashkenazi in mediaeval rabbinic literature was Germany. THIS IS NO COINCIDENCE. Khazaria Esau’s bloodline also bred with the local Blonde Hair Blue-eyed Russian populations. As time went by, the Khazars adopted the Jewish religion as their official language. This blended race or people group became known as the ASHKENAZIM Jews and as European Jews and German Jews. Today 90% of those who call themselves religious "Jews" are for the most part a social, religious group whose ancestry can be tracked back to Khazaria. The European Jews today include famous people we all know who have nothing to do with the Ashkenazim movement. By writing this article I do not mean to demonize all European Jews. When you go online to do a search for pictures of Khazar Jews you will find pictures of people like Tom Hanks, Stephen Spielberg etc. History tracks their ancestors to Germany, Khazaria, Russia, Poland, Turkey, Syria and the Middle East and Mesopotamia. You will also find families that are directly associated with the evil satanic global “ELITE” who are forming the New World Order” movement such as Queen Elizabeth, the Bush family, etc.The “Reptilian Bloodline” Aryan Khazar Jews rule the world today and they are training and using a secret military force known by many names. These SPECIAL SECRET MILITARY FORCES are also referred to as the “SPECIAL FORCES” of NEW WORLD ORDER. The AshkeNAZIM Jews are trained military personnel. Our local police departments all over the world later hire some of the Ashkenazim Jews as police officers and they are also placed in “Special Forces”. They are the reason our police departments have become so mindless and dangerous. Most people growing up in the 40’s – 60’s remember police officers as TRUE SERVENTS OF THE PUBLIC they were the “Guys Next Door” who hired on to the local police departments to keep law and order, help OLD LADIES CROSS THE STREET and rescued kitty cats out of trees. People living in those days are shocked at the police departments today who hire men and in some cases woman who ARE NO LONGER a cross between Andy of Mayberry and Superman. Instead we are being assaulted by police officers that are dangerous and violent. Instead of being guardians of our peace and security they have become the perpetrators of crimes and their crimes are being covered up. Police officer training programs teach violence and the use EXCESSIVE FORCE and now tasers and rubber bullets are being used against innocent citizens. Many American’s, OF ALL COLORS today are victims of the violence used by these police officers, which include murder. Many black people have been killed by these police officers that make FALSE CLAIMS stating that these black victims were carrying guns or weapons, when in fact they were holding WALLETS, CELL PHONES and other harmless items. Michael Moore has a wonderful documentary on YouTube regarding POLICE VIOLANCE AGAINST BLACK PEOPLE in this country.YOUTUBE TAPES I SUGGESTThe first YouTube video was made by Michael Moore. The name of the video is “Michael Moore:” Here are a two more video’s on YouTube showing excessive force and violence against ordinary citizens that go relatively unnoticed today by the media. YouTube show us many examples, which you will find once you click into these video addresses I am sharing with you.A Florida nursing student is dragged out of her car by an obviously violent police officer. The name of the video is “POLICE BRUTALITY:” is a video of a female protester, dressed in office attire wearing a red jacket and high heels who was shot twice with rubber bullets. After the incident the police laughed about it during a training session. The name of the video is “Miami Police Shot Protester, then laugh about it:” that word Nazi in AshkeNAZIM TODAY I KEEP HEARING THAT THE NEW WORLD ORDER IS TRAINING RUSSIAN TROUPS TO INVADE THE UNITED STATES AFTER MARSHALL LAW IS DECLARED. EVEN BIBLE PROPHECY STATES THAT THE RUSSIA (BEAR) WILL ATTACK AMERICAN DURING THE PERIOD CALLED THE END TIMES. ARE THESE SPECIAL FORCES THE ASKHENAZIM JEWS? WHAT ARE THE ASKHENAZIM JEWS DOING IN THE WAR? ARE THEY PAID TROOPERS AND WHAT DO THEY HAVE TO DO WITH THE AMERICAN MILITARY EFFORT? WHERE DID THE ILLUMINATI’S “SHADOW GOVERNMENT” MOVEMENT BEGIN?I think that it helps to GO BACK TO THE BEGINNING and track this movement from its origin in Mesopotamia before this bloodline migrated into Assyria, Turkey, Khazaria, Russia, Germany, Europe then into America. We must also study the Sumerian Documents