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Fallen Angel

February 28, 2009

I am going to share with you what Jesus (Yashua) told his followers regarding the creation of non-human entities and the creation of the human race. The article I am taking this information from is the “Sophia Pistis” document, which can be found in the Nag Hammadi Scrolls.

What Jesus (Yashua) taught regarding the creation of these entities and the human race in the “Sophia Pistis Story” is complicated however the story goes something like this. The non-human entities known as the “Watchers” aka “Aeons” were what we might refer to today as the creating angles. These creating angel agents were lead by Jesus (Yashua) in creating the original human race. At some point after the earth and everything on it was created, a group of these “Watcher Aeons” decided to form a mutiny by leaving the ranks of the “Watchers” to enter our three-dimensional world and tamper with the human race. This was referred to as a “Fall From Grace.” They became the “Fallen Angels,” or the “Archons.” Today we refer to the “Fallen Angels” as the Nordic Aryan Alien “Fallen Watchers.”

Once they fell they began to abduct MEN AND WOMAN who they raped and impregnated. The hybrids born from the rape and DNA tampering of the archons were not human. Some were giants as is talked about in all ancient legends including Genesis Chapter 6 in the Old Testament. These evil entities we WRONGLY REFER TO ALIENS TODAY, tampered with human DNA changing the lives our prehistoric ancestors, their health and their DNA codes forever.

In their Fallen State the bodies of the Nordic Aryan Alien “Fallen Watchers” were in a contaminated state and so was they DNA. What they added to our original DNA strand was anything but perfect. Every life form on Earth carries a genetic code for these extraterrestrial cousins today and it is called E.T. Junk DNA.

All ancient legends tell us that the original human beings on earth were perfect in every way. These legends tell us that our original prehistoric ancestors did not age or get sick. They had abilities similar in nature to what Jesus (Yashua) exhibited on earth. Among other talents they possessed was the ability to telepathically communicate. They are said to have enjoyed a full life and lived in a beautiful area of our world known as the “Garden.” This “Garden” was said to have been in the north in a place called Hyperborea. Today the Hyperborean region has moved to the North Pole and is under ice and snow, which is one of the many reasons our scientist are not able to track DNA back to our original ancestors.

The life they lead would be a perfect life according to our standards today until these evil entities entered our three dimensional world and began to abduct, rape and contaminate human DNA.

All human beings today have an alien genetic code sequence, that when counted totals about 97% of our human DNA. E.T. Junk DNA is a non-coding sequence, which was added into our DNA by these evil entities we wrongly refer to as aliens today which is why we refer to it as "extraterrestrial junk genes" (E.T. Junk Genes). These “extraterrestrial junk genes” are strung in with our human DNA in a sort of dormant stage. Stung in place as if they were hopped on to "enjoy the ride" along with our hard working active genes that have been passed down to us from our original human ancestors before these entities infiltrated the human race and our genome. There is evidence that the E.T.’S disposed of, or deactivated some of our “Big Code”, leaving us with only 3% of our original working human DNA. By eliminating segments of our “Big Code” they disabled our cells in ate ability to perfectly reproduce or duplicate themselves. Instead of making
exact copies of our cells, our body makes damaged cells causing our bodies to age.

Some people refer to these evil entities (we wrongly refer to as aliens today), as higher forms of life because they are so technically advanced in certain areas. WE SHOULD ALL KNOW BETTER TODAY. We know that they are simply masters of hidden technology mankind has been slowly rediscovering.

Our E.T. Junk DNA is proof that these evil archon entities made contact with 'Earth humans' thousands upon thousands of years ago. The New Age and those promoting the “Alien Agendas” claim that these evil entities created human beings. Despite what those promoting the “Alien Agenda” say, our DNA codes indicate that they did not create us but manipulated human DNA from it’s perfect state. This is why 85% of the human race has Rhesus Monkey protein encoded in their DNA. We call this “Monkey Blood.”

There is more bad news. The E.T Junk DNA codes they gave us cause human illness and death.. These alien cells in our DNA, produce human conditions such as cancer and have their own veins, arteries, and there own immune systems that vigorously resists all our anti-cancer drugs. They produce deformities and disabilities in human beings. Scientists are now telling us that these E.T. Junk DNA strands have been in-planted in humanity by Manipulative Extraterrestrials. Scholarly groups at the forefront of investigative suggest that E.T. Junk DNA may not have been added to human DNA not as a "building block for life" but to act rather as a "parasitic inhibitor" and "regulator." That one of the reasons these Manipulative E.T. Archons bred with human beings and tampered with our DNA was to control humanity through DNA.
Those people who promote the New Age and “Alien Agendas” believe that these evil entities we wrongly call aliens today, created mankind when after the fall, these entities did not have to ability to create human beings and had to resort to rape and DNA in-coding to create there hybrid races and destroy the human race. Even the Old Testament attests to their INABILITY to create life. The Scientists in the article below describe what these evil entities do as a:
“Manipulative Extraterrestrial signature of the demonic inorganic mechanical intelligence that ancient pagan Gnostic referred to as "artificial man" or the "archons".
Buyer Beware!

