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Dead In Christ

DEAD IN CHRIST – THE MEAT WAGONS AMERICAN CONCENTRATION CAMPSHave you ever wondered WHO THE GROUP referred to as the “Dead In Christ” are? The Christian fundamentalist communities would have us believe that these are people who have died before the End Times, yet that makes no sense. If people who have died are not already with Jesus Yashua in a heavenly realm then why would they be “Taken Up” before the “Elect of Jesus Yashua?”It is my opinion that the ‘Dead in Christ” may be those who are taken into UFO’s thinking that these UFO’s will be removing them to a safe haven. This rumor is all over the net. If this is true than the “Dead in Christ” would be those people who do not believe in Jesus (Yashua) or those who have gone a stray some how. It is no secret that abduction victims are being conned into believing that these evil entities we WRONGLY REFER TO AS ALIENS, are our creators. These evil demonic entities have been indoctrinating the human race with misinformation, disinformation and lies for thousands of years. Their track records go back long before recorded history.Here are some of the groups who might be considered the “Dead In Christ.” The New Age and people promoting the “Evil Demonic Alien Agenda’s” today, which include abduction victims, MUFON member, those who write books and create websites promoting aliens as our creators. Those who follow Zachariah Sitchen, Sir Laurence Gardner, Peter Moon and other “Same or Similar” people who promote these evil entities appear to fall into this category. I am also not sure how to qualify Christians who do the same, who worship the “Scarlet Woman.”In the Nag Hammadi we find Jesus Yashua saying that Noah’s family was taken up in a CLOUD, which means that Noah did not build an arc to take a pair of each type of animals on earth, along with his family, to safety during the massive flooding. I have long believed that the gods in the Old Testament were NOT OUR HEAVENLY FATHER but evil entities we WRONGLY CALL ALIENS TODAY. Once you DO YOUR HOMEWORK, you will find that the word CLOUDS were descriptive words used in ancient times to describe UFO’S. CNN’S HOLOGRAM IN THE NEWS ROOM DURING THE 2008 ELECTIONSCNN's Wolf Blitzer speaks with correspondent Jessica Yellin, who was beamed into the New York studio from Chicago. people today believe that the “Shadow Government” is planning a mass abduction, which is meant to mimic the “Rapture” event Christians are waiting for. Word has it the “Shadow Government” and their demonic alien allies plan the deception to play out something like this. They plan to film a sequence of events, which they place into their computer systems that they want people all over the world to see in the skies. Word has it that they will send this film from their computers to our satellite systems The satellite system in turn projects a holographic image of the filmed scenario into the skies. This is very likely what happened with these Fatima type sightings, which was put on by evil entities and were not really divine encounters at all. Today abduction victims report being trained to fly UFO’S, perform all sorts of tasks, which include being part of a crowd control effort, while assisting the “Shadow Government” in a massive plot to in prison and kill most of humanity. The UFO’s in this event are called “MEAT WAGONS” because the people on them will be terrorized and killed and even eaten. These “MEAT WAGONS” will be picking up people all over the world, however the United States of America is the targeted global population scheduled to be terminated.Remember that Jesus Yashua warned us that in the End Times we would be presented with a STRONG DELUSION, which was deliberately meant to fool human beings on earth. That this delusion would be so pervasive that even his “ELECT” might be fooled. Jesus (Yashua) warned us about the false entities pretending to be him that would appear in different places such as the desert. JESUS YASHUA SAID: “DON’T GO THERE.” See this site for pictures and info: WILL THESE PEOPLE BE TAKEN A POSSIBLE SENERIOWhile the “Dead in Christ” are being abducted away, the names of those who follow Jesus (Yashua) and ordinary citizens in the United States have been placed on Red, Blue and Yellow lists. Everyone’s name is on one of these lists. People on the Red and Blue lists will be abducted by the “New World Order” secret military police forces and hunted down like wild animals. Those captured may be transferred to one of the 800 FEMA concentration camps in America, which the Shadow Government has built. Who winds up in these concentration camps is UP FOR GRABS, but what this information should cause you to do is go on line and see these camps for yourself. They are not figments of the imaginations of people online trying to GET THE WORD OUT they actually exist. (See example pictures above)Don’t forget to find out about the tunnel systems through out the world and also do some research on the new airport in Denver Colorado and what is under neith it.MILLIONS OF BACK CASKETSAnother shocking bit of news is that Millions of black caskets are being stored by FEMA all over America. These caskets appear to have the capacity to hold 3 dead bodies. We are told they are for illegal aliens or are casket liners, however these black casket like containers number in the millions. Georgia alone reports a half million in there state. IS WHAT IS BEING SAID ABOUT THESE CONCENTRATION CAMPS AND THE BLACK CASKET BOXES ONLINE.Over 800 concentration camps are reported throughout the United States, all fully operational and ready to receive U.S. Prisoners who disagree with the government. The concentration camps are all staffed and manned by full-time guards, however, they are all empty.In the 1980s Richard Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld discussed similar emergency detention powers as part of a super-secret program of planning for what was euphemistically called “Continuity of Government” (COG). These men planned for the suspension of our Constitution, not just after nuclear attack, but for ANY “NATIONAL SECURITY EMERGENCY,” which they vaguely