and expose the Bible misinformation, disinformation and lies regarding these evil bloodlines in an attempt to “SET THE RECORD STRAIGHT”. Most of our ancient and prehistoric ancestors who migrated into Europe came from an area in our world that was at one time called Hyperborea. Some of these people groups migrated into the Middle East and Mesopotamia to a place SOME GROUPS call the “Cradle of Humanity” which is in ancient Sumer Babylon, Iraq. They were a group called the Sumerians. Archeological records, legends etc., state they were primarily a Scandinavian or Aryan people group.After the last BIG FREEZE some of these tribes or people groups in Mesopotamia begin to migrate north again into the Europe, which was originally known as (Europa).Various people groups or tribes left Mesopotamia, and the Middle East long before the birth of Jesus (Yashua). They were ordinary people like you and I, They were the people groups or tribes the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament) and religion refer to as the “Lost Tribes of Israel,” They are a blended people group of all different colors and nationalities. This picture of the Scarlet Women and the 7 Headed Beast represents the Jewish and Roman Orthodox Catholic and Christian church that operates it’s power and authority over all 7 Continents today.REPTILIAN BLOODLINE MIGRATONHowever, secret evil hybrid bloodlines also migrated into Europe and then finally into America as well. One of these covert bloodlines ruled the ancient world through religion, such as the Jewish and Roman Orthodox Catholic and Christian Church, which is referred to as the “Scarlet Women” in prophecy and who Jesus (Yashua) described as the FALSE RELIGIOUS MOVEMENT that would surface after he was gone. The picture above is of the one-dollar bill showing clear Satanic and pagan symbolisms including the “All Seeing Eye of Horus,” the New World Order Logo, the number 13 symbolized through out the surface of the dollar bill etc.SERPENT BLOODLINEThe Satanic bloodlines who govern our world through politics, the global banking cartels such as the Federal Reserve Bank, the Bank of England etc., those who were behind and own the major corporations and industries, our media moguls, those that engage in Secret Societies like the Masonic organizations etc., are referred to as the ruling “ELITE.” They include the European ruling class who were known also as the “Blue Bloods.” Their bloodline is contaminated and is referred to as “Serpent Blood” symbolically. We know that one of the evil “Serpent and Reptilian Bloodlines originated in ancient Sumer Babylon, Iraq, where they had a base camp. Ur was the capitol city of ancient Sumer – Babylon (Iraq) and it was ruled by reptilian entities known as the Anunnaki. The Anunnaki were one of a number of reptilian entities that ruled over various regions of the world. According to the “Sophia Pistis Story,” Yahweh Ildabaoth the Demiurge aka Yaldabaoth, was the reptilian god of the Judah Jews, who created several reptilian entities through cloning. The picture gives us an example of what a reptilian entity might look like that was bred with both dinosaur and human DNA. The picture of the little statues on the right, show us what these reptilian gods in Mesopotamia appear to have looked like or the way they were idolized in Mesopotamia. These reptilian gods were not the only BAD GUYS ON THE BLOCK. The Nordic Aryan Alien “Fallen Watchers” landed on Mt. Hermon in Northern Israel where they set up a base camp as well.The Old Testament (Hebrew Bible) is one of many documents that teach us about these evil gods and the people who worshipped them. Old Testament figures, which include Abraham, Moses, Esau, Cain etc., are examples of the people who belonged to these hybrid bloodlines who promoted the worship of these evil entities. The Old Testament (Hebrew Bible) is NOT a book that represents the REAL GOD and CREATOR OR OUR WORLD AND HUMANITY. Buyer Beware! Hieroglyphic and Scientific Renderings of Reptilian hybrids created by Yahweh Ildabaoth the Demiurge One of the evil assaults against humanity and the animal world by these evil entities was the killing of innocent animals. The Reptilian and Satanic Bloodlines were taught and forced to kill and eat helpless animals for meat. Our original prehistoric ancestors did not kill and eat animals for meat. Even Genesis Chapter 1 clearly states that killing animals and eating their meat was forbidden, as did Jesus (Yashua) who claimed