Scholars suggest Human DNA shows signs of being an Invasive Extraterrestrial Parasite
by Dr. John Chang;read=217519
Many scientists have documented that over 95% of Human DNA does not have a known purpose. This DNA has been colloquially referred to as "Junk DNA".
Up to 97% of the human genetic information (DNA) is seemingly needless, repetitive "junk" - only about 3% is known to generate proteins, deserving the name "gene". The rest used to be called "junk DNA", lately renamed as "non-coding introns", sometimes labelled by the mysterious, though not very explicit description that these self-similar strands "regulate gene expression". LINK
However, other researchers have not been content to simply classify this predominant part of DNA as "one of life's mysteries". Scholarly groups at the forefront of investigative researchers are gathering details which suggest that DNA may not substantively exist as a "building block of life". Rather, it appears that the substantive function of DNA is to act as a "parasitic inhibitor" and "regulator" of life on planet Earth.
Dr. John Lash documents, for example, in
Recent work by Russian biologist Piotr Garjajev and some Russian linguistic experts suggests the same thing, and, more specifically, this research may show that junk DNA, rather than being a discard, is “a computer hologram that works with laser-type radiations.” In short, DNA is an extraordinary generator of perceptions, an instrument of virtual reality.
By accepting the link between DNA and emotional and mental activities, we may begin to imagine DNA as a complex program that directs the life process (regulating our metabolism, for instance), but impedes our consciousness from complete manifestation. LINK
Research testimony that includes ancient representations, suggest that DNA was implanted in humanity by Manipulative Extraterrestrials. The fact that over 95% of DNA does not support vital biological living processes suggest that it is conceivable for biological life to exist without any DNA.
More than 95 % of all DNA, had been first called "Junk DNA" by molecular biologists, because they were unable to ascribe any function to it. They assumed that it was just "molecular garbage". But, if it were "junk", the sequence of the "syllables", i.e. the nucleotides in DNA should be completely random. However it has been found that the sequence of the syllables is not random at all and has a striking resemblance with the structure of language (ref. Flam, F. "Hints of a language in junk DNA", Science 266:1320, 1994), that is alien to humanity. Scientists now generally believe that this DNA must contain some kind of coded information.
You might wonder, what understanding of our human origins could account for the parasitic implanting of DNA into biological life on planet Earth? Indeed, this further inspires the question; who are we? What are our origins; why do we exist' and from that context, where are we going? For starters, it is vital that we as humanity begin to question the "understandings" of reality, that have been presented to us, by elites who have been documented time again, for spinning a "web of deceit". In this context, it is also correspondingly vital to critically consider prospective new insights, irrespective of how much the Establishment responds with denial.
The existence of historical and on-going Extraterrestrial contact with Earthbound humanity, has been at the forefront of this denial. Indeed, the alleged contactees of both Manipulative and Ethical Extraterrestrials offer insights into a context of genetic manipulation within biotic life on Earth.
The article titled "Scholars suggest Extraterrestrial-like DNA fractals floating in the Human Gene Pool" explored fractals as evidence that Manipulative Extraterrestrials may have sought to genetically manipulate and control humanity. LINK. A group of researchers associated with document these apparent similar artificial "fractal signatures" across different biotic life forms on Earth:
This uncertainity if "junk DNA" is really "junk", that caught some scientists by surprise, is now history. Indeed, scientists were never quite sure that any part of DNA could be discarded outright, and even the question was raised if introns might play a role in evolution, see Mattick, 1994., Klyce, 2002). The bombshell of the 5th of December issue of the highly reputed Nature 420, 509 (2002) revealed that the 99% of the genes of the mouse have direct equivalents with the humane genes. What does this mean?
FractoGene's pending patent, conceives life on Earth as being linked to a fractal elaboration of a gene by its introns (the fractal model of Purkinje cell was published by Pellionisz, 1989). In so doing, Fractogene seems to have stumbled upon "introns" as Manipulative Extraterrestrial signature of the demonic inorganic mechanical intelligence that ancient pagan Gnostic referred to as "artificial man" or the "archons". Introns, derived from the term "intragenic regions" and also called intervening sequence (IVS), are DNA regions in a gene that are not translated into proteins.
Many studies have documented evidence that introns are either directly or indirectly involved in cancer causation, and other diseases. Mutations in the introns have been specifically linked to cancerous "tumorigenesis progression."
Among the many other intron genetic variations that have been linked to cancer (in this case lung cancer) is a K-ras intron variation involving tandem repeats in the H-ras 3'-untranslated region. Mutations in introns may influence neoplasm development because mutations that occur in introns (or in the DNA sequences that flank the gene) can affect the various steps required for normal expression of the gene even though the intron codes may not be detectable by studies of the protein product of the gene. If the defective expression of a gene product is a tumour suppressor gene or a proto-oncogene, cancer may result.

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