defined in Executive Order 12656 of 1988.In the 1980s Richard Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld discussed similar emergency detention powers as part of a super-secret program of planning for what was euphemistically called “Continuity of Government” (COG).In George W. Bush’s administration Patriot Act 1 & 2 was slipped into law while our leaders were SLEEPING. They also passed the Homland Security Bill. These new changes destroy our Constitutional Rights as citizens once Marshall Law is declared. Well we know this to be true. The Bush administration is well known for its disdain for the Constitution.The contract of the Halliburton subsidiary KBR to build immigrant detention facilities is part of a longer-term Homeland Security plan titled ENDGAME, which sets as its goal the removal of “all removable aliens” and “potential terrorists.” Note that Christians will be on those lists. Notice also the name ENDGAME that seems to correlate with END TIME PROPHECY.These camps are to be operated by FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) when Martial Law is implemented in the United States (at the stroke of a Presidential pen and the Attorney General's signature on a warrant).The camps have railroad facilities as well as roads leading to and from the detention facilities, many have airports. Like Auschwitz, some of the camps have airtight buildings and furnaces. The majority of the camps can each house a population of 20,000 prisoners. Currently, the largest of these facilities is just outside of Fairbanks, Alaska. The Alaskan facility is a massive "mental health" facility and can hold approximately 2 million people.The late Representative Jack Brooks also of Texas brought this concentration camp and internment program as well as the Continuity of Government Program to light during the Iran Contra hearing. The clip is on YouTube somewhere. The chairman refused to let North even talk about them in open hearings under “National Security.” Mr. Gonzales stated these camps and plans were for the detention of AMERICANS, especially those who refused to surrender their weapons.I'll tell you who these camps are being built for and that's us! Anyone that disagrees with corrupt government; anyone that stands for God, the Founders and the Constitution!Have you ever heard of the infamous RED – BLUE & YELLOW LISTS? Red List - People on the Red List will be immediately exterminated, these are enemies of the New World Order who are in leadership or public positions. Mirroring the strategy employed in Nazi Germany, two weeks before instituting Martial Law, these people will be dragged from their homes in the middle of the night and flown to FIMA camps to be exterminated.Blue List - Also enemies of the NWO but not necessarily leaders. These people will be rounded up after the imposition of martial law and will be "re-programmed" in the concentration camps where they will also be used for slave labor. Most will not survive.Yellow List – (THE SLEEPING SHEEPLE) These are people who are ignorant and do not care about the NWO who are likely to do whatever they are ordered to do.Former inspector for the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the Department of Defense Mr. Sea elaborates on the 'RED and BLUE Lists' and what they mean:The RED List is for pick-up and execution before unobtrusive preparations for martial law are initiated.The BLUE List is also for execution, but later, within 6 weeks of martial law declaration.When you get picked up on a RED pick-up, they'll take you from your home at night, probably around 4 am and put you in a black van, then drive you to a helicopter waiting to fly you to an intermediate point. There, you'll be loaded onto a big 64-passenger CH-47 Chinook helicopter and fly you to one of 38 cities where you'll board a 747, 737, or 727. You may be taken straight to a red camp and executed.At some point, martial law will be declared. Martial law is when the writ of Habeas Corpus to have a trial by jury is suspended. Instead, of going to the judge, you go straight to jail. At this point, the BLUE listed people will be picked up. At that time, the country will be regionalized into ten regions, which are already designated by FEMA.The black choppers have state-of-the-art radio (RF) frequency wideband jammers, and can jam cell phones and CBs while they're executing black operations missions. This means that your cell phone could be jammed just before and/or during any action against you.In June of 1996, an FBI agent got hold of the Region Three BLUE List (from a CIA agent), and found his own name on it, and those of several others he knew in Virginia.The Regional BLUE List stated that the names on the BLUE List would be picked up 'within six weeks of the actual martial law declaration.' It will work if the 300,000 Soviet troops, which are ALREADY HERE, can get the guns. THESE TROUPS SOUND LIKE THE ASHKENAZIM JEWS WHICH ARE RUSSIAN OR ARYAN IN APPEARANCE WHO ARE THE SECRET POLICE FORCE OF THE “NEW WORLD ORDER.”Is this true? Well, I can't prove it, however, I tend to believe it. Now more than ever, us traditional Americans and Southern Americans need to be ready.We know that these camps are being built. We also know that if we let the government take our firearms; we'll be in one of those camps! You may be asking why are our governmental officials doing this? The website offers this explanation:The ones doing all of this are operating out of the highest places in the Federal Government. They're cooperating with spirit guides and mediums and using astrology and numerology. In short they are involved in the occult. I believe this. More specifically, I believe that they are building the framework for the anti christ.I believe in the Bible and I believe that we are in the last days; the signs are all around us. Our pathetic government has turned it's back on God and it's setting the stage for the darkest moment in history.The only thing that we can do is pray to God for His protection and guidance. One thing's for sure: we will win and the devil, with his governmental servants, will lose!Buyer Beware!

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