that animal were given souls from the same generic soul pool as our souls came from. Jesus (Yashua) taught his followers that it was against OUR FATHERS LAW to kill and eat animals. Jesus (Yashua) referred to animals as “Our Brothers.” The Nazarenes never killed or ate animals. These evil entities, known as the “gods Of Eden,” didn’t stop there they forced human beings to engage in bloody sacrificial rituals to appease them and for mystical purposes. In some cases they drank human blood and also engaged in sexual rituals. Ur is the capitol city in ancient Sumer Babylon where Abraham and his tribe lived, before left for Israel. Ur was one of these DENS OF ENIQUITY. I will not bore you with the details of the Old Testament stories however here are some points of bloodline history from the Old Testament which will open your eyes and at the same time shock you.Scriptures tell us that Abraham refused to worship the evil Babylonian REPTILIAN ANUNNAKI entities and decided to remain loyal to THE CREATOR OF THESE EVIL REPTILIAN ENTITIES instead. The name of this evil entity was Yahweh Jehovah Ildabaoth the Demiurge aka Yaldabaoth. This evil entity was referred to by Jesus (Yashua) in the “Sophia Pistis Story,” (which can be found in the Nag Hammadi Scrolls) as a lion-faced reptilian - serpent. This evil entity was more powerful that the Egyptian gods. One day this evil reptilian god told Abraham to slit the throat of his son Isaac as a bloody human sacrifice to him. He had a change of heart and stopped Abraham however gave him an innocent lamb to sacrifice instead.We don’t know if Abraham or when he actually existed or if the name Abraham was used to represent the origin for of these bloodline families that eventually came to rule the world through religion and politics. What we do know is that these different tribes migrated into Europe using different routes.THE ASKHENAZIM GODS OF THE OLD TESTAMENT NORDIC ARYAN ALEIN “FALLEN WATCHER” BLOODLINEThe Nordic Aryan Alien “Fallen Watchers” who landed on Mt. Hermon in Northern Israel were human looking but ranged in height between 6-9 feet tall. People who encounter them claim they have blonde hair and blue eyes. were responsible for the creation of the global giant populations primarily. You can also follow their story to some degree in Genesis Chapter 6. Besides creating the giant populations they were responsible for creating the human hybrids that rule our world today known as the “GLOBAL ELITE.” These human hybrid kings sat on the thrones of all the most powerful nations in the ancient and prehistoric worlds. The Old Testament also gives us one of the best accounts of the activities of these gods who “Flit and Flew” in the air in “Chariots of Fire,” who rule the “Serpent Bloodline.” These two evil bloodlines have been responsible for VICTIMIZING THE SCANDINAVIAN BLOODLINE on earth for very special reasons, which I will not be going into in this article, however breeding with the Scandinavian Nazarenes has always been an essential part of their plan for global dominance and power. If you remember Noah was described as being a blonde and his bloodline remained pure from contamination before the flood at around the same time Yahweh Ildabaoth the Demiurge repented for creating the Adams associated with Mesopotamia in Iraq who became the “Serpent and Reptilian Bloodlines.”Bloodlines are WHAT IT’S ALL ABOUT. The Reptilian and Satanic Bloodlines are hybrid lines. Both the gods and these two hybrid bloodlines have continuously bred with the Scandinavian bloodlines. THIS IS NOT A COINCIDENCE. Scandinavian woman HAVE BEEN USED AS INCUBATORS TO PRODUCE THESE EVIL HYBRID BLOODLINES.Just who were these gods and which groups worshipped them is essential knowledge because the descendents of this inbreeding BECAME THE GLOBAL ELITE who rule our world today and the FORMERS OF THE JEWISH AND ROMAN ORTHODOX CATHOLIC AND CHRISTIAN religion. The “Serpent Bloodline” rules our world from BEHIND CLOSED DOORS where they engage in Satanic and pagan ceremonies to evoke these evil entities that mind game them and instruct them. The “Reptilian Bloodline” rule the world through religion however what people do not know is that the “BLACK POPE” IS THE REAL RULING AUTHORITY BEHIND THE MOVEMENT “SCARLET WOMEN” TODAY AND HE OPERATES OUT OF ROME AS WELL.HOW DO WE TRACK THESE EVIL BLOODLINES FORWARD AND BACK IN HISTORY? WHO WERE THEIR ASSOCIATES? WHAT DID THEY LOOK LIKE? HERE IS A PICTURE OF MAN WITH PALE SKIN AND RED HAIR AND PICTURES OF THE INDIAN POPULATIONS FROM THE INTERNET SCIENCE REFERS TO AS THE ADAMS.Esau was describe in the Old Testament as being hairy. He had pale skin and red hair. Which seems to indicate that like Cain he had Neanderthal DNA. Esau married a Canaanite woman. The Canaanite people were also associated with the Phoenicians who were the “Sea People” from Atlantis. Science describes them as the ADAMS who became the Indian populations of the world.The Old Testament states that Esau decided to go his own way and as the result he did not worship Yahweh Ildabaoth the Demiurge, he became a follower of the Nordic Aryan Alien “Fallen Watchers” that “Flit and Flew” in the air in “Chariots of Fire” and “Whirling Wheels,” “Clouds” “Thrones,” etc. They not only worshipped these Nordic appearing satanic entities, WE WRONGLY REFER TO AS ALIENS TODAY, they were the hybrid seed of these evil entities known as “Satan’s Seed.” Remember also that Cain’s bloodline is also associated with the “Fallen Watchers.”The Edomite, Semitic bloodline of Esau, SATANS SEED, bred into the blue eyed blonde people group in Russia and they became the Ashkenazim Jews. As the descendents of the NORDIC ARYAN ALIEN “FALLEN ELOHIIM” WATCHERS, they believe they have the right to rule, which they actually stole from our prehistoric Scandinavian ancestors who had the “DEVINE RIGHT TO RULE THE WORLD ORIGINALLY.” Today the “SERPENT BLOODLINE” rules the world as kings, queens, presidents, the global bankers, media moguls, corporate giants etc. They are referred to as the “Global Elite,” leaders of the world. They belong Secret Societies and Masonic organizations that go way back to the ancient Sumer Babylon in Iraq and through out the Near East. Today the Global Elite HYBRID SERPENT BLOODLINES OF THE OLD TESTAMENT are attempting to control the world again and are forming the “NEW WORLD ORDER.” These evil bloodlines have been training a group of “SPECIAL MILITARY FORCES” known as the Ashkenazim Jews, which they intend to use to control the world and America once Marshall Law is declared. Word has it that these Special Forces are not American Forces. These Special Forces play “War Games” Americans citizens are not privy to. They are engaged in the WAR IN IRAQ as PAID MILITARY FORCES so specialized that our military leaders have no authority over them.Our SHADOW GOVERNMENT leaders are not telling us the truth about what is going on from BEHIND CLOSED DOORS. Our Media moguls are also not telling us the truth because the media is owned by the AshkeNAZIM Jewish bloodline “Elite”. Every one of our lives are being affected by these forces from BEHIND CLOSED DOORS. These forces are not many but are so powerful NO BODY WANTS TO MESS WITH THEM. IS THE NEANDERTHAL BLOODLINE CONNECTION?What jumps out at us right away is that Cain was a hybrid. He was described as a man with red hair and green eyes as was Esau, which is the result of the blending of human and Neanderthal DNA. Scientists have studied the habits of homosapeints and Neanderthals and realize that Neanderthals are not the same species as humans nor did they mate with each other. Scientists also tell us that our original human prehistoric ancestors did not have the RED HAIR GENE. Scientists tell us that the RED HAIR GENE IS A NEANDERTHAL GENE. Knowing that these evil entities we WRONGLY REFER TO AS ALIENS today were involved in cloning. It does not take a ROCKET SCIENTIST TO FIGURE OUT WHO THE INTELLIGENT DESIGHERS WERE that bred Neanderthal DNA into the human genome, or how the African Lucy primate became the black people of Africa and the world. “Sophia Pistis Story” told by Jesus (Yashua) which can be found in the Nag Hammadi Scrolls explains more information besides who Yahweh Ildabaoth is. One of the interesting facets of the story is that it was Yahweh Ildabaoth the Demiurge who created the group of Adams associated with ancient Sumer. Archeology and ancient records tell us that they were Scandinavians with blonde hair as was Noah. Once again it is no big surprise when you learn that ancient archeologist tell us that the original Sumerians were blondes. The original Sumerians were not the dark haired people living in Iraq today, as a matter of fact the oldest mummies found all over the world were Scandinavian. Century Semitic Man 

Interpretative paintings based upon a reconstruction by British medical artist Richard Neave, of what a 1st Century A.D. Semitic man might have looked like during Jesus Christ's life time.
 Appearing within the CNN special 'The Mystery of Jesus'ASHKENAZIM JEWS AND THE ARYANSOnce we realize that the original bloodline of Cain was a people group with both red hair and Scandinavian DNA who bred with the dark haired race of Shoshu people, who Egyptian records claim were nomadic sheep herders and wanders. We can begin to see how they came to be the Edomite Semites that are associated with Syria, Turkey and Khazaria. I am including one verse example below:Genesis 25: 20 “And Isaac was forty years old when he took Rebekah to wife, the daughter of Bethuel the Syrian of Padanaram, the sister to Laban the Syrian.”As these different people groups inbred they became the Aryan race that migrated from Khazaria into Europe and Germany. This is also why the word Ashkenazi in mediaeval rabbinic literature was Germany.BLOODLINE BREAKDOWNSESAU’S “SERPENT BLOODLINE” HAS BEEN ASSOCIATED WITH THE GOVERNMENTAL RULE OF THE GLOBAL “ELITE”:Short List Lost Tribe of Dan and Cain are associated with Germany – France - Eastern Europe etc. They are known by many names such as the “Blue Blood Royalty,” “Serpent Bloodline” “Jesuits and the Black Pope” who is the real power behind the Catholic Church today. Prophecy states that they will attempt to destroy the followers of Jesus (Yashua) during the End Times.” This bloodline has produced the global Anti-Christ’s such as Hitler in Nazi Germany. The “ELITE GLOBAL POWER BROKERS” intend to control the world today by introducing the “New World Order,” and the ASKENAZIM military troops, which are secretly being trained by their “Shadow Government.” The “Shadow Government” intends to strip us of our Constitutional Protections and Liberties and than annihilate most of the global population. If those “WARM FUZZIES” don’t CHILL YOU TO THE BONE, wait until the incoming “Dark Star” flips our earth over. DON’T WE HAVE A LOT TO LOOK FORWARD TO?JACOB’S “REPTILIAN BLOODLINE” HAS BEEN ASSOCIATED WITH THE CREATION OF RELIGION:Short ListThey are the DARK HAIR - DARKER SKINNED descendents who migrated into Rome – Spain – Portugal – North Africa – and the Middle East. They were PRIESTS and institutional groupies who CREATED THE JEWISH AND ROMAN ORTHODOX RELIGIONS, which has been directly responsible for murdering millions of people in the name of religion. More people have been murdered by the Jewish and Roman Orthodox Catholic and Christian Church than have died in all the wars combined. This “Reptilian Bloodline” movement has been murdering people through out the ages, in the name of Christ. Today this religion is still attempting to control the world by using its religious authority. Once again the power behind the Pope we see on the news, who is called the “White Pope”, is not the power behind the throne of the Orthodox Roman Catholic Church, the real ruling authority is the “Black Pope. Several Popes have died mysteriously in the past who have gone against the dictates of “Black Pope.” What we have essentially is the religious leader of the “Serpent Bloodline” giving orders to the ruling authority of the “Reptilian Bloodline” who sits in the Vatican. JESUS (YASHUA’S) SCANDINAVIAN NAZARENE BLOODLINE IS ASSOCIATED WITH THE ORIGINAL HUMAN BEINGS ON EARTH THAT CAN BE TRACKED BACK TO HYPERBOREA. THEY HAVE THE PURE RH NEGATIVE BLOODLINE FACTOR.Short ListHistory, archeology, science, legends and hidden documents prove that this bloodline was Scandinavian. The Scandinavian bloodline of the Nazarene’s is very much alive today, as they always have been since the beginning of the human race in our three dimensional world. It is the Scandinavian bloodline that have been the MAIN targets and victims of the vicious attacks by these evil entities we wrongly refer to as aliens today and the “Serpent and Reptilian Bloodline” movements. In the last Bilderbergs meeting in Virginia, the decision was made to chip implant all blue-eyed blondes with Rh Negative blood. DO YOUR HOMEWORK THIS IS IMPORTANT. The Nazarenes have been described as “THE ELECT” in prophecy and as very special people to Jesus (Yashua), not just because they followed Jesus (Yashua) when he was alive on earth, but also because they are descendents of the Original human beings on earth and the Nazarene tribes Jesus (Yashua) was born into. Scandinavian DNA flows through ALL HUMAN BEINGS TODAY because it was the bloodline of THE ORIGINAL HUMAN BEINGS ON EARTH. I believe this is the hidden meaning behind why Jesus (Yashua) said, “We are all brothers.”Here is a short snippet of what Pontius Pilate wrote regarding the Scandinavian appearance of Jesus (Yashua) in his initial meeting with Jesus (Yashua):file:///Users/nazarene/Desktop/TODAYS%20HOMEWORK/FOLDERS./JESUS%20MISC./Physical%20Descriptions%20of%20Jesus%20.htm“I faced Him my feet seemed fastened with an iron hand to the marble pavement and I trembled in every limb as a guilty culprit, though he was calm. For some time I stood admiring this extraordinary Man. There was nothing in Him that was repelling, nor in His character, yet I felt awed in His presence. I told Him that there was a magnetic simplicity about Him and His personality that elevated Him far above the philosophers and teachers of His day.” “So great was the difference between Him and those who were listening to Him. His golden colored hair and beard gave to his appearance a celestial aspect. He appeared to be about 30 years of age. Never have I seen a sweeter or more serene countenance. What a contrast between Him and His bearers with their black beards and tawny complexions!” the Hidden Hand's propaganda to present Jews as those living in Israel today, the real facts are that 95% of all modern Jews are not true racial Israelites, they are Khazar Jews descended from Esau/Edom. The Khazar Jews, or Eastern Jews, were an ancient warrior race of Turkish (Edomite / Idumean - Esau) origin that later interbred with the SCANDINAVIAN Ashkenazim and converted to Judaism en masse at the end of the 8th century AD. “WHO ARE THE GERMAN JEWS? PROPHECY STATES THAT THE BEAR WILL ATTACK AMERICA. IS THE BEAR THE ASKHENAZIM PEOPLE?Below are pictures of some of the Ashkenazim people today. The pictures are an attempt on my part to show you the mix that went into the creation of the Ashkenazim European Jews of today. I start with the Turks, Semites and Cains group that bred into the Scandinavian people of Russia in Khazaria. Notice the red hair blend from Cain’s bloodline comes through in the end. Turkish People Semites Cains Descendents In bred with the Scandinavian Russian PeopleThe Russian Ashkenazim people were originally the Scandinavian descendents of Japheth (Gen. 10:1-3), the eldest of Noah's three sons. 

 A Turkish Semite Blend A Turkish Semite Scandinavian Blend with Cains Red Hair Gene also flows through into the ASHKENAZIM ARYAN RACE The Ashkenazim Jewish forces are European looking which is no surprise given the Scandinavian origins in Russia and Mesopotamia. I SUGGESTLET’S SEE WHAT THE DNA SAYS REGARDING THE ASHKENAZIM JEWS OF KHAZARIA.Reviews of "The Jews of Khazaria"By Kevin Alan Brook2nd Edition:

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